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Hayarigami_3_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “God of popular file 3 Metropolitan Police Oddities” (Japanese version) [213MB] [ULJS-00204 | 33025481F0B417E2 | 0001 | G] (THE JAPANESE EDITION) Hayarigami 00“God of Pop Oddities 3 Metropolitan Police Files” (3 of God popular ri police as Ting Oddities フ ァ イ ル) (HAYARIGAMI 3 KEISHICHOU KAII JIKEN FILE) (ULJS-00204 | 33025481F0B417E2 | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: God of Pop 3: The Metropolitan Police Oddities file / Pop God 3: Oddities police files / Pop God 3: Metropolitan Police Oddities file

Japanese Name: Pop ri police as Ting God 3 フ ァ イ ル Oddities

English name: Hayarigami 3: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File

Production companies: NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE INC.


Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (word puzzle adventure game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

By date: August 6, 2009 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,229 yen

Official Website:

Hayarigami 01Game: From a Japanese (NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE) Company production, distribution. To address the oddities urban legends horror AVG targeted text adventure game “God of Pop” series, its latest PSP handheld will be exclusive for the game currently scheduled for summer 2009 on sale. The PSP new work entitled: “God of Pop 3: The Metropolitan Police Oddities file” (Hayarigami 3: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File). As a major feature of this is the way the search can choose two ways of science and supernatural, and as the chosen way of the progress of the different stories will be different. At present for the official website has opened, and the release of the promotional video and the latest multi-stage screen for the players you refer. Hayarigami 02First, the Series Synopsis:

“Popular god” (Hayarigami) to a widely circulated in the newspapers about the media and the network, known as the “city legend” (Urban Legend) theme for the story all kinds of rumors of terrorist risk posed by the game. Players will play as the Japanese Police Department (the equivalent of our domestic public security organs) Interpol, the protagonist, tracing the events of all kinds will be legendary … …

“God of Pop: Metropolitan Police Oddities files” first for the August 5, 2004 to launch the PS2 console. Although this is a tradition for the text adventure game, but interspersed with the story of the game story, graphics and sounds, as well as from time to time into a close-up, etc. to create a climate of fear, the media makes the whole series are given high marks. Hayarigami 03“Pop Power 2: Metropolitan Police Oddities files” on November 15, 2007 on sale at the PS2, the sequel will not only tells the legend, has also joined the ghost story. Also make extensive use of the law, suggesting that psychology and folklore. To a variety of words, to constitute the entire game. New work will also have a “database” system, as the story progress and the player’s operation, a step by step open the contents of the database, the game’s story line gradually been lifted, and the completion rate of increase as the database will also trigger a different story line … … Hayarigami 04Second, the debut role Description:

Be launched in summer 2009, exclusively by the PSP handheld “popular God 3: Metropolitan Police Oddities file” (Hayarigami 3) urban legend continued to pursue the truth for the purpose of weird, to lead the player into a more horror the world. Before the sequel to the action points will inherit, puzzle elements, etc., but the players reasoning system will be fully preserved, and also pursue a new role, but players can also customize the environment settings. This is the game for everyone to bring in the debut role description:

1. Pure wind sea are:

Police of the History part of the police waiting room. Age 25 years old, excellent as a civil service examination candidates, was admitted to the Metropolitan Police Department (public security organs) in search of a subject. Primarily responsible for investigating all kinds of strange events, and then record. The face of strange events, he could in a scientific point of view to examine, with a strong logical thinking ability. Hayarigami 052. Kogure Soichiro:

Part of the police inspection of the History Room of the Minister, aged 29 years. Still single in the. Is a polite and the Pan Jingcha and blood. But the bloodshed and the bizarre phenomenon has a negative side. Old-fashioned external performance has a dark side.

3. He Maoquan child:

Police of the History Room under the alternate officer, 25 years old. A student studying in the U.S.. Specializing in criminal psychology. After returning home, joined the Metropolitan Police Department. Materialist, so the legend of the ghost completely agree. Port on the wicked, and arrogant, but feel good. Hayarigami 064. Dog Tong Lanzi:

The wind sea and a small evening’s boss, is a Senior Superintendent. Although the preparation of the boss room, but the incident is under investigation for the subordinates simply do not care, every day is to go to casino gambling, and then sleep during the day at the police station. Look Rongrubujing look. There is a strange Osaka said cavity.

5. Yu Black Superintendent:

Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Division of the police, with being too form, won the boss and favorite female colleagues around, very enthusiastic about strange events, the preparation room is very interested in investigating the case. Hayarigami 07Third, the series finale chapter!

The scheduled launch of the PSP version of “God Pop 3: The Metropolitan Police Oddities file” will be the “popular spirit” of the finale. New for the “popular god 2″ about 1 year after the space-time background, including the protagonist of the wind sea of pure but also the police department meeting, the boss dog Tong Lanzi Police Department, his colleagues He Maoquan Police Department meeting with the small evening Soichiro inspections ministers Series for the familiar characters are on again, and add a new black smoke plume role of the police Criminal Division officials. Players will continue to play a Metropolitan Police Department (Police Authority) police history police department compilation of pure air make the sea also, together with colleagues will trace the various legends associated with the strange events.

Fourth, the game demo has been opened:

The new work “popular God 3: Metropolitan Police Oddities files” will hint to date of all scattered together to give the player solve puzzles of a happy ending. With the game announced that a Japanese “pop God” official website has also been significantly updated. Besides disclosing the “popular God” series for the beginning of the first script, but also launched the “God of popular 3″ the first chapter of “chain messages” (Chain Mail) of the FLASH demo, interested players can visit the official first site, the online experience. Hayarigami 08Fifth, game demos Plot:

The trial would constitute a FLASH, a total of 5, for everyone to bring this game to 0, then the ─ ─ ─ “disappeared in the fashion of the guests” Hayarigami 09“Ah, but also a boring day.” And search a subject to investigate the “politicians missing” events too busy working in stark contrast to the preparation room really wants to come. Everyone is basically in a Banxingbanshui state. This time there is a middle-aged woman named Saori came Minegishi report. High school students said their daughter was missing Minegishi purple tone. As a Branch is no room search staff, staff to comfort her, there may be a go home, or you can go home to wait, maybe on the back. And how can you miss the preparation room this opportunity? Solve problems, but police say it is the bounden duty of the taxpayer, ah, so they were invited to compile Minegishi Saori room, to know a bit what has happened, the wind also Detective pure sea (that is, players) decided to proceed with investigation.

Investigation started very well, the wind found the purple sea friends Shino sound field Mayumi, purple tone to the most frequently asked her to go. Tian Zhen Chi is said by the United States, purple tone and she often went to clothing stores. She is also willing to take a trip to the pure wind sea. Hayarigami 01First to go is a company called “SHUUU!!” Clothing store, which all are very expensive luxury clothing, it is hard to imagine now the girls are here to spend money like water scenes are pure wind sea The store did not find any clue. Next to go is a company called “K ★” clothing store, here are obviously more civilians, and it is sold as suitable for high school clothing, owner of High Island Red himself is an influx of people. Has a unique taste for clothes, so this little shop was good. Wind survey also looked at the sea of pure sub shop inside the surveillance video. Minegishi purple tone that is to have this store, but after entering the dressing room and did not come!

“Disappeared in the dressing room? Or just monitor it off for a while?” With the in-depth investigation also found that the pure wind sea events do not just disappear with the dressing room, the player how to find clues from the side to find the truth it … …

VI, contains chapters:

Contains five chapters of the game storyline, and the scientific route and expand multi-line differences occult plot, by inference logic system to detect the use of key words obtained with the dialogue sort out the relationship between those events and related plans, self-answering system to follow-up story about the development, and in the courage to point to make the necessary choices. The series features is the perspective of science and the supernatural to analyze cases, depending on the player’s reasoning and choice, every case has both scientific and supernatural end, to see the sequel are those new elements: Hayarigami 111. Use the system to fight strange event!

In addition to the text adventure for the basic answer options, there are many systems equipped. Allow players to further promote the development of the plot.

2. Self-question:

Investigation in the incident, had collected some clues and information, the need to organize their own players. Players then need to ask themselves. Answer questions in general self-direction, a total of 2. Scientific point of view in one direction is to investigate the incident, another direction is the idealistic point of view to investigate the incident. Even if the same incident, according to survey the different methods and, ultimately, the truth will be a great difference!

3. Select points:

In addition to the choice of a number of common branches, players will encounter the problem you need points. When such a problem, select the number of points will become orange. Once selected, exhausted, then points to the orange of this issue can not be answered. Hayarigami 124. Logical reasoning:

This is a very important system is the key to unlock the truth. Players need to analyze the logic of events, and then sort out the whole event a complete clue. This will directly affect the evaluation of the game after clearance.

5.FOAF database:

Middle field contains the game monsters such as 200 police and terminology, in the face of difficult to understand when the words can be access.

6. Improve the help system:

Game events, the differences encountered, the characters will encounter in the summary table form here to there. Otherwise how can call preparation room? Can help players to know the whole story more complete story, but also included music appreciation mode. Hayarigami 13In addition, the developer of a Japanese company has also released the PlayStation Store before December 15, 2005 sale of “God of popular portable version: Metropolitan Police Oddities Files” free trial version. The demo contains the full first chapter of the game play, so players in the “God of popular 3″ before the sale, to fully experience the “popular God” series of terrorist atmosphere. PSP version of “God Pop 3: The Metropolitan Police Oddities files” is currently scheduled for August 6, 2009 sale, the game is priced at 5,229 yen (tax included). For those who prefer “popular God” series and reasoning games old and new players are not to be missed this PSP exclusive works. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 22) Hayarigami 14

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