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12.05.06.Ryu_ga_Gotoku_2_JPN_PS2DVD-WjR [PS2DVD] Yakuza 2 edition (JAPANESE)

“If the Dragon 2″ (Long ga such as ku 2) (RYU GA GOTOKU 2)

Ryu ga Gotoku 2

Game Title: Yakuza 2 / Soaring 2 / 2 out of the Dragon

Japanese original name: Long が such as ku 2

English name: Ryu ga Gotoku 2

Production companies: SEGA

Agent Release: SEGA

Game Type: A · AVG (action + adventure game)

Carrier Capacity: DVD × 2

Operating Environment: Play Station 2 (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン 2 TE)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Release Date: December 7, 2006

Price: 7,140 yen

Official Website:

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Game: (The following switched “video game kiosks Bahamut”)

Produced by the SEGA to Japan’s underworld as the background theme of the original Black Street PS2 action adventure game “as a dragon” (Ryu ga Gotoku); now formally announced in December 2006 for the launch of the new sequel, “such as the Dragon 2″, the official website was August 31, 2006 officially opened for players to reference.

“If the dragon” (Ryu ga Gotoku) is a theme of the Japanese underworld action adventure game; game in which players will play is called “Church of Long Island,” the legendary underworld figure: Kiryu a horse; At the end of 10 years prison sentence and come back the dead, but was involved in the huge billion yen stake in the dispute. The scheduled launch of the sequel to new work, “such as the Dragon 2″, inherited before the production team, from the SEGA name producer: name more Ren Yang (representative works: “Daytona USA”, “Spikeout”, etc.) leading; well-known writers: Chi Star Week as Script Supervisor, and Japanese veteran actor: Watanabe Tetsuya, wide hall, the British and Akai, into …… Terajima et al; and popular voice over: Tin Chong vector, Kugimiya as the voice of reason and others.

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Before the narrative of “the disappearance of billions of round” one year after the incident, the main character Kiryu a horse, under the manipulation of fate; again returned to the storm continued Terrace, involved in the Kanto, “East Side will be” on and off the West “near river joint “the hegemony of the two forces battle the underworld; be regarded as the dragon Kanto Kiryu underworld of a horse, will face the dragon is considered the rival Kansai: Township field Lung Division, and with the female Interpol: Sayama had smoked a forbidden love. Will inherit the system before the game, and more expanded from the original God of Tokyo, Muromachi, extended to Osaka Terrace. Terrace, including the role of the composition and performance is more realistic, can enter the shop before the number is 2 times, can experience and play a substantial increase in the content. Before the critically acclaimed Black Street fights fighting system, in this production will also be more strengthened, to provide a more exciting fight free refreshing.

PS2 version of “Yakuza 2″ is currently scheduled for December 7, 2006 release, priced at 7,140 yen (tax included), like the players do not miss.

Screenshots: (PIC × 15)

One producer: name more Minoru Yang

Written by: Chi Star Week

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