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Kazoku Keikaku

“Family Plan” (family planning) (KAZOKU KEIKAKU) (ULJM-05721 | B30C5F6E1226D94C | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Title: Family planning / family plan

Japanese original name: Family Program

English name: Kazoku Keikaku

Production companies: Takayashiki RD / DOcorp. / CD BROS.Inc. / Contents Traffic, Inc. / CYBERFRONT


Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: August 12, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 7,140 yen buy Kazoku Keikaku

Official Website of Kazoku Keikaku:

Kazoku Keikaku 01

Game: According to the Japanese CyberFront announced that will be scheduled on August 12, 2010 launch of the PSP handheld for a new love AVG: “Family Plan “(Kazoku Keikaku). General version of the game is priced at 5,040 yen (tax included), includes the game ending titles theme song and BGM of the game soundtrack CD, as well as for the story by the writer works Yamada with a written explanation to set the session data sets Raiders Code together with the bundles of the two special limited edition 7,140 yen (tax included).

First, the original introduction:

New PSP for “family planning” (Kazoku Keikaku) originally in 2001 by DO PC platform launch, had a record sales performance over thousands of units, and in 2005 transplanted to the PS2 console, and now once again re-ported to PSP handheld debut of the popular AVG love to carry handheld portable version of the game.

Game, read the article for the traditional novel style AVG system, players in the game can be for the “Spring Blossoms”, “end of Li”, “quasi”, “Aoba”, “true pure” and that the five leading lady for Raiders . While the PSP version of this PC version not only inherits no sense of pressure, particularly to strengthen operations, but also added 20 more new graphics CG, and animation on the show and also a substantial update to reproduce, to even the voice with the SE, BGM, etc. are also strengthened in many parts, so players can fully experience the PSP handheld again for the richness of this popular and attractive.

Kazoku Keikaku 02

Second, the story background:

“Family Plan” describes the story of a group of no family, or left edge of the family’s story. Here the so-called “family planning” means to allow strangers were able to survive together, a mutual aid plan put forward. Have different ideas, hobbies and personality of people, like the gear that can not bite each other, and their future can really be happy?

Sawamura orphaned childhood Secretary Chunhua illegal immigrants from China, business failure and the huge debt owed to the Hirota wide, left the trading of goods when the daughter of parents of high Yashiki Aoba, depending on the black market money, such as life Hanoi prospective big brokers, high school runaway girl jasmine, as well as feelings of being cheated of money and the intention to commit suicide so pure, due to the reasons for their homeless people, in order to get a place for them in the wide proposed field wide, the implementation of the “family plan.” Seven people not related by blood, in order to leave his grandfather’s house from the Aoba receive temporary shelter, they crown the high Yashiki last name, to avoid the imposition of the house and land landlord lost their homes … …

Kazoku Keikaku 03

Boric Acid has been hiding in the alley two days. In order to realize their wish had came to Japan, although the target has not been reached now, but never his own work shop to escape poverty intersection of her, now who has not a cent, not even the food are also . In such a predicament, Chunhua made a little dream of happiness … …

When working in the village of Chak Division in order to clean up trash from the store into the alley out the garbage when they discover a young girl fell to the side? Because it is the first to discover the people, so it is the manager left a good clean up the aftermath, the Division had forced the girl back home. But later discovered that the Secretary, girls is really a product of human relations problems, although as long as the girls lost out to then you can stay away from all this trouble, but in the end, the Secretary can only be uttered Chak village: “I’m a fool … … “the helpless sigh.

Kazoku Keikaku 04

Third, the debut role:

The main story is composed of seven between the family, through interaction and friction between them, to make people rethink the meaning of family. Family to have to blood to maintain it? Perhaps, to treat parents and siblings love each other can be regarded as a family again. Here is this group of “family” relationship and the role of the corresponding description and other information. Father: high Yashiki wide, mother: high Yashiki really pure, long M: High-Yashiki Division, daughter: high Yashiki Aoba, second daughter: high Yashiki accurate, three daughters: high Yashiki flowers, and small daughter: high Yashiki jasmine.

1. Sawamura Division:

Voice: No;

Description: The making of the hero, is a fuzzy character, just into the use of the role of the family misfortune as a result of their childhood from their parents depend on others, the hero Chak Estate Division prematurely worldly well-being, so dependent on others than to live He also believes people should be self-reliant. Tender mercies of life too painful, because the end of the day found themselves brutally, in addition to myself and nobody else can save themselves.

Kazoku Keikaku 05

This Sawamura Division, in the “family plan” which, his nose for such a plan, but often become a family mainstay involuntary. However, when high-Yashiki family planning to a close, he felt betrayed again, whether it is a real family, family planning or family, no one can long stay. He would not believe, but because of fear of being hurt again. Through this Division players to experience the family, surface build psychological defense, but want to protect the family inside, and then rethink the meaning of mutual support.

2. High Yashiki Chunhua:

Voice: Kenichiro child in America;

Profile: king of flowers, whose real name is, had to find the biological mother came to Japan from abroad, because “family planning” the relationship between home accidents become high Yashiki three daughters. She is not fluent in Japanese, character, frank and affectionate, the most good is to allow each other to heaven direct to cool the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss super-class massage.

Kazoku Keikaku 06

3. High-end Yashiki Li:

Voice: Katase CD;

Introduction: the end of the original river whose real name is Li, the high Yashiki little daughter at home, although the parents after the death of relatives to be adopted, but because the face is treated and a person living on the streets, and therefore met with the protagonists. Although the straightforward character and lovely, but sometimes it has a very strange around the cold attitude of affection between family members are looking forward to.

4. Yashiki high standards:

Voice: Yuka Imai;

Description: whose real name is Tai Heyuan standards, once the students with the main character is, and is now a high-Yashiki second daughter home. Basically very shy, is not easy to break into groups, personality types, but for money is very sensitive, very carefully, only to participate in preferential type of activity, perhaps because the relationship between this understanding of many people. She was usually runs a small convenience store.

Kazoku Keikaku 07

5. Aoba High Yashiki:

Voice: North is the South;

Description: High-Yashiki own daughter at home, with the main characters live with grandfather inherited from the house, is a very strong advocate of women of their rights. Very good deal because other people, so often to cool the tongue to the words and deeds and the other landed in a super virus to the impasse. There is no work, she often help people portraits in the park.

6. Yashiki true high-net:

Narrator: United States and sub Hatakeyama;

Description: Itakura whose real name is really pure, high mistress of the house Yashiki role, although because of age, most of them older women in the congregation, and like his mother take care of the general shoulder all the work, but actually it is very young women. In addition, as her character weak, there have been at home on the past, marriage fraud and bankruptcy because of bad experience, so things have a very pessimistic on the negative thoughts.

Kazoku Keikaku 08

7. Long view:

Voice: Yuka Imai;

Description: prospective twin sister, now in his auto-dependency care facilities grew up to work. From the student to hold a favorable impression of the protagonist, when the two sides meet again after the good feeling is multiplied many, but taking into consideration the feelings of her sister, so this can only be suppressed their feelings.

8. High Yashiki Width:

Voice: the medium than to stay mad between;

Description: real name Hirota width, height Yashiki role of man of the house, is a mysterious middle-aged man in appearance, though common, but it was military service, and has the home invasion of high-Yashiki 5 Chinese gangster pack solution out of high strength strength. The original street, he had witnessed the scene Chunhua Division to help, and this feeling of unfairness, that themselves have the right to accept help from others, thus forced to move to the Secretary’s room. The family lost Yashiki in high places, when settled, raised the “family plan” proposal.

Kazoku Keikaku 09

9. Gordon Liu:

Narrator: Ten words Hayato;

Introduction: Lead Secretary working in Chinese restaurants in the proxy manager, is a very trivial character, very like the opening joke is not funny people. The other side, he has a dark, true identity is unknown, the only certainty is that he has a sister there.

Fourth, new additional elements:

In this PSP port of “family planning” which, in addition to the screen the entire event CG modified with changes to the game 16:9 screen, the other in the PSP version of which will be launched with a new design of packaging to sell, and also for the PSP version of the official First Press Limited Edition release with the regular edition comes with different packaging artwork about 60 minutes with the radio CD as a special code, so that players like this can also be made through the radio plays more into the game CD rich story story.

Kazoku Keikaku 10

PSP version of love the new adventure game: “Family Plan” currently scheduled for August 12, 2010 sale, the game was introduced at the original well-known illustrator, so the game’s debut figures expressive, personality more vivid, like the type of game players may wish to try, it will certainly bring you good memories. Love adventure game like friends should not miss this. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 22)

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