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Luxury & Beauty - Lucian Bee's: Evil Violet

“Lucian evil purple” (LUCIAN BEE’S EVIL VIOLET) (ULJM-05748)

PSP Games Name: Lucien: evil purple / Lucian Bee’s: evil purple / Lucian Bee’s purple evil

The game formerly known as: Luxury Beauty – Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet

Production companies: 5pb Game / Rejet

Agent release: 5pb Game Inc.

Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (for female players, text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Luxury Beauty – Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: October 28, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen usually Edition Luxury Beauty – Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet

Price: 15,120 yen compilation Edition

Official Website of Luxury Beauty – Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet:

Evil Violet 01

Game: According to Japanese game publishers announced that 5pb Game, will be scheduled on October 28, 2010 launch of the PSP handheld three transplanted from the PS2 platform for women to popular (role debut in the game is fresh and handsome looks handsome!) AVG love adventure game: “Lucian: Johnson M transformation big plans” (Lucian Bee’s: Resurrection Supernova), “Lucian: evil purple” ( Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet) and “Lucian: Justice of the yellow” (Lucian Bee’s: Justice Yellow), common version of each game is priced at 5,040 yen (tax included), 3 work together in the triple Set TRILOGY BOX version is priced at 15,120 yen (tax included). And this made the game official website and also the same people who designed, designed to be very fashion taste, interested players may wish to visit the official website here.

First, the original introduction:

“Lucian Bee’s” series is developed by a 5pb known as “the girls game in the history of the biggest shocks” to the modern style of urban fashion trends for the love adventure games. The difference for other women to the game is around Chennai and actress 柊 apricot type of guy is not the United States, there are only scrap wood M, wretched man, Johnson M, dwarfish man who! The 柊 apricot Chennai task is to transform their shape is the man … … This Could develop the inverse of the legendary? U.S. Junior DreamWorks? In short looking actress 柊 apricot Chennai anthomaniac active performance of it.

Game title in the “Lucian Bee’s” secret code name for the Chinese translation by transliteration to become “Lucian.” The “Lucian Bee’s” the object of this secret organization of waste wood in the world men, wretched man, Johnson M, dwarfish men are, and the waste wood M, wretched man, Johnson M, dwarfish man who plans to implement the humanitarian reform .

Evil Violet 02

The series ended in May 2010 to date, the PS2 console launched three works, but this time on the PSP handheld is the reason of the introduction of three works on the PS2 platform for the sale of “Lucian Bee’s” series of portable versions. Of course the PSP version is not a simple port of household machines, in addition to adjustment corresponding to 16:9 aspect ratio, the new ending for the OP and END will be re-produced, and added many new pictures and other content, and CG, so even once Players PS2 version of the player, also able to experience the fun of new work.

※ with “Lucian Bee’s” (Lucien) series of successive sale schedule:

※ PS2 version of “Lucian: Johnson M transformation big plans” (Lucian Bee’s: Resurrection Supernova) 2009 年 7 月 30 on sale;

※ PS2 version of “Lucian: evil purple” (Lucian Bee’s: Evil Violet) 2010 年 5 月 20 on sale;

※ PS2 version of “Lucian: Justice of the yellow” (Lucian Bee’s: Justice Yellow) 2010 年 5 月 20 on sale;

Second, the story outline:

“Will be transformed into the world of the Jackson men can work independently of the sportsman!” In this world, there is indeed very close to the execution of a secret mission.

17-year-old 柊 apricot Chennai (Anna Hiiragi) is living a stable life of the girls on campus, one day I received an e-mail sender is unknown invited to meet her. Meeting place, was actually enigmatic figure ─ ─ ─ Master L organized by the secret service. “Lucian” ─ ─ ─ It was all the girls to save the world, like the “savior” as the existence of the Department. In order to proceed smoothly, “Johnson Male Transformation Plan” of the super-secret mission into the tissue to absorb 柊 apricot Naijia and let her become a spy.

Evil Violet 03

World-class music companies are planning to form a ExGeneration no borders to the world as the target for selection of pop idols, ROMANXIA. Draft in Japan, the United States, Britain, France, China, the major Arab cities in these countries, the rookie who will be elected, regardless of day and night, strong player in the television publicity. Do not know why, they even announced the ultra-high popularity: Activity aborted!

This news caused shock all the speculation continued, no one knows what the truth. At this time, ExGeneration’s president sent to the secret services a commission request, the content is: Please rookie who transform ROMANXIA. In fact, these six people is simply bad to the bone super-Johnson M, can be elected to the group because the producers could not bear the pressure from various countries had to be incorporated into the group. Because of this situation can not lead to any further promotional activities will also cause great disappointment to those supporters … …

The events of the culprit, six rookie, after which returned to their own country, pretending nothing has happened like live your life, and certainly not what groups set up … … to look forward to re-open ROMANXIA activities fans, they hope they can reinvent and become a super bright sportsman. And understand the whole story commissioned by the Master L, aware of all this transformation out of this ever with DARESIGN Johnson relating to the organization man, he accepted the commission. What, Johnson M transformation plan that six people can be transformed into a dazzling super sportsman it? For girls in the world, “Lucien” begin the task!

Third, the executive summary:

1. “Lucian: Johnson M transformation big plans”:

Description: As a series of positive articles works, describes this as a secret organization “Lucian” (Lucian Bee’s) members to show their talents Chennai 柊 apricot love story. The new CG and the script added to the PSP handheld after transplantation, while the figure 柊 apricot Chennai will once again active in the world to save those poor Johnson M, dwarfish men were. And because of the evil organization “helped Xun bad” and six men into Johnson idol group ROMANXIA (includes: Luke, Remy, Fan, Cator, Jesse and Angela) to save them is the top priority the.

2. “Lucian: evil purple”:

Description: This is the series for the second transplant works.柊 apricot Chennai is going to sneak into the papers were in the hostile organization, “Johnson bad help” bring into the school as a cover. She got there and met the bad to help members of the Johnson “honey buzzard VI” (includes: Barbara, Viola, Levin, Jacquard, Wu and Saipiluosi) forbidden love and others will be let off the story more climax.

Evil Violet 04

This time players will wait for the “forbidden love”, new work added a new hidden script, the story aspect has been further sublimation. In addition, undercover agents infiltrated the schools, “Johnson Black Gang” internship 柊 apricot Chennai, and the disparity between the ideal content and related what is it?

3. “Lucian: Justice of the yellow”:

Description: This is the series for the third transplant works.柊 apricot Chennai must support the secret organization “Lucian” activities of the special forces “Metropolitan V” (includes: Q, G, D, N, F and C) to face new tasks. In the process of running all over the world will be all the way described in Chennai city between V and 柊 apricot gradually budding love passion. In addition, as the theme song and the OST is a member of the Metropolitan V novice responsible. For the positive articles in the players become their fans, this is really the element of surprise.

Evil Violet 05

IV debut role:

A. “Lucian: Male renovation Johnson Big Plan”, a series of orthodox works:

1. 柊 apricot Chennai (Anna Hiiragi):

Voice: No;

Nationality: Japan;

Year: junior high school;

Age: 17 years;

2. Luke (Luke Rockwell):

Voice: TAKERU;

Nationality: United States;

Blood type: A type;

Grade: USCI freshman year;

Height: 185cm;

Weight: 69kg;

Age: 19 years of age;

Birthday: May 1;

Interests: reading, drawing cartoons;

3. Remy (Remmy J Belmondo):

Voice: Miyano really keep;

Nationality: French;

Blood type: O type;

Year: freshman year;

Height: 177cm;

Weight: 59.5kg;

Age: 19 years of age;

Birthday: Nov. 29;

Interests: singing;

Evil Violet 06

4. Van (Van Caien):

Voice: Suzuki of Central;

Nationality: Japan (Tokyo);

Blood type: O type;

Year: junior high school;

Height: 174cm;

Weight: 65kg;

Age: 17 years;

Birthday: July 21;

Interests: literature and art;

5. Cator (Klee Katoru):

Voice: dialog Yu expensive;

Nationality: China;

Blood type: A type;

Grade: sophomore in high school;

Height: 171cm;

Weight: 56kg;

Age: 16 years;

Birthday: February 9;

Interests: shopping;

6. Jesse (Jesse KID Squire):

Voice: Extension Du Temple Island;

Nationality: British;

Blood type: AB type;

Year: junior high school;

Height: 182cm;

Weight: 67kg;

Age: 18 years;

Birthday: April 8;

Interests: learning;

B. “Lucian: evil purple” is the series third film:

7. Angela (Anjelica Asiyuwan):

Voice: Hino Satoshi;

Nationality: Italy;

Blood type: O type;

Grade: sophomore in high school;

Height: 180cm;

Weight: 60kg;

Age: 17 years;

Birthday: August 11;

Interests: singing;

1. Barbara (Barbara):

Voice: Takahashi Hiroki;

Nationality: Australia;

Height: 172cm;

Age: 24 years;

Weight: unknown;

2. Viola (Vold Mollet):

Voice: Hao Fu sea birds;

Nationality: French;

Height: 182cm;

Age: 23 years of age;

Weight: 75kg;

3. Levin (Rai Sairenji):

Voice: Suganuma long meaning;

Nationality: Japan;

Height: 178cm;

Age: 17 years;

Weight: 61kg;

Evil Violet 07

4. Jaka (Jagar Buckingham):

Voice: Kentaro Ito;

Nationality: Netherlands;

Height: 180cm;

Age: 18 years;

Weight: 73kg;

5. Wu (Wmichelle Woo):

Voice: Yu Hatano involved;

Nationality: China;

Height: 150cm;

Age: 14 years of age;

Weight: 42kg;

6. Saipiluosi (Z):

Voice: intellectual and Sugita;

Nationality: unknown;

Height: 168cm;

Age: unknown;

Weight: 64kg;

Evil Violet 08

C. “Lucian: Justice of the yellow” is the series third film:

1.Q (Quiet Bluebird)

Voice: Komatsu Yuka;

Nationality: Spain;

Height: 172cm;

Age: 18 years;

Weight: 56kg;

2.G (Guido Ashanti):

Voice: Yusa Koji;

Nationality: Italy;

Height: 186cm;

Age: 32 years;

Weight: 67kg;

3.D (Didie Lightnorth):

Voice: Suzuki Chihiro;

Nationality: French;

Height: 173cm;

Age: 26 years of age;

Weight: 62kg;

4.N (Nathan Bloodline):

Narrator: Kamiya Hiroshi;

Nationality: United States;

Height: 176cm;

Age: 21 years;

Weight: 58kg;

Evil Violet 09

5.F (Frederick Barnard JR.):

Voice: Fukuyama Run;

Nationality: Switzerland;

Height: 160cm;

Age: 24 years;

Weight: 53kg;

6.C (Cromwell Neeson):

Voice: Akio Otsuka;

Nationality: British;

Height: 182cm;

Age: 34 years of age;

Weight: 71kg;

Five additional elements:

As a platform for 2009 on sale at the PS2 launch, this time they moved into three new handheld for: Lucien: Morrison Male Transformation big plans, “” Lucian: evil purple “and” Lucian: Justice of the yellow “in the PSP handheld version of which, in addition to additional new roles, additional story also added additional CG and the new screen, the PSP in the portable version, before the PS2 version also invited to perform for the voice actors all voice of, to show the whole story is more abundant, so that players experience the charm of this popular home and portable for transplant to host the game after the new charm.

Evil Violet 10

Three new PSP adventure for love: “Lucian: Johnson M transformation big plans,” “Lucian: evil purple” and “Lucian: Justice of the yellow” currently scheduled for October 28, 2010 sale. Games will not only reproduce when moved, and added a new image and so on. Love and adventure with like kind friends female players do not miss this for. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 18)

Evil Violet 11

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