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Note: If you previously used the “Tekken 6″ will be repaired and modified version of the model among the “Plain modules in UMD / ISO” option changed to “Enabled”, then run the version of the perfect break, when you need to re-set to ” Disabled “, that is reset to the default settings state.

Game Name: Tekken 6

English name: Tekken 6 (Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion)

Production companies: NBGI / NAMCO


Genre: FTG – Fighting Game (3D fighting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable / Play Station 3 / XBOX 360

Languages: English (U.S. edition)

Release Date: November 24, 2009 (PSP U.S. version)

Price: $: $ 39.99

Official Website:

First, the next generation of “iron fist power” shock release!

Familiar with, “” Iron Fist “series” of the players should know that the so-called “iron fist power” (Tekken Force) is the “Tekken 6″ (Tekken 6) in the original console version of the mini-game, first appeared in the PS version of “Tekken 3″. Control characters in the game and clear version of the clearance of the play is very interesting, so critically acclaimed, four-and five generations in a logical step to join the pattern, and each as the “iron fist power” in style has a relatively large difference. 2009 E3 show in Los Angeles during the “Iron Fist 6″ (Tekken 6) The biggest surprise to the players than the “iron fist power” model of open, and the next generation of “iron fist power” will evolve to what extent? Then preview it on please!

Second, an additional special clothing:

In the “iron fist” world, Mishima home is a resounding force, their debut more than ten years, held every two to three years, “King of Iron Fist fighting contest” will always attract a million viewers, the light on a number of tickets of money to be soft. So once again the strength of the iron fist of the release in the autumn season! The artist will be invited to the famous set of special clothing for the role has gradually become console and handheld version of “Cinderella,” an important element of the original. “Tekken 6″ will certainly not give up this fine tradition. CLAMP between the kernel design for wind loading of your son, the pig is indeed shares new role Zhafei Na Mu designed butterfly, Masashi Kishimoto Las design for the new role of the Warring States Period loaded before have been reported. Special clothing of course more than three pieces, to create a very large view of the world’s “Five Star Stories” and the famous Mr. Nagano care once again invited to design special clothes, put on the master design of the honor of the birds flying in the wind. This color bright yellow sweater single product, very consistent with the style of bright birds, as another is not a new design, but then “Tekken 3″ in Nagano for his master very much like the role of Anna set the fur installed in “Tekken 6″ in the resurrection of the old players will surely be moved.

Third, Anna Williams:

As for Anna Williams, she is wearing a new fur clothing very classic debut. Anna has even the shape of “The Five Star Stories” in guest appearances. A careful player, or the “iron fist” very love of the players should be able to find this for Anna’s special clothing and “Tekken 3″ there are some differences, the different shape of the hat first, followed by the making of Anna add a string of dazzling neck necklace, black high heels from shoes into a more exaggerated, more texture to 10 cm platform shoes. Clothes and before and after the split ends are very low, filling Anna hot body and assertive personality. Of course, from 3 to 6 generations on behalf of time across two centuries, in the new version of the interpretation, the special clothing can be described as fiber cents, its high degree of reduction is absolutely satisfactory.

Fourth, the birds flying in the wind:

“Tekken 6″ is selected on sale in autumn 2009, and the birds flying in the wind gives new clothing to thick warmth. Although relatively simple design, but not simple, black boots coupled with the warm yellow stockings, revealing only the red and black plaid skirt edge, and with a wool scarf with a long ball up and feel more playful. Set the bottom right corner from us a pleasant surprise, a long scarf had just decorated so simple, if the costume design for a special set of props and technology strangulation, or victory in the action, it would be too praised! Birds, after all, not to go the emotional route, some low-cut sweaters, inside had to take pieces of pink lace underwear to make a bottom, want to get more thoughtful. As the garment is not complicated, so in 3D technology, the reduction degree is very high, if you want to COSPLAY, it should also be easy to achieve it.

Fifth, console and handheld modes:

1 Introduction:

“Tekken 6″ console and handheld versions in addition to the traditional “arcade mode”, there will be some additional original model in the previous article you have been introduced specifically for the new “iron fist power” mode, pass through the cooperation so that the “iron fist” sign of household machines model has been radiating a new life. This time, they can identify the “Battle Mode”, “survival mode” and “practice mode” in the console version of “Tekken” fighting game as well as all the new models are a lot of money, but the details are fresh worth the wait.

2 Battle Mode:

One of the basic game mode for close friends often learn from the players, this may be the most frequent mode of play. “Tekken 6″ Battle Mode can still set the value of physical strength, and site selection screen and choose a more simple and clear. More importantly, the “Tekken 6″ will return to game record of four generations of the replay function, after all, fighting games are now mainstream playback (REPLAY) design, such as “Tekken 5″ game players as limit the rapid development of communication practices in front of home video equipment ineffective, unpopular, so playback can be described as the return of the general trend.

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3. Practice Mode:

“Iron Fist” practice mode is unique in the details of setting, “Tekken 6″ will continue to enrich the practice mode settings screen to feature the convenience of both the iron fist of the public, from the system started to practice combos and then to determine the number of frames testing, various needs can be achieved. The practice mode for at least three sub-modes:

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① “FREESTYLE” (free pattern): is a basic practice mode, and opponents of our state can be set free;

② “VS CPU TRAINING” (play against the computer practice mode): no physical restrictions in the case of continuous play against computer opponents, the computer’s strength can be changed immediately;

③ “DEFFENSIVE TRAINING” (defense training): You can set the opponent’s moves, the defense practice, determine the attack on the middle and lower segments will be highly visible mark that is very intuitive.

4. Survival mode:

“Iron Fist” survival mode, the same rules of years, and the board will be the outcome of the computer opponent, after each round can be certain physical response to adhere to the Bureau of number theory results, players lose a game is over. In fact, more like a clean version of pass survival mode action game, do not necessarily need excellent battle skills. Find the computer opponent’s weaknesses, but also with simple and safe way to break one after another. However, since the “Tekken 5″, the console version of the design of the computer AI is quite good, and can often secure in the power of using large combos, there are some reasonable tactics, playing on the computer to find the specific skills may not be easy. Fortunately, this mode of existence results support network rankings, from highest-ranked players start using the popular character, should be a place in the rankings.

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Six ancient story Review:

To allow new players to quickly understand, “” Iron Fist “series” ins and outs of the story, “Tekken 6″ is also the addition of thoughtful review of the plot, but rather special forms of expression, with a black and white sketch of the way, the simplicity and power Although black and white drawings do not look fine, but the rough tones and composition and the “iron fist” relatively gloomy outlook is very fit. For older players, the scenes of the classic scenes in this way performance is quite new, can resonate with people. Finally, the story playback, we can understand that two generations Mishima Bacheng to the consortium leader, and four generations of eighteen and Jen finally father and son have to duel to the story of six generations, the development led to the benevolence “Iron Fist public” declaration of war to the world … …

Seven iron fist force new elements:

1. “Iron fist power”:

Introduced before the clear version of pass mode “Iron Fist power,” another new intelligence publicly. First of all, the game can be used in addition to Gatling guns, flamethrowers and other firearms, the club will be added to the cold steel and the like, as “iron fist power” role can use the wealth of moves, so the effect of cold steel more tend to increase the formulas to determine distance and power, may not have specific moves there. In addition, the model is not one up on the opening play, and there will be relevant to explain the story, and it is not simply black and white text presentation, there will be and dialogue, some of the cutscenes in particular there will be intense action movie I believe that goes far beyond the wonderful past.

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2 Introduction:

Either field or home arcade machine market, has 15-year-old “” Iron Fist “series” are currently the most popular, highest-selling 3D fighting game, fighting game players in the eyes of the world have high status. Next generation console PS3, XBOX360 and PSP handheld version of “Tekken 6″ (Tekken 6) to strengthen based on the latest arcade version of “Tekken 6: blood rebellion” (Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion) development, regardless of picture quality, the role of the scale, moves determine, through the installation number of props, etc., have carried out 100% of the transplant. As a sequel to the first formal cross-platform production but also to “Tekken 6″ becomes a topic.

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3 co-function carrying:

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