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Akibas_Trip_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Akihabara Tour” (Japanese version) [MB] [ULJM-05868] (THE JAPANESE EDITION)

Akibas Trip “Akihabara Tour” (ア キ バ ズ ト リ ッ プ) (AKIBAS TRIP) (ULJM-05868)

Game Name: Akihabara trip / Akihabara Adventure

Japanese Name: ア キ ト リ ッ プ バ ズ

English name: Akiba’s Trip

Production companies: ACQUIRE CORPORATION


Game Type: A · AVG – Action + Adventage Game (Action + Adventure Games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

By date: May 19, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 5,670 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 4,500 yen

Official Website:

PSP Games: Acquire by the Japanese company is scheduled to May 19, 2011 on sale at the launch of PSP handheld game regular version sells for 5,670 yen ( tax included), PSN download version sells for 4,500 yen (tax included), from popular to “paternity Road” series to build the development team to Akihabara for the Japanese action-adventure AAVG this stage new work: “Autumn Tour leaves the original “(Akiba’s Trip), in the introduction, specifically for players released as the game arena,” Akihabara, “adapted from the actual street level images of the latest stage for the players you enjoy!

Akibas Trip Used PSPFirst, the game summary:

New PSP for “Akihabara Tour” (Akiba’s Trip) is a street in Akihabara, a AAVG as the stage action adventure game, players must be followed in the game is called “Yin Yaozi” to fight monsters vampires and use of these natural enemies of vampires monsters to be the sun down. Published by this time, it is a game within the game look like the stage Akihabara, for crossing the stage as the actual Akihabara is crafted as a template, so players can also be made through this to understand the Japanese Autumn leaves the actual appearance of the original state in the end is how.

Second, the story background:

PSP version of “Akihabara Tour” by the popular as “Shi Tao” series Acquire the development team to create, Akihabara in Japan for the stage, the scene will be completely re Akihabara true within the game now for this completely new game Among the human players will be dressed to look like a vampire to start an unprecedented fierce battle.

Akibas Trip PSP DealsIn the background for the story, described in Akihabara, the city has always had a strange legends; the players play, it is usually always like to come and go in Akihabara in the preparatory school students. As the protagonist’s friends disappear in Akihabara, so the protagonist is very worried about the safety of the whereabouts of friends. Although the main character has been at night time in Akihabara to find the whereabouts of friends, but always nothing.

In one night, as usual when the protagonist search for missing friends in Akihabara when he suddenly met a man who does not know attack, and attack on a man’s true protagonist, it is called “Yin Yaozi” vampire monster ! ? When the main character in a near-death state, a the same as the “Yin Yaozi” main character girl has saved a life. Because of this, this will lead into the intense human and the struggle between the Yin Yaozai … …

Akibas Trip PSP 1001Third, the debut role:

PSP version of “Akihabara Tour” of the debut roles, including Mido Satoko Akihabara threat to the peace of vampire hunting monster “Yinyao Zi” and was sent to the NIRO (domestic intelligence agency investigation) ace, great all kinds of “Yin Yaozi” tactical skills, she is the liaison between the organization with the main character window. As for the role of another Arab-Israeli right, the 30-year-old otaku idol Starchaser, although usually very weak, but once picked up a camera in front of the idol, the character will immediately became pale. Because of the Akihabara love to join the vigilante, and for a series of “Yin Yaozi” disappearance triggered an investigation, the security guard in the street a lot of help given to the protagonist.

1. Hero:

Voice: No;

18-year-old prep school student. As the vampire mystery track, repeat the footsteps of friends lost in Akihabara, so that their fate was involved in a dramatic change in the time to go. In fact, lurk like COSPLAY interest, there is a high school student’s sister.

Akibas Trip PSP Portable2. Wen Yi Liu month:

Voice: Japanese Yoko Li;

Has a translucent white skin, slender limbs, a beautiful girl. While in normal times is not how a smile, it seems that the hero will be exposed when the same with the old expression.

3. Mido Satoko:

Voice: Miho Miyagawa;

Akihabara vampire hunting organization threatened NIRO (Japan Intelligence Investigation Agency) agent. Will be swept in their own battle over the vampire, is also responsible for liaison organization and hero.

Akibas Trip PSP Software4. Small power:

Narrator: Denzel shake it;

30-year-old idol has passed house. Basically afraid to face strangers usual, but the hand holding the idol in front of the camera and there will be a comprehensive change in character. For the love of Akihabara, voluntary participation from the police Tuan, a series of vampire to make the residents on the disappearance of the incident, the security patrol on the streets.

Akibas Trip PSP VideoFourth, the game system:

In the PSP version of “Akihabara trip” will be the streetscape appearance of the Japanese Akihabara intact reproduce the game, while even the actual existence of a variety of shops will also be included in one by one through cooperation with Games debut on the stage, while the game is also for people walking the streets be designed so that they can be the most consistent with the actual appearance of costumes Akihabara style debut. Another game, also will be unique for Akihabara maid cafes to join a variety of small game, allow players to experience the most realistic of the real fun wandering Akihabara!

Akibas Trip PSP Free demo DownloadsAs part of the battle action, as players in the game and the embodiment of all human appearance, “Yin Yaozi” When the vampire monsters, players can to attack all parts of the composition for its own unique combo moves, but also can use the weapons to fight for the full enjoyment of battle fighting action game of street fighting fun. In addition, as Yin Yaozi vampire characteristics, so there is a strong regenerative capacity, so the general approach will not blow down them, players must use their only weakness of sunlight, to expand effective to fight the battle!

Akibas Trip PSP LitePSP version of “Akihabara Tour” of the development team has produced, “Shi Tao” series ACQUIRE companies owned team, the hero of the story is a fan of the girls to save the world on Liu Yi Wen, her seiyuu to be at sub-Li Yang star. The game is currently scheduled for May 19, 2011 sale launch, there are like Akihabara, like action games, like the Japanese Yoko Li’s friends can not miss a game! Screenshots: (PICTURE × 18) 

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