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Valhalla_Knights_2_EUR_PSP-BAHAMUT [PSPUMD] “Valhalla Knights 2″ (European version) [449MB] [ULES-01265 | B2608B0541D1041A | 0001 | G] (THE EUROPE EDITION) Valhalla Knights 00“Valhalla Knights 2″ (VALHALLA KNIGHTS 2) (ULES-01265 | B2608B0541D1041A | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: Valhalla Knights 2 / Valhalla Knights 2 / Valhalla Knights 2

English name: Valhalla Knights 2


Agent Release: Rising Star Games

Game Type: A · RPG – Action + Role Playing Game (action + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (European version)

Release Date: June 26, 2009

Official Website:

Valhalla Knights 01


UK game publisher Rising Star company agent issue, MARVELOUS Company (MMV) as a game production and development, scheduled for summer 2009 in the UK in the launch of the original PSP PSP-exclusive action role-playing game new work: “Valhalla Knights 2″ (Valhalla Knights 2), the current official website has opened, and the latest images released of the game for players to reference. PSP version of “Valhalla Knights 2,” the story of the day of the sanctions described in a class all discarded by the gods. Earth goddess from heaven torn sanctions will make the sea dry. However, it has not given up hope. As an active witch makes goddess injured. However, this does not completely to the Down goddess, and in order to heal, the goddess is also lurking in a corner of the world. After that, over a thousand years, the Kingdom is looking for adventurers. Needless to say its purpose, of course, to defeat the goddess hidden somewhere in the world, and the return of peace in the world. In such times, players want to play a protagonist who grew up in an orphanage, in order to become recognized as risk-takers and the Kingdom of the journey started. In addition to aspects of character creation before the race, there are new race debut. Also add other career options. As for the emphasis on the characteristics of the various roles, so the degree of freedom in the creation of roles will greatly improve, players can fully enjoy the fun of creating their own exclusive character. Valhalla Knights 02PSP version of “Valhalla Knights 2″ retained in the battle area before the critically acclaimed six-the six of the “Grand Logic Battle” system, and do not need to read into the battle, allowing the player to play is very smooth and natural. Level-up in the fighting after the end of BP can also get points, you can use these points to develop ideal role. Mandate is to increase to more than about 80, can earn the money before the reaching task, but only in the second generation is not only to make money, some tasks associated with the story. Valhalla Knights 03Accepted in before the mission, the task is completed before other tasks can not be accepted. However, in the second generation has the task to pick up free to interrupt other tasks. PSP as a platform for original action role-playing game sequel, game players should look forward to this as currently scheduled by the end of June 2009 the United Kingdom for sale, like the series, players can not miss the game. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 19)

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Free Downloads PSP Games - Valhalla Knights 2 in 2009