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Naruto_Shippuden_Kizuna_Drive_USA_PSP-PSPKiNG [PSPUMD] “Naruto Shippuden – yoke driven” (U.S. version) [1GB] [ULUS-10571 | 6D6C20B0FF6DA587 | 0001 | G] (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EDITION)

Kizuna Drive “Naruto Shippuuden yoke drive” (NARUTO SHIPPUDEN KIZUNA DRIVE) (ULUS-10571 | 6D6C20B0FF6DA587 | 0001 | G)

Game Title: Naruto Shippuden: the fetters of driver / Naruto Shippuden: the fetters of war / Naruto Shippuden: Friendly Cooperation war

English name: Only On PlayStation – Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive

Production companies: NBGI / BANDAI LABEL / CyberConnect2


Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: March 22, 2011

Price: $: $ 39.99

Official Website:

Kizuna Drive PSP Software

PSP Games:  U.S. NBGI has announced the scheduled March 2011 launch of the PSP handheld a “Naruto”, “yoke” as the theme The latest to make. This will be the first for the full realization of the four ninja to help bring music with a new fighter for the ACT Action: “Naruto Shippuden: yoke drive” (Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive). And this in the introduction, in addition to release players for the game set the background of the story, the other five games will be released debut in the new roles and other games of the latest information.

Kizuna Drive PSP DemosFirst, the series Summary:

PSP PSP exclusive for “Naruto Shippuden: yoke drive” (Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive) is a Japanese manga artist Masashi Kishimoto (Kishimoto Masashi) the original of the young comics, “Naruto: Shippuuden” the adaptation of the action game, is currently under Shueisha’s issue of Japanese manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” on the popular cartoon serial in the works. Original description in the fictional world of ninja, Naruto Uzumaki hero adventures with their partners.

Second, the new work elements:

The launch of the “Naruto Shippuden: yoke drive” before the new work will be inherited Series: “Naruto: Shippuuden Ultimate Awakening 3″ (Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3) both of the ninja action fighting games are played, and the first reproduce the original charm of the degree of cooperation with the four ninja hand fighting “groups of four movements” and other new ways. Game will be offensive to support the type, return type, and other types of Konoha ninja debut, players can meet security, tracking, and other kinds of crusade to select the characteristics of the task team, composed of 4 teams to start the team battle.

Third, the story background:

Games included to seal the Kyuubi inside Naruto implicit attack on the village dreams of events, beginning with Original Screenplay: “should be implicit seal of the nine villages attacked Dream”, allowing the player through 17 missions experience a new single-story original story fun. Story describes the main character was supposed to seal in the body of Naruto nine tail beast, but suddenly appears in the “hidden dream of in” the beginning and continue to wreak havoc; In order to prove his innocence, Naruto and Kakashi and other partners, decided to accept this second task is to find out the truth and see the culprit behind the … …

IV debut role:

Kizuna Drive On Cheap PSP Go

The debut of the role will be as many as 15 or more, these roles are divided into: “attack”, “return type” and “support the type of” three types. The role of these types were included, the role of attack: Naruto, Kakashi, Ding times, Ning Ci, Li; back type character: Sakura, Ino; support type: deer pills, Japan, Junior Wells, Hinata. Also look at this for five roles in the new bar.

1. Day of fog Marshal:

Introduction: the ability to use the fog to confuse the opponent, and adept at operating insect poison battle with the occult, but also the creation of “hidden dream of in” the “day of fog Pioneers” long, is the village’s top players, in the beginning of the story When, in order to protect the safety of the village a man brave nine attacks … …

2. Days of fog Colonel:

Description: A family of the young ninja fog days, with the current understanding of China is a partner in childhood.

3. Sirius ape made:

Introduction: the body mixed with the blood of the wolf, the best ninja in the family can even use the large wolf himself into the mysterious ninja, and the length of the blood family also has the ability to protect animals, “three” seal, or re-opened capacity of the “Sirius family” leaders and is currently the “hidden dream of in the” long.

4. Sirius streams China:

Kizuna Drive PSP Video

Description: Sirius family of the young Nvren Zhe, also as patriarch of the “ape made” daughter.

5. Akasaka their lives than the good soil:

Introduction: the ability to use special mask attached to the human soul to manipulate the dolls in the soil, the excellent family were even able to make unlimited undead forces, “Sakamoto family than good,” the young ninja with the flow they also grew up with Chinese partners .

Five, the game features:

1. “Groups of four” team elements:

This included the “Naruto” the most prominent feature is the addition of the first new series in the history of the original, players should know very well familiar with the “groups of four” team factor, grouping attack, support type, return type, and other types for a group of four ninja to challenge security, tracking, punitive and other kinds of tasks, by working together to play a strong combat capability. Players will be another team to work together as a unit, including the implementation of various tasks such as exploration and combat, but also through such settings, allowing the player to experience different from the series of 1 on 1 battle before fighting the different groups fighting fun.

2. Reproduce Naruto Team System:

The original four teams in the always action, unauthorized use of the terrain, props and Ninjutsu, by strength and wisdom down the enemy. This allows fans very envious of the original way of fighting, through a simple operation, portable gaming platform, integrated in real life.

3. And friends, together to reproduce the original story:

Kizuna Drive La PSP

This time in combat, and is not limited to a small map. By the scene change, you can access a variety of large-scale combat environments. The new four-person team, but also separate actions in different maps, or maps in the same fight together, so that the fighting unexpectedly increased.

4. Be among friends online with the convenience:

The three players to their companions, will be appointed to the NPC operations, in addition to a sense of not Huanjiao not meet, but also can concentrate on playing the same person in the service of adventures. If you encounter took PSP enthusiasts, friends, turn on the power that working together is definitely a good opportunity. The team of four real live ammunition, mutual support, division of labor, so the fun and friendship is more intense. The performance of part of the story, in addition to the familiar 3D scenes, but also inserted a lot of animation, so that more players into the original world of.

5. Combos with hand to display their friendship:

In addition to partners in the fight against the enemies of their actions, but also with the other three original partners in the game to display their “friendship with hands” combos, as long as the enemy to launch a coma in order to distance restrictions from Power Attack If the enemy pass the buck as the partners continue to knock the pass, giving the enemy a continuous significant damage.

6. Friendship war with the number of segments:

Friendship hand moves with the number of segments with higher Injurious greater increase in volume meter friendship more speed will rise with it. But if he does not grasp when displaying standard order entry time, then the enemy will be hit by flying injured, even the previous paragraph will be returned to the cumulative damage to power themselves, can be said is a kind of double-edged sword moves.

Kizuna Drive PSP 1001PSP PSP-exclusive fighting the battle of new work: “Naruto Shippuden: yoke drive” is currently scheduled for March 2011 on sale in North America. New work will feature a variety of mini-challenge tasks, and support the PSP’s Ad Hoc Wireless Networks 4-line mode, for those like the “Naruto” series of games new and old players must not miss the game. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 23)

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