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[PSP] 02.15.07.Ratchet_and_Clank [Ratchet & Clank Size 5 events] [ISO] [USA]

Ratchet_and_Clank_Size_Matters_USA_PSP-pSyPSP [PSPUMD] Ratchet & Clank Size 5 U.S. version of events (AMERICA)

“Ratchet & Clank 5 Size Event” (RATCHET AND CLANK SIZE MATTERS)

Size Matters

Chinese name: Ratchet & Clank Size 5 events / Ratchet & Clank Size 5 issues / La Jiete and Clark 5

English name: Ratchet Clank: Size Matters (Ratchet Clank 5: Gekitotsu! Dodeka Ginga no MiriMiri Gundan)

Production companies: High Impact Games

Agent Release: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

Game Type: ACT (Action shooting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Operating Environment: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: February 13, 2007

Price: $: $ 39.99

Official Website:

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PSP Games:

In 2005, “Ratchet & Clank: Deadlock” (Ratchet: Deadlocked) sale of the game since its excellent access to the players of widely welcomed, but the only regret is that some people feel, Ricky’s old partner jingle not much in the game and performance opportunities. Now Sony announced that “Ratchet & Clank” (Ratchet Clank) Doraemon will visit PSP platform will debut in the game have full opportunity FANS This game is undoubtedly good news.

Officials said SCE, PSP version of “Ratchet & Clank (tentative name)” will be the first by the new studio to develop, and re-return series of the traditional style. It is learned to play the game development tasks will be the High Impact games studio, though this is the first time in the studio making the game play of the series, but they Quedui “Ratchet & Clank” is no stranger to the game, Because the majority of High Impact members have worked at Insomniac Studios (the series for the previous game development company). Therefore, it has to a certain extent, provided a guarantee for the quality of the game.

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PSP version of the “Ratchet & Clank” will appear in the many new weapons and props, the game will add new armor design and customize the system, in the task and the competition will be some new modes of transport. In addition, the use of PSP’s wireless connection machine function, the game supports up to four players simultaneously online games.

Screenshots: (PIC × 14)

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Size Matters psp-downloads

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Free Downloads PSP Games - High Impact Games Clank Size 5 events