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Ben_10_Alien_Force_Vilgax_Attacks_USA_PSP-pSyPSP [PSPUMD] “BEN10 – 3 magic alien god Justin’s back” (U.S. version) [668MB] [ULUS-10488 | 88854D4A94AA5359 | 0001 | G] (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EDITION) Alien Force Vilgax 00“BEN10 alien god 3 Magic Jasper’s back” (BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE VILGAX ATTACKS) (ULUS-10488 | 88854D4A94AA5359 | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: BEN10: 3 magic alien god Justin’s back / BEN10: Justin alien heroes magic attack / Junior Hacker: Justin alien god of magic attacks

English name: Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks

Production companies: Papaya Studio / 1st Playable Productions

Agent release: D3 Publisher of America Inc.

Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Play Station 2 / XBOX 360 / Nintendo Wii / Nintendo Dual Screen

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: October 27, 2009 (PSP U.S. version)

Price: $: $ 29.99

Official Website:

Alien Force Vilgax 01

Game: U.S. game publisher D3 Publisher company agent issue, Papaya Studio as a game development studio production. Scheduled in North America in the fall of 2009 in XBOX360, PS2, PSP, Wii and NDS, and other mainstream console platforms launch. North America is being hit by the popularity of animation: “BEN 10″ (young hackers) series, the adaptation of the new action adventure game for the ACT: “BEN10: alien god 3 Magic Jasper’s back” (Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks), the current official website has opened, and the release of the latest images and information of the game for the players you refer. First, the Series Synopsis:

New for all platforms: “BEN10: alien god 3 Magic Jasper’s back” (Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks) is more than a million sales of the animation “BEN 10″ series adaptation of the game’s latest masterpiece. This is according to the U.S. for Time Warner’s Cartoon Network TV series adapted from the popular cartoon. Field players can control small (Ben Tennyson) and ten alien super heroes, action in the full sense of adventure to save the use of super meter universe. Come and experience the vast expanse of “alien god” (Alien Force) world, with a small field of outer space and distant planets to complete this cartoon series first-ever interplanetary adventure! Alien Force Vilgax 02Second, the story outline:

In the post-oriented as “BEN10: 3 magic alien god Justin’s back,” prepared by the exclusive story, the field of small class number one enemy magic Justin (Vilgax) have been working to organize an army of their own 超猛, members are the most feared enemy of small fields. He won the whole universe is a great conspiracy, a planet on a start, the final destruction of the parent star small field, which is Earth. Now players must use small field of ten alien forms to combat the terrible crisis, and only he can stop the crisis! Alien Force Vilgax 03Third, the debut role Description:

1. Tin Small (Ben Tennyson, Ben):

Description: 15 years old this year, small classes as before, adventurous, very much like to drink slush, but the taste seems to change with the mark as a special grandfather. But Mark grandfather disappeared, he must be a responsible leader, “Super Instrument” (Omnitrix) has been re-calibrated, so that small classes can name the new alien heroes. Alien Force Vilgax 042. Tianxiao Min (Gwen Tennyson, Gwen):

Description: Xiaomin have grown up and is no longer a wild girl, but a confident girl. Her super-capacity also increased significantly. Xiaomin can manipulate the energy of nature, with both hands and make shields, ropes and powerful waves of pink energy.

3. Kevin (Kevin Levin):

Description: Kevin is the street bully, small former enemies. His ability to replicate and become the body he touched the surface of any solid. Kevin likes Xiaomin, but the mouth hard, killing does not recognize. Alien Force Vilgax 053. Magic Justin (Vilgax)

Description: It looks like octopus, small their number one enemy, the universe’s most evil villain, often try every means to snatch “super instrument”, the ambition of aggression against the entire universe. Kevin co-operation with the snatch “Super Instrument”, the zero circles trapped in nothingness. Finally, they also destroy small field, but then again revive the magic … … Justin

Fourth, the game features:

1. Dozens of aliens:

Players must play a small field and from the “alien god” series of ten types of aliens, and the use of special forces and the unique ability to stand a bunch of enemies, and solve related specifically to these types of mysteries. Alien Force Vilgax 062. The new story:

The story is made according to a recent “Young Hackers: alien god” TV movie adapted from the original version of the story plot.

3. New adventure:

Players can stimulate the planet to unprecedented experience the field first interstellar small adventure. And players must also be a vote against the bad to the most famous evil party and the enemy, the implacable enemy of small classes, including field magic Justin Corps. Alien Force Vilgax 074. Interesting gameplay:

New work will be tightly integrated combat, puzzle and platform game systems, suitable for all levels of players to challenge.

5. Stunning graphics performance:

The graphics for the performance and progress in a variety of special effects are great, so “BEN10: alien god 3 Magic Jasper’s back” for the technology is definitely the most fun series of games. Alien Force Vilgax 08New work “BEN10: alien god 3 Magic Jasper’s back” is currently scheduled for the end of October 2009 for sale in North America, the game will be released XBOX 360, PS2, PSP, Wii and NDS, and other versions. Like “BEN10″ series of games and film animation, new and old players must not miss this for. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 24)

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Free Downloads PSP Games - Alien Force Vilgax Attacks Game Free