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Tales_of_VS_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Battle Legends” (Japanese version) [754MB] [ULJS-00209 | 6A0BC8061680875E | 0001 | G] (THE JAPANESE EDITION) Tales of VS 00“Battle Legend” (Te イ ル ー ズ オ ブ バ サ ス) (TALES OF VS) (ULJS-00209 | 6A0BC8061680875E | 0001 | G)

Game Name: Battle Legends / Legends battle / confrontation Legends / Tales: Legend duel

Japanese Name: Te イ ル ズ オ ブ バ サ ス ー

English name: Tales of VS.

Production company: NAMCO TALES STUDIO LTD / Production IG


Game Type: ACT – Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

By date: August 6, 2009 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,200 yen

Official Website:

Tales of VS 01Game: Japan NBGI Company production, distribution, scheduled for summer 2009 on sale. Battle by the PSP handheld action game exclusively new work: “Battle Legends” (Tales of VS). The game’s official website has opened, and the release of the multi-stage promotional video and some information on the screen, showing a tremendous amount of games performance for the players you refer. Tales of VS 02First, the Series Synopsis: (include “” Legend “series” as many as 13 works, the role of the 35 popular Fuzion!)

Exclusively by the PSP handheld “Battle Legends” (Tales of VS) is the “” Legend “series”, the first action to battle the theme of the new ACT for the type. Collected from the “Tales of Phantasia” (Tales of Phantasia), “Fate Legend” (Tales of Destiny), “Sound of Legend” (Tales of Symphonia), “Legend of the abyss” (Tales of the Abyss), “Twilight Legend” ( Tales of Vesperia), “Tales of Hearts” (Tales of Hearts), etc., a total of 13 “” Legend “series” RPG masterpiece, about 35 were gathered in the role, displaying their good will kill moves and secret esoteric, Chrono Cross works and expand the Fuzion. Tales of VS 03First, the background story: (the “Dailandiya” the different world for the stage, to start fighting it!)

Fight for the world tree! There is a world game: Holy Kingdom “Hazel”, Knight Kingdom “Fries Virgin grid”, the emerging empire “Martinez Hogg” and free the United City “reached for” Four countries, composed of different world, “Dai Landi Ya “for the stage. In fact, for the LOGO in the four arms is a symbol of the 4 major countries. The statement by the four countries gather to compete for energy, the world tree, “the great fruit,” and choose to be known as the “hero” of the elite soldiers represent their country play. Belong to 4 players will play the role of the country’s debut, started to tour around the battle of the trip, and to participate in “World Tree battle” story contest the contest, the ultimate goal is to defeat their opponents to win the race. Tales of VS 04Second, the war has confirmed the role of: (including from the first generation of “fantasy legend” to the latest as “the soul legend,” the name of the role!)

Will be included in the game now known to include the “twilight legend” Yuri, “the soul legend,” Singh, “The Pit” The Legend of Luke and the “Sound of legend” in Richter and other recent series debut for the role and supports up to four players online game. More than the current war has confirmed the role include:

1. 辛格梅提奥 Wright: debut work, “Tales of Hearts”, seiyuu: Persimmon original Tetsuya;

2. Julius Lowe: debut work, “Twilight Legend”, seiyuu: Fu Hao sea birds;

3. Leahy Thea Bent: debut work “The Sound of Legend” (拉塔特斯克 Knight), seiyuu: Hamada Kenji;

4. Luke von going to stand up: debut work, “Legend of the abyss”, seiyuu: Suzuki Chihiro;

5. 阿尼斯塔多琳: debut work, “Legend of the abyss”, seiyuu: Momoi Haruko;

6. 克拉托斯奥 Leone: debut work “The Sound of Legend”, seiyuu: standing Fumihiko;

7. 麦迪肯格曼: debut work “destiny legend”, seiyuu: Xuan Tian Zhe Zhang;

8. 斯坦艾尔隆: debut work “destiny legend”, seiyuu: Kwan Chi one. Tales of VS 05Tales of VS 06Third, the new combat system: (choose your favorite role, experience has never been “direct confrontation” Shuangkuaigan!)

In the PSP version of “Battle Legends”, the combat system will be inherited 2D specifications of the “linear motion battle system” (LMBS). By a simple operation to display their colorful moves and magic, and import the original concept of the wall and the height difference, and by the rebound to display the “bounce combos” and other new elements. Provide “state of the custom” feature, players can even take victory in the battle to obtain the “score points” to strengthen the role of the ability parameters. Tales of VS 07While the Battle mode for the core, operating four roles in a vast battle scene is the blood for the biggest bright spot. This for a collection of works from the series Part 1, “Fantasy Legend” to the latest as “the soul legend,” a total of 13 works, war figure of 35 is reached much can be said is this for real “version of Star Smash Bros. Legend “any” legend FANS “can be found in this favorite duel roles. In addition, players can also “Story Mode” to view the role of war in the name “Dailandiya” the differences start in the world adventure, rich in events and hidden props will make you completely addicted to “legend” world. One of these full debut in the role of the state of 35 illustrations and pictures are all new battle draws close, the new lines is also included in the voice, will be the main part of the dialogue the whole speech presented the portrait. Tales of VS 08Fourth, the fighting CHECK: (will have a simple straightforward operation and a variety of dazzling nirvana!)

“” Legend “series” has many skilled players are familiar, then the PSP version of “Battle legend” is how the production team on stage so that each character has the difference? Congress Hall produced Takashi said in an interview a number of tone in this as in even the same moves, every role in the rate of use of the moves, the power, as well as whether the string in the batter will have the effect of blow fly different. Original character roles will be manifested in their moves. Tales of VS 09In addition, the PSP version of “Battle Legend”, there are still training in the role of the RPG elements. And different checkpoints in the props and other organs and also have great differences, even with Jiben capacity as each other’s roles, can use their wisdom to obtain victory in battle. In battle, if the player in the game started chanting magic if a volume can not move, so good at the role of magic in the battle with rivals to keep the distance, standing far away with the other players on the fight in the release of Magic is a wise move. “Tales of Hearts,” the hero Chi will be in the game, the role of head of the “NP” shows the greatest support for 4-line gaming, the role of the state value of each war will be displayed in the bottom of the screen. Tales of VS 10Fifth, the theme song from the Girl Next Door portrait of interpretation: (in Avex’s popular music game to add color combination!)

PSP version of “Battle Legend” theme song has been confirmed by the big break in 2008 in Japan, popular combination of Girl Next Door (Girls Next Generation) portrait of interpretation. “” Legend “series” of the opening animation and theme song has always been the talk of the players, the players will certainly not be disappointed, because the titles from the same animation company Production IG production. Theme song from Avex Trax (Avex Music) Girl Next Door’s lead singer of the groups for thousands of games in particular yarn and write. This theme song would be perfect with the game’s opening movie together. I believe the addition of Girl Next Door, will be able to attract more fans joined the world as a dream. Tales of VS 11New for the PSP handheld exclusive: “Battle Legend” is currently scheduled for August 6, 2009 sale, the game is priced at 5,200 yen (tax included). In order to meet the “Battle legend” in the recent sale, NBGI also will launch a “SPECIAL DVD” (tentative name) in the name of a music soundtrack CD, the soundtrack will be the history of the “” Legend “series” works of composer Home Sakuraba system, Yoko Kanno, in the village and macro, Shiina Hao and other creative new track First Press Limited Edition packaging cover will be, “” Legend “series” of the Queen who set illustrator Master Fujishima Kosuke design of the latest original painting art, is definitely “Legend” fans favorite good choice. The soundtrack CD and the game will be released. For like the “Legend” series of games new and old players must not miss this masterpiece. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 28)

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