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Game Name: Ikkitousen: cross impact / Ikkitousen 2: Cross-impact / Ikkitousen: staggered shocks / Ikkitousen: Xross Impact

Japanese name: a T Tousen Xross Impact (limited burst Ailuropoda ッ ku specials キ Getting キ Getting デ カ Circular san ko pay ki)

English name: Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact (New Gentei Bakuretsu Pack)

Production companies: MARVELOUS INTERACTIVE INC.


Genre: ACT – Action Game (cross-action pass game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ シ ョ ン ス ポ `Te` Tatari ブ Hikaru)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: April 28, 2010 (water Yao day / Wednesday)

Price: 5,229 yen usually Edition

Price: 9,975 yen limit the burst packet

Official Website:

PSP version of “Ikkitousen: cross impact” will strengthen inherited from the predecessor of the 2D horizontal scroll action readily play, additional new roles, new vindictiveness nirvana, new clothing damage, and other elements of the new model, and adopt a new The “explosion milk staggered scuffle” double team system, can call at any time by key aid partners play attack and hands, you can also display strong double fit of vindictiveness nirvana.

In this game, players can manipulate the number of fighters for the past six to 22 additional breath as many as one of the series features a close-up lens for performance parts, in addition to being the explosive attack clothes nirvana emptied of static performance, the will to join the dynamic performances such as chest shaking, which is a new system, “burst milk Cross Rumble” the biggest bright spot, players can enjoy more than 40 beautiful girl sexy sultry attitude. Same time as also will correspond to the PSP’s Ad-Hoc wireless on-line double to help with the music mode, players can challenge friends together points.

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