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Evil Violet  

Game Name: Lucian: evil purple / Lucian Bee’s: evil purple / Lucian Bee’s purple evil

Game formerly known as: Luxury Beauty – Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet

Production companies: 5pb Game / Rejet

Agent release: 5pb Game Inc.

Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (for female players, text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ シ ョ ン ス ポ `Te` Tatari ブ Hikaru)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: October 28, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen usually Edition

Price: 15,120 yen Heji version

Official Website:

PSP Games – According to the Japanese game publisher 5pb Game announced that the scheduled October 28, 2010 launch of the PSP handheld three transplanted from the PS2 platform for women to popular (role debut in the game looks fresh and handsome guy!) AVG Love adventure game: “Lucian: Johnson men transform a large program” (Lucian Bee’s: Resurrection Supernova), “Lucian: evil purple” (Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet) and “Lucian: Justice of the yellow” (Lucian Bee’s: Justice Yellow) the game each regular version sells for 5,040 yen (tax included), 3 triple-play package works together TRILOGY BOX version is priced at 15,120 yen (tax included). And this is the official website and the people who set up the same game, designed to be very fashion taste, interested players may wish to visit the official website browsing.

, The original introduction:

“Lucian Bee’s” series is developed by a 5pb known as “the biggest impact on the history of girl games” in the modern style of urban fashion trends for the love adventure games. This for other women to the game different is that the heroine is not the United States around Chennai apricot type guy, there are only male wood waste, wretched man, Johnson M, dwarfish men are! The apricot Chennai’s task is to transform their shape … This man is a legend in the inverse Could develop? U.S. Junior DreamWorks? In short looking actress anthomaniac apricot Chennai active behavior.

Game title in the “Lucian Bee’s” code name for the secret organization, the Chinese translation by transliteration became “Lucian.” The “Lucian Bee’s” secret organization the object of study is the male world of waste wood, wretched man, Johnson M, dwarfish men are, and the waste wood man, wretched man, Johnson M, dwarfish man who plans to implement the humanitarian reform .

The series ended in May 2010 to date, the PS2 console launched three works, and the launch of the PSP handheld is precisely the three works on the PS2 platform had sold “Lucian Bee’s” series of portable versions. Of course the PSP version is not a simple console port, in addition to adjustment corresponding to 16:9 aspect ratio, the new work for the OP and END will be re-produced, and added many new pictures and other content, and CG, so even once PS2 version of the player’s player, is also able to experience the fun of new work.

※ with “Lucian Bee’s” (Lucian) series of successive sale schedule:

※ PS2 version of “Lucian: Johnson transformation male big plans” (Lucian Bee’s: Resurrection Supernova) 2009 年 7 月 30 on sale;

※ PS2 version of “Lucian: evil purple” (Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet) 2010 年 5 月 20 on sale;

※ PS2 version of “Lucian: Justice of the yellow” (Lucian Bee’s: Justice Yellow) 2010 年 5 月 20 on sale;

Second, the synopsis:

“Will be transformed into the world of the Johnson men can work independently of the sportsman!” In this world there is indeed able to perform this very secret mission secret.

17-year-old apricot Chennai (Anna Hiiragi) is living a stable of female high school students living on campus, one day I received an e mail sender is unknown invited to meet her. Meeting place, was actually enigmatic figure ─ ─ ─ Master L organized secret. “Lucian” ─ ─ ─ All that is a girl to save the world, like the “savior” as there is place. In order to proceed smoothly, “Johnson men and Transformation Plan” of the super-secret mission, organization and absorbed into the apricot Naijia let her become a spy.

World-class music companies are planning to form a ExGeneration regardless of frontiers, the target for selection of the world for the idol group ROMANXIA. Draft in Japan, the United States, Britain, France, China, Arab countries major cities, the rookie who will be elected, regardless of day and night of strong broadcast on television. But I do not know why, they even announced the ultra-high popularity: Active suspension!

The impact of this news caused speculation that the parties continue, no one knows the truth why. At this time, ExGeneration the president issued a secret to the commission request, the content is: Please transformation ROMANXIA rookie who. In fact, these six people is simply bad to the bone super-Johnson M, can be elected to the group because producers can not afford to pressure from various countries had to be incorporated into the body. As such, the status quo simply can not lead to any campaign, those supporters will be disappointed that … …

The event is the culprit, six rookie, after which returned to their own country, pretend like nothing happened to live their own lives, of course, what groups can not be established … to look forward to re-open ROMANXIA activities fans, they hope they can reinvent and become dazzling super sportsman. The commission understood the whole story Master L, aware of all this transformation out of this constantly with DARESIGN Johnson relating to the organization man, he accepted the commission. What this plan can be modified Johnson men are transformed into dazzling six super sportsman it? For girls around the world, “Lucian” to begin the task!

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