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11 Eyes  

Game Name: 11 Eyes: Cross-Cross / 11 Eyes: Cross-Cross / 11 Eyes: cross the line of sight

Japanese Name: イ レ ブ ン AI ズ ku ro su オ “ Information found

English name: 11 Eyes: Crossover (Limited Edition)

Production companies: Lass / 5pb Inc / Genterprise

Agent release: 5pb Inc.

Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ シ ョ ン ス ポ `Te` Tatari ブ Hikaru)

Language: Chinese (Yeyue の God Speaking)

Price: 5,040 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 7,140 yen

Official Website:


Japan 5pb production and distribution company, the original release by the Lass on the PC platform. This will be for the PSP handheld AVG text adventure: “11 Eyes: Cross-Cross” (11 Eyes: Crossover) games are scheduled for end of January 2010 sale. The same time this is 5pb in April 2009 launch of the same name in the XBOX360 platform version of the game based on the launch of the handheld portable version. Present for the official website for the official opening, and put the game more than the latest picture for you player information.

First, the game summary:

“11 Eyes: Cross-Cross” (11 Eyes: Crossover) was originally a Japanese game makers Lass in April 25, 2008 on sale at the launch of a PC platform for over 18 years old players love adventure games. Original name of the game for the PC, “11 Eyes: crime and punishment and redemption girl chapter” (11 Eyes: Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo). Since April 2, 2009 by the 5pb launch XBOX360 version, specifically for the platform to adjust some elements, such as removing the inappropriate parts replaced before the other players over the age of 15. The migration to the PSP handheld, the PSP handheld hardware features will be based on appropriate optimization and improvement. The PSP version will retain the best features of this series, is to have a large number of ultra-fine setting of the game map, like the United States and LORI girl friends, but players can not miss these beauties oh!

“11eyes” means that all through the game after CrossVision in 11 different perspectives. Some people say that 11 eyes (because the other five men are one-eyed man with a total of 11 eyes) this is not quite correct. The Lass of Japan Society for the 2008 issue of the GAL game works, music by the Chi warehouse featuring Chiyoda pill. April 2, 2009 Xbox 360 platform is offering 11eyes CrossOver version of all ages. In April this year launched the Xbox360 platform, the erosion of the world on the academy pass chi AVG “11eyes CrossOver” will be ported to the PSP platform is scheduled for December 24 sale. “11eyes” is about the hero’s life was quiet, “Red Night” erosion of the world, in order to survive and his companions alongside. Works in order to steady the story structure and attractive appearance and character of praise by many players, the game at the same time in different roles to describe the story (multiple angle mode cross vision)), so players on a deeper understanding of the story. Version of the high popularity through the game, comics and anime are started, so that more fans, the game does not come into contact with through other channels about this work. “11eyes CrossOver”, was launched in April 2008, the PC version of “11eyes – crime and punishment and redemption of the girls -” the script based on the re-form version, and included a new protagonist day see new work, repair of complete story, “Void realm. ” This will “11eyes CrossOver” transplanted to the PSP, so that many believe will not have the chance to play the Xbox360 version of the player a pleasure it!

Second, the background story:

In the red night enveloped the difference in the world, the unknown enemy (shaped) harassment from 6 people to start a decisive battle with the terrorist enemy. Gakuen different world, the legendary adventures begin.

5 years ago my sister committed suicide, one-eyed boy Gao drive only lost loved ones because of childhood from the added water Seto Chennai (ゆ か) brave for help, drive to continue to live a quiet life, however, the inner drive is still full of emptiness , does not hold any hope for the future to spend lazy days.

After a long time, they went to the new city academy schools, which the fate of a dramatic change in the absence of notice under two different into the eerie world. The street is not a figure, is around silence of the ruins. crimson sky, only a dark moon in this desolate red night world, instead of human existence is the creepy alien enemies.

Driven by the increase found with the other person into the world of red night, yin and yang of patients will beat back the enemy to manipulate people. Red Night world encounter partners are driven by the increase with super powers who can not imagine later found some time in the past from the Red Night back to the real world, the world. into the red night time is always very sudden, two people are always exposed to danger … people can include out of Red Night were six people drive, because the same fate , so they will work together to solve the crisis.

This is a place in the world of red the night, fighting the cruel story of youth in the Red Night world, gathered like souls of dark elves, but the real threat to drive them is known as the Black Knights of the six profiled. Black Knight to kill drive and other human purposes, in the crimson of the world to attack them.

But the Black Knight can understand people’s words, calling them “fragments”, each with a unique style and attack. Just do not know the real purpose of the black knight.

Third, the role description:


Height: 178cm

Weight: 62kg

Birthday: July 18

Constellation: Cancer

CV: Daisuke Ono

Charges: lazy

Capacity: Eye of robbery, Gao drive in the right eye with a host of magic. Can see the future as the opponents next action, you can rob the soul of the eye leads to many powerful skills. But have to pay to use it, “sucked the soul robbed of the eye” of the cost of

Making of the hero, as with iris heterochromia, born when the right eye can not see anything. So for the right purpose is to bring a yellow eye. Gao Ju Li and sister together in an orphanage. Chennai Seto water from the orphanage by the good times since accompany him. A few years ago, my sister Ju Li suddenly committed suicide, driven from great changes of character are uninterested in anything. Has been around since the good support to take care of him, and now has returned to normal life, but still no hope for the future unexamined live every day. Afraid to have contact with people, so much indifference, as it so afraid of being hurt. In “Red Night” to see girls fighting figure, we began the germination of the idea to protect the good. III drink the blood of the grass wall, fencing can also be used.

Chennai Seto water from the good (knot flower) (MINASE YUKA)

Height: 154cm

Weight: 44kg

Measurements: B88/W59/H89

Birthday: June 21

Constellation: Gemini

CV: Mai Goto

Charges: jealousy

Capacity: slide enchantment, so that two sides of a void of power, with the manufacture of red the night with a force of enchantment

Flooding childhood. Was sent to an orphanage after the death of parents, followed by water Chennai Seto home adoption. Drive will be happy to stay around, willing to drive to do anything but drive does not seem to accept her good intentions, but she is still single-minded drive for the sake of. Cute good personality and looks older than it actually is smaller. Goal is to become a useful strong woman. However, it seems that only grew with age, chest and buttocks, the appearance is still one faces of the children, height has not changed. Get rid of the problems have been because a big tongue, often make fun of people around. After witnessing a drive by Kusakabe Mei-ling, treatment of the scene and Kusakabe Mei-ling, to drive Kusakabe family power resulting from a misunderstanding leading to personal black-oriented, possess and Kiki Li is Roddy the same desire, that is, only with their favorite people enough. Stone fragments of [nothing]

Kusakabe Mei Ling (KUSAKABE MiSUZU)

Height: 168cm

Weight: 47kg

Measurements: B82/W56/H80

Birthday: September 23

Constellation: Virgo

CV: You Asakawa

Charges: Pride

Capacity: yin and yang surgery, fencing

We inherit the yin and yang Road “grass wall flow” blood Onmyouji. With the drive and the good from the same academy, than they are freshmen. Young age to accept the brutal training, acquisition of magic and has been called the “grass wall five treasures” of the grass family from generation to generation of the back wall magic Yao Dao, five fingers of the seal with a sword, namely: small Karasuma Heaven , wide light rail cut, sliced ​​long light up flower arranging snow Rachel, the boys Cean Gang. Their own strength to win this five sword, but in the final game of killing his father. Because the grass wall at home is the door, only to face the door, was a woman took all the sword, they were hunted down in this department who left the village. Be involved in alien-infested “Red Night”, in the companion play a leading role, often at the forefront of battle. This is all because of her as a Wizard, Swordsman boast owned by the survival of faith Suozhi. But she’s such beliefs sometimes caused her rigid, but not the alternative character. Look forward to being the strongest female Onmyouji pass the “grass wall operation.” (XI, then in combination with the drive, just drive to see the future) [Stone fragments of nothingness]


Height: 159cm

Weight: 49kg

Measurements: B90/W57/H88

Birthday: September 8

Constellation: Virgo

CV: Rikimaru is ri ko

Charges: lust

Capacity: Abraxas (chain form and angel form), free to use chains to fight the release of the wrist

Freshman learning community than drive sister. Aya woman living in the Hill City, novelist, orange Daisuke’s daughter. Can not speak, through portable notebook to communicate with people. Can not speak of reason is not clear. Although burdened with a cruel fate, the character is still good natured. Because there are tolerant and well-behaved, worked together with partners in the play the role of her sister. Able to manipulate their own soul has a guardian angel now that after the “Abraxas” capability. Free use of the wrist and can release the chains to fight. In addition, Abraxas has a powerful healing because of the ability, as a partner in the fight were injured in the treatment of the post. As students we have been protected, but in fact is the junction for the drive to create flower illusion. In the 10th set witch awakening due to end that drive as long as she spent enough disappear. In the first 12 words in the witch was killed. (Due to suicide a few years ago when the seal strength in angels, the power can only really started once in the eleventh case to be the last battle, but because the dead body so the soul does not exist, just drive to see the future) [ Stone fragments of nothingness]

Guangyuan Yukiko (HIROHARA YUKIKO)

Height: 153cm

Weight: 40kg

Measurements: B73/W52/H75

Birthday: March 21

Constellation: Taurus

CV: One small village of true wisdom

Charges: angry

Capacity: immortality, there is rapid recovery

I drive to work between the new entrants into the working girl cafe. Together with the drive and the best school in Hong Ling Hall Academy, their younger school girl. Cheerful and lively, in the “Faculty of test is” a minister post. It can be seen from the last name on it is wide of the original clan. Because the original set of broad admiration for someone, he was the target efforts. Yukiko looked cheerful, but was born in Virginia Commonwealth disputes de Bay area, and burdened with the cruel past, the young parents were brutally murdered, in order to survive, Yukiko only in a time of battle continue to hone killing skills. This result makes the snow child hidden inside a machine can be as cruel as obliterate each other’s character and has superhuman fighting ability and strong murderous. Yukiko son was killed because of color killed by the black knight out of control Tajima Yin long after, found himself like Yin long. X if nothing was out of debris and the Black Knight was killed, at the end of the last words appear in another world, because it is another world, so do not know the drive and others. Stone fragments of [nothing]

One hundred field (MOMONO SHIORI)

Height: 143cm

Weight: 35kg

Measurements: B67/W50/H70

Birthday: October 21

Constellation: Libra

CV: c original え み こ

Charges: greed

Capacity: Western Magic

Titled shelves Ur Sola, sent by the banned books catalog at the monitor with “fragments” of those who came. Returned from Italy to the children, changing schools to drive and the good of the class, has a smaller body, like a lovely doll face. Good at expressing their feelings, not always an expression looks like. Extremely annoying with people. And she said to the friendship of a classmate, always at arm’s length. But do not know why the hard drive showed the sense of intimacy with the drive will take the initiative to say hello. Speak briefly, do not want to say a word. This sharp sense of often hurt others. Like to read, change schools after the books do members of their own application. Often bound with a black cover of the book, in addition to the library to borrow a lot from books. Body seal the 5000 magic guide book, good Western magic. And the black knight at the same directory as the banned books, XI, then a break for self-defeat (see the next drive), then died in the twelfth into dolls, in addition to the heart than are artificial. Have a strong insight. Stone fragments of [nothing]

Yin long Tajima (TAJIMA TAKAHISA)

Height: 185cm

Weight: 71kg

Birthday: February 15

Constellation: Aquarius

CV: Taro Morikubo

Charges: gluttony

Ability: those who can read the force ignition “operation flame who (Pyrokineticist)”, can be instantaneous long-distance attacks, when the fireball hit, the explosion occurred.

Hill Street Aya female juvenile delinquents. Not with other people on the street to form gangs, in an isolated situation, and in a state of hostility and poor organization. Chuxian Shi gives the impression of light crude, will find his contact with funny side. Like pumping “peace” brand of cigarettes. And like the same brand of health practitioners Ayako Akamine relationship greatly. Do not smoke when the panic mouth busy, always something to eat Caigan Xin, Hill City, is the leading female Aya big eaters. Yin long forthright character has a dark natural side. Ayako for Chiling killed by the Black Knight, the loss of self-control, Di Jiuji widely former Yukiko killed at the end of the last words appear in another world, because it is another world, so do not know driving, etc. people. Stone fragments of [nothing]

Chiling Ayako (AKAMINE SAIKO)

Height: 165cm

Weight: 54kg

Birthday: April 25

Constellation: Taurus

CV: Takahashi Zhi Qiu

Hong Ling Hall Academy of the health care practitioner. Epicurean. Despite health doctor, but smoking is very large, there is no sense of responsibility, but rather a human face. Often and like the same brand of cigarettes Yin pumping with a long lazy. Campus rumors she is virgin hunter, and several people have been their murderous scheme. Others can tell whether there is a virgin or maiden special abilities, the most horrible sexual addiction is even others can know. Aya was the bosozoku female mound scary Big Sister, there are still a lot of people fear him, extending its influence from small fry to Hong Ling Hall Academy principal. After the ninth, then was killed by the black knight at the end of the last words appear in another world, because it is another world, so do not know the drive and others. [Ordinary] human

Chennai Central on Hong in (NATSUKI KAORI)

Height: 157cm

Weight: 45kg

Measurements: B82/W60/H85

Birthday: January 11

Constellation: Capricorn

CV: Water Bridge Kaoru

Gao drive classmate, classroom, lively person. According to Marina’s childhood house, Marina about her “not to see where the stupid”, almost all of the stage, where both the central and Hong Kuang act together. Character innocent, straightforward, does not hide his personality, often think of what to do immediately, nosy. Marina can not ignore a runaway, she is also a manifestation of it nosy. Marina can be easily subdued, but I have strange power of his consciousness completely. Hong central in the Yuka as her best friend, but always driven by the best in a sticky, very few opportunities to play with. Usually always very concerned about the good, and by the jealousy drives good relationship. This is not so much a big family and friends to eat vinegar, as it is the character of her nosy not been fully exploited and depressed it. [Ordinary] human


Black Knight (6): Red Night appear powerful enemies.

1, Avarice [greed] the name of the holder, Black Knight leader.

2, Ira [angry] in the name of the holder. Good at fighting.

3, jealousy Invidia] [name of the holder. Female black knight. Use the same connection as the bones of the sword, good middle-distance battle.

4, [lazy Acedia] the name of the holder, good Western magic.

5] Gula [gluttony in the name of the holder, with a huge war hammer with strange power.

6, arrogant Superbia] [name of the holder, proficient in the yin and yang technique. (She is Kusakabe Mei Ling was envisioned by the strongest female Onmyouji pass the "grass wall operation")

After awakening the witch Lize Luo Intuit


[] The name of lust Lieselotte holder, witch Lize Luo Intuit. Angelic face, a devil’s smile, Lolita-like figure, viper-like heart. There Babylon witch, witch lust, inflammation of the witch and so on. Worked with during his lifetime ヴ ェ Getting `ド (Willard) made the destruction of human conventions. With slides and other powerful enchantment spell, was the black knight in the red seal into the night.

Dark Wizard: In the absence of biological red night wandering, different forms. They emitted a strange sound that drives attacks. As opposed to the light elves.

4, port elements:

PSP version of “11 Eyes: Cross-Cross” will retain the original XBOX360 in its entirety. The latest game will be an additional role play “virtual mirror of the chapter,” the latest play will describe another hero “days see repair” of the story, while the play additional roles in a number of different characters and the latest addition to the role of outside PC version of the original part of the story in this role will play in the debut. While maintaining the original PC version of the game in the “crime and punishment and redemption girl chapter” story.

5, luxury production line:

New for “11 Eyes: Cross-Cross,” the main original painting by the spring to play acoustic c; and Bell will play wide level for the guest who set this design appear in the game cafe clothes; and to make console games well-known music producer fine Mr. Jiang Shenzhi led by the music team but will also be creating the background music (BGM); also because of “Memories” series and the majority of players are familiar with the original KID producer Chi positions Chiyoda pill led by of 5pb team, was the theme song for the game’s production and so on.

New for the PSP portable “11 Eyes: Cross-Cross” is currently scheduled for January 28, 2010 sale, the game is expected to introduce regular edition and limited edition. One regular version sells for 5,040 yen (tax included), Limited Edition price is 7,140 yen (tax included); Limited Edition includes exclusive impression of the game a major role in the full version of the song and the role of music CD collection and so on. Another PSP exclusive version of the theme song has also been identified by the famous Japanese female singer sang the theme song tone color ─ ─ ─ “leading to the real Requiem”, the melody is very beautiful and moving, it can be said is exclusively FANS who made special preparations. Like friends who love adventure gamers should not miss this.

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