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Classic Dungeon  

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Game Name: Classic Maze: Rotary wing loading magic matrix / classic maze: Rotary wing mounted array of magic / classic labyrinth: magic Rotary wing mounted array

Japanese Name: ku Getting シ ッ ku the inter ン ji ョ ン ~ Rotary wing の magic installed ~ (Bonus ku ラ シ ッ ku the inter ン ji ョ ン サ ウ ン ド Suites ラ ッ ku CD 8bit エ デ ィ シ ョ ン pay ki)

English name: Classic Dungeon: Fuyoku no Masoujin

Production companies: NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE INC.


Genre: ARPG – Action + Role Playing Game (action + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ シ ョ ン ス ポ `Te` Tatari ブ Hikaru)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: February 18, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 5,229 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 4,000 yen

Official Website:

Japanese game developers NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE (Japan I) production, distribution. Scheduled to launch in February 2010, exclusively by the PSP handheld. The launch of the action role-playing ARPG new work: “classic labyrinth: magic Rotary wing loading array” (Classic Dungeon: Fuyoku no Masoujin). Present for the official website has opened, and the release of the game screen and the latest demo for the players you refer.

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First, the game summary:

Words are like on the PSP launched retro low-resolution dot matrix graphics display (commonly known as Mosaic — Mosaic) the producer is really more and more, such as SCE’s “Heroes do not arrogance” (Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida) , MMV’s “Brave 30″ (Yuusha 30), etc.; time even good at making Japan a strategy game should be enlivened by a few days ago the agency officially released a “mosaic” — full point for the new “classic maze : Rotary wing loading magic array “(Classic Dungeon: Fuyoku no Masoujin), this is a return for the 2D lattice style ARPG action role-playing game. Not only the screen with retro style, the music can also be in the real version and switch between the 8bit version. Basic flow of the game is in position to prepare and forth between the maze challenges, the player can operate the role of different characters of the nine operations. The role as the main character can be also be used as auxiliary role of the war, the player can freely switch the main roles and supporting roles, the role of growth will be based on content switching and change.

Second, the system description:

In the game, “the classic maze: Rotary wing magic array”, each character is the main role and supporting role, through the “magic array” to determine the role of the adventure can begin after a. In addition to the action of a very orthodox, the game elements as well as high degree of freedom of incubation. In the classic maze adventure believe should arouse a lot of old players memories. This is also a high degree of freedom together with the role of design and culture system. Players will control the power of the hero a collection of more than companion control “magic array” to carry out risk. The main role of the game up to nine, these roles can be created in the early game on their appearance, occupation, name and other self-determined. As well as a greater number of home-made role of waiting for players. Their shifts with each other as a “major role” and “supporting role” positions in the maze adventure.

Third, the game flow:

1 base part:

New “classic maze: Rotary wing magic array” of the system consists of two parts, one is in the “base” section, the other is the “Labyrinth” section. In the “base” where players can buy equipment and props, arranging the main roles and supporting roles, and create new roles, the specific process is as follows: the players need to advance the role of “presence” within the equipment, weapons, including shields, armor and other props. These props and equipment, such as defense can set a high weight, speed down this specific property. Props and equipment after the appearance of the player’s role will change. This was the center of a continent in the magical doors will open, the player can go through it all over the maze adventure.

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2 Maze parts:

Another “Labyrinth” section, it is equipped with enemies and treasure in the adventure scene. Maze can be made in a variety of actions, and use these movements to challenge the enemies and traps. The maze in which players can use a variety of actions to move forward. Need to remind players that enters the maze, in addition to achieve the purpose, or all off the enemy, or abandon the mission, otherwise it is impossible to return positions. In addition, execution risk in the maze task, the role will have a variety of actions, such as: the sword attack, attack with a magic wand for properties with defense shield, thrusting and jumping.

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Fourth, the game’s “magic array”:

“Magic array” is present for a very important system. Major role in the “magic array” central, a few supporting roles in the battle around, so that you can launch a “magic array” effect. Each role has its own unique “magic array”, and also with the number of supporting roles to play out different effects.

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Role in the nine games have their own “magic array”, in addition to upgrading the array can get more. The ability to play the role of the main hall and the role of career-based change. “Magic array” can be divided into very many species, such as a configurable number of auxiliary supporting role, but also facilitate the players to enhance the attack power, defense, etc. Control risk in the maze task, a supporting role can be used as “shields” to use. As long as the supporting role of the physical is not zero, then the enemy’s attack on the role of physical injury not major. Experience harvesting, then according to their level and role of the enemy down the number of levels to calculate, and then redistributed to the full.

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5, communications Battle:

In addition, the new “classic maze: Rotary wing magic array” also corresponds to the PSP handheld’s Ad Hoc wireless communication function, players can use the game with the “Communications Assistance for war play” mode, in this mode, players can be with her friends to Maze online sports clearance, or to communicate with dedicated online maze challenges.

Exclusively by the PSP handheld ARPG new work: “Rotary wing classic labyrinth magic array” is currently scheduled for February 18, 2010 sale. UMD version sells for 5,229 yen (tax included); network PS-Store download version (corresponding to PSPgo host) is priced at 4,000 yen. New works will feature a variety of mini-challenge tasks, and support the PSP’s Ad Hoc wireless network model that can support 2-4 player online cooperative play. For games like the series of old and new players should not miss the game.

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