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Dynasty Warriors : Strike Force 2

“Dynasty Warriors Joint Assault 2″ (SHIN SANGOKU MUSOU MULTI RAID 2) (ULAS-42230 | 6AC84A30AA37FE04 | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: Dynasty Warriors: Joint Assault 2 / Dynasty Warriors: Joint Operations 2 / Dynasty Warriors: ran off to attack 2 / Dynasty Warriors: Multi Raid 2 / Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force 2 / Dynasty Warriors : Strike Force 2

English name: Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 2 (Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force 2)

Production companies: Omega Force (ω-Force)

Agent release: TAIWAN KOEI Entertainment Software Inc.

Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 2

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: Traditional Chinese (Asian Version)

Release Date: April 29, 2010 Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 2

Price: 1,380 RMB New Taiwan Dollar

Official Website of Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 2:

 Multi Raid 2 01

Game: “Dynasty Warriors: Joint Assault 2″ (Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 2) is the February 2009 launch of the “true Dynasty Warriors: Joint raid, “the sequel to inherit the new players before the system and the role of additional and more evolved systems, the air moves with the growth of new elements. The player will play the Three Kingdoms era of generals, in order to defeat an attempt to reach a not old fool with the establishment of permanent imperial ambitions of the evil emperor of recovery from the nether world, start with the hero dead, Pacific gods, the earth Warcraft intense fighting.

More new players available for the additional troops, including children inherit Wei Jiang Kirin Wolong behest, and Joe has a large and beautiful flowers and the moon. Parts of the system will be added through the launch awakening to elicit potential weapons “weapons increase” system. In addition to the existing Ad Hoc inherited before the proximal online cooperative mode of play features, and add the Remote Infrastructure mode feature online cooperative play is available through PSN network and cooperation with friends from afar challenging task.

A rich story mode:

“Overlord articles”:

King Emperor resurrection narrative articles with a strong fall of magic to the former King Xiang Yu Chu Qin resurrection and control. Xiang Yu overbearing military strategy for its extraordinary three generals will play on your palm, and instantly seized the hub of Wei. In order to regain their own territory, and Wu of Sun Jian, Cao Cao then form a joint military cooperation, the DPRK are Xuchang into Wei.

“Demon cents chapter”:

Magazine articles demon resurrection narrative to carry out its evil emperor’s ambition to send the army in the mountains Shu-depth attempt to seize the female immortal breeding flowers will not have the Queen Mother the power of old fool. Emperor of the West Queen Mother suffered physical attacks and power of the two half-length separated into good and evil, the Secretary of Health and hope the good fortune of the bust of the Queen Mother is not old fool with the power of the body with missing, death and despair of the evil manipulation of the bust is the Land of the Dead into a demon sen liberated to the world.

Death’s Dark Age of Camelot:

Their lives in order to play the hidden power of the body, another search for the missing bust of depravity, so coveted by the Queen Mother with the power of the emperor is not old fool cooperation, launched search operations in the country. Terracotta army and their lives in the cruel manipulation of Wicked, the Shu instant ruins, this wave of dark forces and attempted to annex the remnants of the Wu territory. So Liu Bei and Sun Ce indignant form such Yingjie Wu Shu Warriors joint forces, Cao Cao Wei and want to split back towards the West into. Take their lives in Chengdu, because the demons under the command of the Queen Mother received the information in the north of Chengdu, it will turn north into the line. Due to sudden changes in trends Huangquan Jun aware of a doubtful unparalleled military, and now because of the decrease the risk of Chengdu, there turn to attack, then convened under the command of Wu Shu Zhu Jiang develop strategies for both in one fell swoop back in Chengdu Sichuan.

War Role:

1. Wenji

The role of the early war Wenji (Cai Yan, word Wen Ji), is the daughter of the Eastern Han Dynasty Yong celebrities to knowledgeable and talented woman fluent in temperament poetry world as widely known. Unfortunately, the chaos was the occasion of the Huns abducted in Dianpei beyond the Great Wall had a long life, she can pity after being rescued by Cao Cao, finally able to return to hometown. Originally Wenji likes the stable life for yourself facing the cruel fate of the troubled times worried, in order to let the next generation to lead a peaceful life, but forced himself to battle, to master the instrument erhu as a weapon to join the fight.

2. Meng Huo:

Previously had “Dynasty Warriors: Joint Assault Special Edition” on stage Meng Huo, the ruling king of South Africa and south-west, has a huge body and enormous strength, he held 100,000 troops and horses set off the rebellion of Shu, Finally, the seven wise vertical escapement under seven would like to sincerely service. Name itself is not commensurate with the appearance of his beloved wife at home and fear of his wife home. Weapons used in columns.

3. A new Warcraft “fire animal” coming out:

Debut of the new fire beast inhabits sparsely populated volcanic monster in legends, witchcraft manipulation by the Emperor into the World of Warcraft. Giant rat-like body covering the burning of body hair in order to move quickly aspect battlefield, displaying all kinds of fire attacks. Close to the flame being stupid it will fight back, but if the body can eliminate the flame cover, have a chance to win.

The launch of the PSP version of the “unparalleled” action game masterpiece: “Dynasty Warriors: Joint Assault 2″ is currently scheduled for April 29, 2010 launch of Traditional Chinese. Games also announced the official appointment ceremony and special First Press Limited Premiere. Reservation Special Code to “Dynasty Warriors: Joint Assault 2″ special desk calendar, First Special Code for the limited role of the large exotic decorative props Tianyi download serial number card. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 23)

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Free Downloads PSP Games - Dynasty Warriors : Strike Force 2