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God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War Soul of Sparta” (GOD OF WAR GHOST OF SPARTA) (UCUS-1)

PSP Games Name: God of War Soul of Sparta Ω / God of War: Ghost of Sparta / God of War: The Ghost of Sparta / God of War: Sparta souls / God of War: Ghost of Sparta

English name: Only On PlayStation – God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP Bundle) (God of War: Koutan no Kokuin)

Production companies: SCEA / Ready At Dawn Studios LLC. / Santa Monica Studio

Agent Release: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: November 2, 2010 God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Price: $: $ 39.99 God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Official Website:

God of War 01

Game: Calculated Sony Entertainment America (SCEA) has officially announced that it will launch the Ready at Dawn Studios best-selling action game “God of War” series PSP latest work: “God of War: Sparta Soul” (God of War: Ghost of Sparta). New work, currently scheduled for November 2010 release in North America, is expected this will be limited in North America will launch PSP Bundle, which the ordinary version of the game sells for $ 39.99, compared with the bundled price of $ 199 Limited Edition. In addition, according to SCE official blog recently broke the news, “God of War: Sparta Soul” will be on September 7, 2010 he released the PSN version of the first trial, the other more detailed official information has yet to be further announced. The game’s official website has been officially opened, and released a promotional video and some multi-stage screen for the players you refer.

First, the game summary:

PSP exclusive for “God of War: Sparta Soul” (God of War: Ghost of Sparta) is a popular PS2 and PS3 action game “God of War” (God of War) series, the prequel works. ─ ─ ─ described Spartans Kratos (Kratos) How to get the power of God of War-like experience.

New work has developed over the “God of War: Chains of Olympus” (God of War: Chains of Olympus) of the U.S. Ready at Dawn Studios featuring production again, this time by Santa Monica Studio (索尼圣莫尼卡) production supporting development of the joint work group. PSP hardware to its full potential performance limits, provide more detailed scene, but the magnificent scene, and 25% more game content, but also added the improved weapons systems and new magic and so on.

God of War 02

Second, the story background:

Kratos, the name must have no more Ruleiguaner be introduced instead. In case God kill God, Buddha, kill the Buddha figure block. Kratos was a brave and skilled warriors of Sparta, he led his army to conquer new territories everywhere, can be described as no war victorious. However, a barbarian tribe and the East fighting, and finally tasted the bitterness of failure. In order to achieve victory in battle, will sell his soul to Ares, and Ares get from a powerful force and weapons, “Blades of Chaos.”

God of War 03

Since then, Kratos Ares to become the running dogs, mercilessly killing those who worship the God of War rival ─ ─ ─ Athena’s mortal fear of the devil into the crowd until the last to play to a double-edged his wife and children. The “God of War: Soul of Sparta,” the story is set to “God of War” series for the first pass. Continuation of the unfinished part of the reform series, describes how to get God of War Kratos is like the power of experience. The struggle to get rid of Kratos of his nightmares, but also must face his dark past, and confirmed the value of the Gods. Which Kratos will embark on a lost origin of the world and answers the red Kratos body tattoos, scars and other unsolved mysteries of the journey home … …

God of War 04

Third, the game features:

New for the PSP “God of War: Sparta of the Soul” series for the PS3 will inherit the characteristics of the PSP to reproduce the popular movie-style camera work wonderful and exciting action game screen combat system, and add new moves , level, agencies and monsters, as well as the new Greek mythology-based story.

Kratos is the most Spartan warrior, the son of Zeus. Spartan Army originally lived as the strongest fighters battle of life, but in the day were “savage” (Barbarian) killed a family of the king. Before the defeat, Kratos will be dedicated to his soul Ares (Ares), but do not know exactly in this trap of the god of war, which should lose all human feelings as the rebirth of the price and become the strongest real the resurrection of his soldiers, because we were accidentally killed his wife and favorite daughter. Fall into the trap of accidentally killing their favorite family Kratos, because the family temple burned and ignited the smoke and makes the skin becomes like a dead white, like, it is also known as ─ ─ ─ “Sparta the soul. ”

God of War 05

Kratos will encounter in the game King Midas (King Midas), who with “golden touch” and “King of the ass” and other well-known fairy tale king Midas, this will also become Kui Santos victim of the new men, even the Midas touch with divine abilities, they will inevitably be thrown into lava ashes of doom. New for the “God of War: Soul of Sparta,” inherit the same background story and game types, the Spartan war Shikuituosi will continue to display their “double-edged chaos” and other deadly weapons, to face new difficulties, enemies and gods of the test, experience and different from the mass of the original story line.

God of War 06

Fourth, producer interviews:

Introduced the game so much relevant information, and ultimately, the last naturally for a few creative staff’s views on the new, careful players might even find game system from which the clues. The time to go to the game’s senior designer and founder of Ready at Dawn Studios, the former Blizzard senior designer and game director Ru Weerasuriya Dana Jan new work on PSP “God of War: Soul of Sparta,” accepted the industry’s interview (hereinafter referred to Ready at Dawn “R”, Dana Jan referred to as “D”).

1. Reporter: “When the project is started?” Chains of Olympus, “the development is completed?”

R: “No, when we return the PSP because of the development machine and take a short detour (refund of the Sony PSP for free development of the borrowed machine, claiming the production team will focus on high-definition platform), (laughter) You would not believe the specific I do not remember the date, and is probably the beginning of September 2008. ”

God of War 07

2. Reporter: “So, there are a number of years about the development cycle you figure?”

R: “Yes, but than you say time is shorter.”

3. Reporter: “Let us start the program back to you in September, I know you will not disclose specific details of the game and new features, but can tell you most want in this game by adding new things?”

D: “We are all most want to return to an element in that is: bigger than the PSP predecessor, richer gaming experience, we want to do better in some ways, we completed before the post, we will also to improve the content of the column space of a very long list, and at each of, ‘how much to improve the content may be?’ Some content may be hard to come true, obviously, limited development time and hardware functions and other reasons, but honestly said that this list is still a lot of content we can actually improve and to do it, simply say, this game can be more ambitious, more superior and more refined, and we look forward to great content, may appear in This game inside. ”

God of War 08

4. Reporters: “We all know that” Chains of Olympus “delete a lot of content.”

D: “game development to the final is always a process of subtraction, of course, there are many ideas and creativity, whether conscious or unconscious, in this work to come. For example, we in the handling of the” Soul of Sparta “some of the role, had taken a different approach with the previous, and background scenes in the action, there are many different designs, we will not help, said:” It looks cool, why do not we do this? “Even the game and crossing the entire region … …, of course, we can not now much about the content, but this game does contain a lot of possibilities.”

God of War 09

5. Reporter: “press release, the production team that helped develop Santa Monica, they are in the project play an important role?”

R: “In fact, now they only play a small role, the best thing is that we both understand and trust each other, work together, very happy, for this created by their great series, we maintain a high degree of respect But in this project, we have acted in a manner fully in accordance with their own freedom. Objectively speaking, it is because PSP before the phenomenal success achieved, let us be unimaginable today, the development rights of freedom … … we are the same StigAsmussen ( God of War 3 development manager) relationship, and then with Cory Barlog (God of War 2 creative director) is, we get along very harmoniously, he will give us a lot of freedom to explore. ”

D: “We both put forward their views and comments, the most interesting is the series with two games, I mean” God of War 3 “and this works in the future we will find,” Spartan Spirit ” and “God of War 3″ very well linked. ”

God of War 10

6. Reporter: “Your group is currently in production that year’s” Chains of Olympus, “the same? Because I know you are now developing at least one other secret projects.”

R: “Yes, the same development team.”

Reporter: “So, Ready at Dawn currently has two development team?”

R: “so to speak, but not two complete development team, in fact, one is complete, another is still in the prototype stage be regarded as a small team.”

7. Reporters: “Let us return to the” Spartan Spirit “, God of War series of the game is to follow the traditional framework, or another way to do?”

R: “God of War series has its own core features, such as the huge creatures, epic battle, absolutely barbaric style, the story line there are many other elements mixed puzzle together, we are loyal to these core elements, but from “God of War 1″ to “God of War 2″ also had a lot of innovation, and promote some of the content of the constant, we have to constantly inject fresh blood into this classic series. so please be assured that we will see in this game Those familiar with the content to define God of War series, but we also made bold abandon, please enjoy a breath of fresh air it. ”

8. Reporter: “Tell me specifically?”

D: “Well, we’ve added … … and now can not talk about it, but put it this way after we have added new things not included in the core of the game system, players will experience the great potential of this change, but unfortunately I still can not revealed the secret. ”

God of War 11

9. Reporter: “You want players that feel different, does that mean you are worried about the beginning, God of War series, Di Wukuan orthodox players have too much work makes sense of deja vu?”

D: “I do not think so,” God of War “series, the system is still brilliant as ever, I do not think players will be complaining about this, but as the game Di Wukuan works, players may be thinking:” we can see to what surprise? “It’s like” God of War 3 “to do it, in the” Spartan Spirit “, the player also will see some new, compelling content. Mars series do not need to deliberately change the main frame, If you are a mature system overhaul major changes, hardcore gamers will say: “It’s not that we like God of War”, so we have to ensure that the new elements added to adapt to the Mars system, story and style. ”

10. Reporter: “This game and the” God of War 3 “whether there is linkage content?”

D: “We were approached on a number of ideas, we talked about some of the ideas associated with the two hosts, but now, I do not think that actually what conclusions reached.”

God of War 12

Reporter: “I think” Chains of Olympus “the most memorable moment is Kratos pushed his daughter, this non-combat QTE in the new work will be carried forward?

D: “I think we will be surprised at us in the game increased the number of similar content, a number of scenarios applied to this style, it is very humbling, characters and story will be perfect together, and we hope to break the god of war typical of the fighting in anger as fuel, in the game you will experience some deeply moving moments. ”

R: “In conclusion, our Santa Monica’s God of War God of War game and the biggest difference is the game, we will add more in the game show personalities of the characters in the scene, expressed in the story more emotional side, crucial point is that the reason why we hi Aikuituosi, because in addition to the savage character, there are many other features, and “Spartan Spirit” will showcase these, there is no doubt that this will be very cool ! ”

D: “revolves around the role of Kratos and the other, in fact, a lot of unanswered questions there, as fans of God of War series, we believe that you really want an insight into the role of the game, understand the Kratos, I guarantee you will feel a lot of surprises! ”

God of War 13

Exclusively by the PSP handheld new work: “God of War: Soul of Sparta,” currently scheduled for November 2010 on sale in North America. Games will be released and limited edition PSP UMD Bundle. PSP Limited Edition Bundle which includes: mixing black and red version of PSP handheld 3000 One department; “God of War: Soul of Sparta,” UMD game disc One sheets; a downloadable PSN version of “God of War: Olympus Adams of the chain, “the serial number;” Hai Bian Wang “(Kick-Ass) UMD movies and 2GB memory card. For like the “God of War” series of new and old players must miss the game. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 19)

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