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“BEN10 alien universe, the ultimate destruction” (BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN COSMIC DESTRUCTION) (ULUS-1)

Game Name: BEN10 Ultimate Alien: cosmic destruction / BEN10 Ultimate Alien: cosmic destruction / juvenile hacker ultimate alien: to destroy the universe

English name: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Production companies: Papaya Studio / 1st Playable Productions

Agent release: D3 Publisher of America Inc.

Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game) Ben 10

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Play Station 2 / Play Station 3 / XBOX 360 / Nintendo Wii / Nintendo Dual Screen

Languages: English (U.S. version) Ben 10

Release Date: October 5, 2010 (PSP U.S. version)

Price: $: $ 29.99 buy Ben 10

Official Website of Ben 10:

Cosmic Destruction 01

Game: U.S. game publisher D3 Publisher company agent issue, Papaya Studio as a game development studio production. Scheduled in North America in autumn 2010 in XBOX360, PS2, PSP, Wii and NDS, and other mainstream console platforms launch. North America is being hit by the popularity of animation: “BEN 10″ (young hackers) series, the adaptation of the new action adventure game for the ACT: “BEN10 Ultimate Alien: cosmic destruction” (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction), the current official website has opened, and the release of the latest images and information of the game for the players you refer.

First, the Series Synopsis:

New for all platforms: “BEN10 Ultimate Alien: cosmic destruction” (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction) is the million selling movie “BEN 10″ series adaptation of the game’s latest masterpiece. This is according to the U.S. for Time Warner’s Cartoon Network TV series adapted from the popular cartoon. Field players can control small (Ben Tennyson) and ten alien super heroes, action in the full sense of adventure to save the use of super meter universe. Come and experience the vast expanse of “alien god” (Alien Force) world, with a small field of outer space and distant planets to complete this cartoon series first-ever interplanetary adventure!

Cosmic Destruction 02

Second, the story outline:

Exposure of the secret identity, the field is now a small internationally famous superhero. In order to save the planet from destruction, with new props Ultimatrix small field around the world will have to collect relics of ancient Galvan. Players will be able to make in this 3D action to a new perspective to control the field of small class and the “ultimate alien” in the debut of the new 15 new aliens, and attractions in the real world between the various risks, such as Tokyo, Paris, Rome and other places.

Cosmic Destruction 03

Third, the game features:

1. The new aliens:

Control the use of new Ultimatrix small field turned to unlock the original props powerful “Ultimate Edition” aliens, and the ability to use all the new aliens. The new upgrade system allows players to strengthen the skills of their favorite alien.

2. The ultimate event:

The ultimate event for players through beautiful cutscenes, and interactive system of heavy fighting, beating each level of the individual leader.

Cosmic Destruction 04

3. Authentic:

Original game presented a television series of the content, not only by the original actors, sound effects, but also invited to write new original story writer.

Cosmic Destruction 05

4. Exclusive content:

Players can play Rath, and this alien character will only appear in the console version of the game.

Cosmic Destruction 06

New work “BEN10 Ultimate Alien: cosmic destruction” is currently scheduled for October 2009 on sale in North America, the game will be released XBOX 360, PS2, PSP, Wii and NDS, and other versions. Like “BEN10″ series of games and film animation, new and old players must not miss this for. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 18)

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Cosmic Destruction 01

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