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Sengoku_Basara_Chronicle_Heroes_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Warring States BASARA – Chronicle Hero” (Japanese version) [MB] [ULJM-05903] (THE JAPANESE EDITION)

Sengoku Basara “Warring States BASARA Chronicle Heroes” (戦 States BASARA ク ロ ロ ー ヒ ニ ー ル ク ズ) (SENGOKU BASARA CHRONICLE HEROES) (ULJM-05903)

Game Name: Sengoku Basara: Heroes Chronicle / Warring States whirling Lo:’s warlords / po Buddhist monk’s robe Luo Warring States: Heroes Chronicles

Japanese Name: 戦 States Basara ク ロ ロ ー ヒ ニ ー ル ク ズ (戦 States パ サ バ ト ラ ロ ー ー ル ヒ ズ)

English name: Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes

Production companies: CAPCOM Production Studio 1

Agent Release: CAPCOM CO., LTD.

Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: July 21, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 4,800 yen

Official Website:

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PSP Games: Capcom of Japan to commemorate the company’s popular company ACT action game “Warring States Basara” (also translated as the “Warring States Law Po Buddhist monk’s robe”) series was born five anniversary, came on January 3, 2011 at the Nippon Budokan entities held a commemoration of the “Warring States Basara fifth anniversary of the Festival: Feast of Budokan” and announced at the scene scheduled for July 21, 2011 in PSP PSP to launch the latest sequel of the series: “Warring States Basara: Chronicle Heroes” (Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes), the game is priced at 4,800 yen (tax included).

Sengoku Basara PSP Games For FreeFirst, the game summary:

According to the “Warring States Basara” Little Lin Yuxing series producer, said the official publication of this latest series of lightning for the game type for the team fighting action game, with regard to game content are yet to be published in the official follow-up; another producer also hinted that the for there will be a front for the “Warring States Basara: war hero” (Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes) has a special linked elements, as does the content, as can be understood to be the official after the announcement.

Second, the new characters that appear:

Published in the official’s “Warring States Basara: Chronicle Hero”, “Warring States Basara: Chronicle Heroes” (Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes) aspects of the four generals, including Tokugawa Ieyasu, is characterized by the largest accumulation is usually able to use technology or is the inherent power of technology to enhance the moves with the performance. And even if the technology is usually the Combo batter can also be cast by each of the accumulation of fat to a greater harm to the enemy, as the inherent technical aspects, you can enhance the level of accumulation of each release to further strengthen the technology’s performance.

Sengoku Basara PSP DemosAs Dantiansancheng, it is inherent in technology through the release button when suppressed, can instantly move to kill the enemy with one breath closer to the moment of the distance between the mobile skills “moment.” Players can exploit the use of this attracted enemies closer with the distance between the opponents to the extent possible, continue to give the enemy hit Combo. And this mode of “moments” Even if the enemy is also effective in the air, players can be sold in the game look after practical experience in person.

In terms of Date Masamune, in particular reinforce the battle will be to attack the “six feet flow” frame as the main fighting mode. When the players adopt a “claw flow” of the frame, the will be able to significantly upgrade their offensive power, and all the natural skills to generate new changes. So long as there is gap time players can be taken at any time do not forget to “claw flow” of the frame to fight! Incidentally, the “claw flow” of the shelf can be launched even in the air yo! The final terms of Sanada Yukimura, his main fighting style is the use of two guns with long range to start a continuous attack. And in the making, after the end of all the technology of the time machine if the player can press the grab button is usually technology, then it can continue to display poetry sprint attacks as long as the smart players take advantage of this trick, you can let Yukimura continue in the battle launched continuous attacks on non-stop can be said to Yukimura’s largest weapons!

Sengoku Basara PSP Deals1. Sanada Yukimura:

Voice: the total Ichiro Hoshi;

Description: Wu Tianjun young general general, as Takeda Shingen Tokugawa Ieyasu in the battle with the sick before, so who is entrusted with a master king of Fiji’s future. Ranked as the loss of beloved teacher policy and I do not know where to go, do the next row, he also made several poor decisions wrong, which makes the house so Takeda plummeted. Guardian of the deeply felt, after the difficulties of the state and people, although people are still around to support himself, in his dreams now can feel the bitter taste of this unit.

2. Date Masamune:

Voice: Kazuya Nakai;

Introduction: the state of the young Austrian chief command, and subordinates Katakura small Juro together to the world as the goal. Heyday in the era of Toyotomi, Toyotomi who embrace the ideal beat to enter, but lost in the Battle of Odawara and returned to Oklahoma rallied Dantiansancheng. Every now and then troubled times, in order to get their long lost self-esteem, and re-enter the world as the goal to Shitiansancheng.

3. Southern Qing government:

Voice: Bao Ke Shou turtle;

Description: Guardian lords fear the mountain areas, will use the magical incantation chanted by the power industry from the night will call back to this life again the dead terrorist secret operation, and use a number of dead as a weapon to attack. In addition, there is a comparable high-speed ninja action, but also used knives to fight him, said to be very tough opponent.

Sengoku Basara PSP Portable4. Satake Yi Weight:

Voice: Masashi Kimura;

Introduction: Although slow but always a man of courage, the use of weapons for the gun. Since almost all of the military Satake from “real straight Satake Sook” tempered by the soldiers, so even if the slow accumulation of many brave and unyielding are still men. Because only go ahead, so when the attack will often like to use sudden quick attacks to combat Howard.

5. Utsunomiya broad outline:

Voice: Yoshida filial piety;

Introduction: living in a fog covered the Lord God of Rukawa, although always thinking about ways of winning without fighting, but sometimes also lead to their being forced into desperate military situation. When in combat, will be launched together with a white tiger attacked with portability, plus I also use ice properties to combat gun technology, so players can easily make them into a bitter struggle.

6. Miss Lai path Programme:

Voice: polar bear wide Si;

Description: live in the city with blue sky known as Cloud City, where the normalized lord, love the forest, and live by the forest guard and a stable life, he also has in the battle by the power of freedom to operate by a huge forest of trees as high as fast side. Although he used another knife as a weapon, but it has a wide range in the battle to combat use of the rich against the trunk movement.

Sengoku Basara PSP Video7. Nigeria CHING for a long time:

Voice: Kawamura central extension;

Profile: wind and sand of the country where Lord on Mount Tomita. Character aggressive, and as long as it will immediately fall into an unfavorable situation into seclusion to escape and wind and sand without a trace. Because local is always a huge wind blowing sand, so once they are away, then find out he can be said to be very difficult. Also in the battle, he will use or the use of Jianfeng tornado caused damage to the enemy defenses sand balance of the special knife skills, etc. to attack the players.

8. Naoe and continued:

Voice: Iraq Maruoka Benedict;

Description: Serve Uesugi Kenshin, Uesugi Army serving some teams, always claiming to be “invincible hero” of the heroic warrior, the battle will be in “love” in the name of the war, and the use of the hands of the “invincible sword” to the enemy to one by one down!

Sengoku Basara PSP LiteThird, the new combat system:

“Warring States Basara” series began in July 2005 from the PS2 console at launch for the series since the first, has been operating since the gorgeous performance of heroes and much loved players, players in this game to be transformed into a the world as the goal hero of the Warring States era, and thousands of enemies alone in the battle to start hot. After the launch, once the mainframe platform and cross-platform launch of PSP, and other versions, but had launched animation, can be a very welcome work. This time will be developed from the previous series of works produced outside of the development team continue to be responsible, so that players can experience this popular series once again pondering the latest charm for the game, new work will increase the number of new content and combos, is worth the wait:

1. Air combat:

New PSP for “Warring States Basara: Chronicle Hero” will be “air war” as the main body to reinforce its combat system, additional elements can make the generals more abundant in the air action. Not only on the ground for attack and defense, you can also expand the air to air, air-ground combat, and so utilize the site.

2. The air to contain technology:

Generals have been added for each attribute in the air flying props to contain technology, some of the generals before the battle of non-close ways not available to change the property to contain a different technology to create a favorable battle.

Sengoku Basara PSP 3000 Games3. Air defense:

Before the defense can not be in the air, the change in the air as defensible. Can not only live in the air defense attack, ground-attack can also be defensive. There is also a break of attacks against property there.

4. The air bounce:

Before opponent hits the wonderful opportunity to attack the defense, then you can bounce the enemy attacks. The rebound in the air as the system can bounce in the air, causing the opponent Danfei stiff.

5. Senki world unification:

Inherited the family tradition of military commanders as world unity of purpose to defeat the enemy forces, territorial expansion adjacent to dominate the world.

Fourth, Movie Content:

In addition to the new addition for the game, Capcom has announced scheduled for June 4, 2011 for the launch of the new Cartoon Movie “Warring States Basara: The Movie.” The official said that the Movie will be screened in July 2010 the TV cartoon “Warring States Basara: II” after the theme of the story, described in the letter long, Hideyoshi, the war the world has not disappeared, in the Austrian state of Iraq of Masamune before, there has been such as Shura general, in order to worship the Lord on his crusade against defeat Hideyoshi Yuandi Masamune, and once again set off a new war of the fierce king Dantiansancheng; addition to the Takeda and Uesugi’s long struggle to draw the rest, give up sword and changed to his fist as a weapon in the hope that the “yoke” the power of the achievements of the determination of Tokugawa Ieyasu unified the world. With the war the Battle of Sekigahara, two of this dynasty, and the dark will bring new chaotic situation of the war, and burdened with the different fate of their military commanders who have also rushed to the battlefield, Looking troubled times in this final battle the Warring States Period !

Sengoku Basara Free PSPFifth, the same bundle of Extra:

The launch of the “Warring States Basara: Chronicle Hero” First Special Code with the bundle, the official company with Sega arcade game “Warring States Wars: 1560 Zhang Fengyun child” to cooperate, the introduction of this arcade in the use of special PR Sanada Yukimura generals cards allow players to use players as long as the “Warring States war” in the use of this Sanada Yukimura generals card, you can use this game for the debut of Sanada Yukimura to war with the music. In addition, the official online shopping mall will be the official launch of e-Capcom Tian Qing times before the clothes on the “flow pattern” as the theme, with the home front Tian Wen “Mei bowl pattern” as the design theme of the special wind bag limit as a special Code of the mall; In terms of the theme song, according to official said that Japan will use this as a popular singer TMRevolution (Nishikawa you teach) the new song “Flags” as the theme song (Incidentally, this is the series of Movie “The Last Party” theme song), Interested players also can not miss. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 18)

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