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Frogger_Helmet_Chaos_EUR_MULTI5_PROPER_PSP-BAHAMUT [PSPUMD] European version of the frog cross the river / with five languages / full correct version (EUROPEMULTI-5/PROPER)


Helmet Chaos

Chinese name: Frogger

English name: Frogger: Helmet Chaos

Production companies: KONAMI

Agent Release: KONAMI Digital Entertainment GmbH

Game Type: ACT (Action pass-type game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Operating Environment: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish, etc. / with five languages (European Edition)

Release Date: February 16, 2006

Official Website:

This is a “Frogger” European version of the absolutely correct version of the mirror, use the Device Hook V0.4X simulation system firmware 2.60 or 2.71 above the boot run this game.

Helmet Chaos psp-game-for-sale

PSP Games:

Do not play do not know. Play the jump. More and more difficult. Very easy to rush pressed the wrong button. Level is increasing. And complicated. Also with a puzzle like, KONAMI produced, and also a good sense of 3D. Friends do not know to play more? I play a lot of inning. Back more and more difficult. Challenge your reaction ah. The only accurate is the visual can not be converted. Often do not see where to go to the above, only the unpleasant task of being up. Where to go and then the provisional response. To this type of game. I feel very playable out. Picture is also a good feeling. Think PSP is Good. I really like heaven and earth. Frog demo the next day, click on the fans into it.

Beginning of the game. I think the game is so mentally handicapped children. However. When I do get time to play. This game not simple. If you play will feel the same. The kind of exciting, but also test your reaction and the degree of intelligence than the current lot of games are playable, of course. Not inside the MINI = GAME, is the STORY mode. I hit a 4 mark. Really so hard for. More and more difficult. A bit difficult to torment your patience.

Helmet Chaos la-pspAnd. I can tell you is responsible. When you play to mark the fourth, as I said there later. You really feel that the game is a skilled operation. In the course of the next pass. Some steps you can not fault. Wrong on all scratch. Very hard. I strongly recommend playable level. Many, many more than the current PSP games. Do not look far older scenes and characters feel. But the difficulty of the game and is suitable for adult challenges. Also, tell everyone. I am not a child playing games, several of the thirty. Play the game and experience the feeling of absolute and other PSP games do not feel the same. And once it is easy to play into the fascinating, although I was a little exaggerated to describe. But that game had the feeling like “Tomb Raider” and institutions like the difficulty of setting the action, as well as “Commandos” game as the difficulty of grasping the opportunity and skills. And very familiar with the map you need to imagine how cross the border!

I briefly. Control of a frog can jump. Tongue can stretch, can promote the boxes and pull boxes. You can also jump like Tarzan’s tongue to swing across the river when the rope. Many parts of the same needs as crossing the street to avoid a full range of enemies. Touched on the less blood. Compared to “Mercury” and “brain explosion” for the two games. I think the “Frogger” is absolutely challenging and interesting in that the two above. Moreover, many techniques can pass mode from the “intelligent license” find the same experience. And “smart license” by the same characters every time the pace of moving grid.

First stop will be prompted to tell you how to play. Again later. Tip less and less. Integrated use of all depends on your. And dispassionate judgments. That mistakes will not work. A mistake is easy to start over. Only the game can be saved by each mark. So. The difficulty of each mark is increasingly challenging. I do not play do not know. Played really think is a complete test of your ability to a very playable integrated masterpiece! And found that with the PSP to play the game really played to the extreme. No waste key. The difficulty of the game is definitely worth your challenge. Well hope to play off later the number of players to communicate with me.

Screenshots: (PIC × 10)

Helmet Chaos psp-2000

Helmet Chaos psp-2000

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Helmet Chaos psp-go

Helmet Chaos psp-slim

Helmet Chaos psp-consoles

Free Downloads PSP Games - Frogger: Helmet Chaos KONAMI Digital Entertainment