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“Killing the heart of EXA” (カ Hikaru ネ ー ー ジ ハ ト エ ク サ) (CARNAGE HEART EXA) (ULJM-05698 | 4154683831BBBDAD | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: killing the heart of EXA / killing the heart of EXA: Portable / killings heart EXA

Japanese Name: カ Hikaru ネ ー ジ ー ト エ ク サ ハ

English name: Robot Battle Simulation Game – Carnage Heart EXA

Production companies: Artdink

Proxy Issue: Artdink

Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action shooting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Robot Battle Simulation Game

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: October 28, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,250 yen buy Robot Battle Simulation Game

Official Website:

Robot Battle 01

Game: According to the Japanese Artdink announced that the scheduled October 28, 2010 at the launch of the PSP handheld social discipline strategy for robot simulation Series “Carnage Heart” for the latest series: “Heart of killing EXA” (Carnage Heart EXA), price 5,880 yen (tax included), while the official launch will be works from the series of 6 featured music selected from the co- Series CD “Steel of the investigation” as the game early booking special code, and the latest information published on the Internet game players enjoy the movie for you.

First, the game summary:

Compared with those in the robot game, so players are manipulating the body to start their own type of fighting is, “Carnage Heart” series is an opportunity for players to design is called “OKE” (Over Kill Engine) military robot hardware and software equipped with the body to perform procedures, including action to combat a variety of settings, etc., in order to design the “battle thinking” to make the body of a robot battle simulation strategy combat game, since 1995, in PS host after the launch of series of the first works, has been praised by the players love. This time published this, the PSP handheld is released before the former as a basis for adding a new story, new OKE additional series of different models with the latest for.

Robot Battle 02

Second, the new work description:

In the PSP version of “killing the heart of EXA” (Carnage Heart EXA), the front for the same, in addition to the side as the players can learn how to design the side of the story OKE body’s story mode (Scenario mode), the other is also equipped with strengthen the design and the special elements of the Battle Battle mode (Battle mode). Also in the making, although the body before the body is designed to invite popular Japanese illustrator Hiroshi Yokoyama OKE as the body design, but the OKE debut this all new body, are replaced by another popular Japanese illustrator responsible for the design Hideyuki Matsumoto , but also allow players to feel the body design of the new series of fighting fun.

Robot Battle 03

“Killing the heart of EXA” to allow players to design a so-called: OverKill Engine ─ ─ ─ OKE thinking process battle robots to make them self-discipline of combat robot battle simulation game, this series in this for which the latest addition to the new procedures into the chip, the other has also joined the body in addition to the original type of self-discipline than other new players who can control themselves to manipulate the control to start the fighting robot to enjoy the battle fun

. Robot Battle 04

Third, the game system:

1. Are free to capture the screen:

The official announcement of “killing the heart of EXA” the new system, including: screen capture function, bursts function and read the function badges embedded in the three settings. Also in the official line, also announced the voice of three characters allow players to Love. In the official announcement of the new functions, including “screen capture feature” allows players to keep the game screen shot capture down to the function of freedom to shoot down the screen to a memory stick in the JPEG format, and even by Under the “Pause” Pause pictures taken, the system will automatically put the text on the screen to eliminate Pause to allow players the freedom to take the dialogue, including combat or a variety of menu so the screen.

Robot Battle 05

2. Bursts convenient features:

As for “killing the heart of EXA” the bursts functions in the game, players can buy from the store “bursts function” the props, this way the design on the menu in the body which will be added this feature to go, so a players can use to feature photography OKE body bursts down the screen to the recording! As for the badges embedded function, it is for players such as PSP PC can be made outside of the image to the included tools to make the game into their own unique badge, the read drawing file format 32 × 32 pixels, 16 colors uncompressed BMP format, players will be credited to the memory stick of a particular folder directory, you can use the game out!

Robot Battle 06

3. Manipulation of “self-robot”:

Another PSP version of “killing the heart of EXA” also added a new element of “control-type OKE” debut. Compared to the series prior to allow players to create a “robot self-discipline,” the selling point, this “control-type OKE” it is more preferred as the general robot battle game, so players can use their hands to operate their own machines OKE people, and to start a new game play with fun. And this operational OKE is also very simple in design, as long as the players, “manual with” chip installed in the robot body, the body can be operated by hand, as for the fun of the actual game play, players are to be hand experience, try it!

Robot Battle 07

4. Arena Points:

In addition, “the heart of the killing EXA” also contains a constantly when the players first set included with the system and the body a good fight and won many OKE time record for points can be called “Arena” (Battle Arena) mode . Players can use the record in the number of points earned in stores (Shop) in the purchase of a variety of powerful armed body parts or props, and even buy a new battle maps, players can view their own needs for purchase.

5. Wireless connection features:

The new work, “killing the heart of EXA” Another new element is the addition of online PSP’s Ad-Hoc mode setting. Since the OKE for the added elements of operational, so when the time online, players will be able to use their own operational OKE robot designed to carry 3 on 3, up to 6 people at the same time expand the online game. In addition to operational OKE body, the players can use the same type of self-discipline to produce their own robots with friends, a grouping of operational OKE operational body type of mixing and self-discipline team, but also to the overall gameplay more rich.

Robot Battle 08

Fourth, debut the body:

In the “Heart of killing EXA”, will also have the same kinds such as bipedal walking with the human-type “two feet,” the body, or be able to fly in the sky “flight-type” body appearance, in the following to be introduced to the players in the debut of the five for the body.

1. King (Agrios):

Introduction: Good at shooting war, fighting two wars foot OKE, were equipped with gun-type rockets armed with two types of equipment, type of armed, war can be used in close fighting left wrist with the arm to expand the wide range of attacks.

Robot Battle 09

2. Sage (Cheiron):

Introduction: Good at long range attack and more fighting foot OKE, to strengthen the defense shield with the left hand, it can effectively increase the resistance war of harm reduction.

3. Witherite (Grave Stone):

Description: with overwhelming firepower OKE body, the number of missiles and rockets carrying the body which called up in all the only drawback is not equipped with gun-type arms.

Robot Battle 10

4. Gheit (Gaither):

Description: light mobility vehicles can play OKE body type, has able to brake rapidly and so high-speed rotation with superior engine power alone, but lower stability, once can easily fall out of balance.

Robot Battle 11

5. Abbey Spartak (Avispa):

Description: Whether fire or machine power are very good flight-type OKE, a wide range of shooting angles, corners can be launched from enemy attacks.

Robot Battle 12

V. playback function:

Before the addition of the reservation will be also included in the Replay playback, and support the player will play back the file into the Replay animation output, and uploaded to the PC using PSP handheld computer up shows, or upload directly to sharing Web site to the general animation so that other players enjoy the features. At the same time as the player will also support the company can log on to Artdink Satloke dedicated server functionality for free, players can take their game to record or upload your movie to Replay recorded to the server, so that other players can appreciate their heroic battle position!

Robot Battle 13

Exclusively by the PSP handheld new work: “killing the heart of EXA” currently scheduled for October 28, 2010 sale. Reservation Special Code game will be released, and this appointment is included special code selected series of six works featured a series of popular music compilations released CD “Iron investigation.” Featured on this compilation CD “A Survey of steel”, the series of six works were selected from a total of 40 music tracks included a total of more than 60 minutes; and in the official launch of the network will be first Gone, interested players can visit the official website to Love. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 20)

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