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“Headless Knight recorded different smell” (video game Getting Getting Getting!! 3-WAY STANDOFF) (DURARARA 3-WAY STANDOFF) (ULJS-00318 | F3E631E5AF5C36EF | 0001 | G) (ULJS-00317)

Game Title: Headless Knight News differences recorded / not recorded in the first Knight News differences: 3way standoff

Japanese Name: video game, Getting Getting Getting!! 3way stand off

English name: Durarara!! 3-way Standoff (Limited Edition)

Production company: ASCII Media Works / KADOKAWA GAMES

Agent release: ASCII Media Works

Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (word puzzle adventure game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Durarara!! 3-way Standoff

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Fat Sell date: September 22, 2010 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 6,090 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 8,190 yen buy Durarara!! 3-way Standoff

Official Website of Durarara!! 3-way Standoff:

3 way Standoff 03

About the game: From Japan ASCII Media Works Company is scheduled on Sept. 22, 2010 on sale at the launch of PSP handheld game regular version sells for 6,090 days yuan (tax included), Limited Edition 8,190 yen (tax included), download 5,040 yen This Ikebukuro galloped new text adventure AVG as “headless knight different smell recorded” (Durarara!! 3-way Standoff), announced today is particularly special Limited Edition of the Code to make an appointment special code with the latest information, while also introducing the game of other people to give you a player appearance. First, the game summary:

This as a shock to ASCII Media Works’s library in April 2004 a popular light novels began to study the published “headless knight different Wen Lu” as the theme of adaptation game works, and the game version has also invited the original writers Narita good Gordon is responsible for monitoring plot by well-known animation company Brain’s Base is responsible for animation production; in the game, players will transform himself into a game version of original protagonist ─ ─ ─ Miyoshi Kyrgyzstan cases, and in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan, as the stage, describing the various urban legends existence of various “independent color help” Color Gang) and so the resistance between the various and everyday adjacent “non-routine” story plot.

Second, the original description:

Light Novel “headless knight different Wen Lu” in the story plot, the description of the city non-day legend of the dragon is looking forward to the peak of Tai Ji Tian Zhengchen because of childhood friends an invitation to leave the home to Ikebukuro in Tokyo good academy schools, and with most men, including Ikebukuro Shizuo peaceful island, off the original Pro tipsters have such a wide range of people encounter the same time to the first day in the early evening to Ikebukuro personally witnessed the most famous urban legend, that old of a black motorcycle with a “headless knight” … …

Third, the background story:

PSP version of “headless knight different smell recorded” (Durarara!! 3-way Standoff) described in the story, the description relating to his work because his father to transfer to Ikebukuro to good Gakuen protagonist Kyrgyzstan cases, to follow its emperor who was minister, and Xing Li, who became good friends. The Kyrgyz were in effect because of strong curiosity to explore the process of Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro has to know the existence of several different forces.

As well as wonderful organizational system, such as the unknown details of Dollars, and has a different color symbol of “independence color help” (Color Gang) and “Huang Jinzei” and so recently as brutal “crack magic cut” appearance, making access then appeared on the second consecutive victim … …. One day, Ji accident heard rumored is a member of the Dollars, “Knight without a head,” attack “Huang Jinzei” stories, which in the end is how it all about?

3 way Standoff 04

Fourth, the role of appearance:

In the game version of “Knight without a head record different smell”, the players will transform himself into a game version of original characters ─ ─ ─ Miyoshi Guizon and Ikebukuro stage debut with the original characters who all talk and make all kinds of events, while the game will also be used in the animated television version with the original voice cast to perform the same, inserted through the various events within the game screen performance with the voice and lead the players together into the “Knight without a head record different smell” quite different from the original, another original story !

One. Miyoshi Guizon:

Description: This a prime, to a good academy students, as parents switch to transfer the work to God as well as her unique class. Because the relationship between regular transfer, so it is good to enter the surrounding environment were. Although the man of few words, but very good at listening to others, but also in character and very cheerful; In addition, he also has gadgets like the other side.

3 way Standoff 05

2. Igarashi 1000 Crystal:

Voice: Ito ka na Hui;

Description: The game version of original female lead, the private women’s colleges Queen Elizabeth College first-year student in Ikebukuro streets to work with his father to transfer to Ikebukuro, the protagonist of Kyrgyzstan were good understanding Gakuen is a cheerful and lively girl.

3. Dragon Peak Teijin:

Voice: Feng Wynn line;

Description: character seriously made, to a good academy students. Is looking forward to the metropolitan area as “non-routine” and through high school the opportunity to Tokyo.

4. Ji Tian Zhengchen:

Voice: Miyano Mamori;

Description: character frivolous, Teijin’s childhood friends, but also to a good academy students. Although the results of the overall good, but very good at languages and English.

3 way Standoff 06

5. Park, the original, she has:

Voice: Hanazawa coriander;

Description: Teijin classmate, Chen is also very close with the girls. Character is not the idea will stick to their claims, together with the emperor as the class members and cadres.

6. Sale dike 史特路尔森:

Voice: Bright City み ゆ ki;

Description: Ikebukuro often haunt, the legendary “headless knight,” a very normal character, it will take care of people.

7. Kishitani Silla:

Narrator: Jun Fukuyama;

In the past with the Pro is also now Shizuo young students, doctors in Ikebukuro in underground work, claiming all of the Sale dike endless love.

8. Peace Island, Shizuo:

Voice: Ono Daisuke;

Description: The terrorist known as Ikebukuro most young people, though usually very good, but personality is very impatient.

3 way Standoff 07

9. Off the original Pro also:

Voice: Kamiya Hiroshi;

Description: to Shinjuku for the positions of tipsters, the “human” creature has a twisted love and philosophy. Incidentally, his male relations are incompatible with the static.

5, the game system:

PSP version of “no first recorded knight different smell” of the system, the game will be carried out by turn-based form, players can make several daily round of free action, so players can choose to move to the stage as the game Ikebukuro Which places, and there met with the other roles in obtaining information to conduct a session story.

Also in the mini-map, players can also change operations to explore other roles, when the players meet the time, place, etc. when certain conditions, you can also start to be known as the “Friendship Event” (friendship events) of the special session events, and Let the story begin to change.

3 way Standoff 08

PSP work “without a head knight different Wen Lu” is currently scheduled to September 22, 2010 on sale in the making of appointments special ceremony and limited edition special code, the booking special code will be sent to a small static male strap as a gift, and limited edition special code sucked Pro also comes with a small strap with a special hosting package together with the bundle, as well as your main line with a different special code game video UMD disc (content your voice as the abundance Teijin RHL voice of reason and as Hanazawa Apricot Coriander two individual special programs), interested players can not miss it! Game screen: (PICTURE × 19)

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