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Mashiro_Iro_Symphony_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “white symphony – Mutsu country scratches” (Japanese version) [MB] [ULJM-05889] (THE JAPANESE EDITION)

Mashiro Iro Symphony “Symphony Mutsu white flowers mark the country” (ma shi ro-color ォ ni ー シ ン フ MUTSU-NO-HANA) (MASHIRO IRO SYMPHONY MUTSU-NO-HANA) (ULJM-05889)

Game Name: White Symphony: Mutsu country scratches / White Symphony: Mutsu-no-hana

Japanese Name: ま し ろ color ー シ ン フ ォ ni * Mutsu-no-hana

English name: Mashiro Iro Symphony: * Mutsu-no-hana (First Print Limited Edition)

Production companies: HuneX / Comfort / Palette

Agent release: Comfort

Genre: AVG – Adventage Game (text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te Tatari ブ ー Hikaru)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: June 30, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 6,090 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 8,190 yen

Official Website:

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP 1001

PSP Games: Comfort Producers and Distributors in Japan, the PSP handheld AVG love adventure game: “White Symphony: Mutsu country scratches” (Mashiro Iro Symphony: * Mutsu-no-hana), the game is currently scheduled for June 30, 2011 sale, which regular version sells for 6,090 yen (tax included), Limited Edition priced at 8,190 yen (including tax price). The official website has now officially opened, and put the game more than the latest picture for you player information.

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP DemosFirst, the game summary:

New PSP for “White Symphony: Mutsu country scratches” (Mashiro Iro Symphony: * Mutsu-no-hana) is a Japanese game company palette on October 30, 2009 sale of girl games and the adaptation of the comic. Palette is the company’s ninth film. Comics in November the same year in Kadokawa Shoten’s version of the magazine “Monthly Comp Ace” serial. Person in charge of painting is no water on Gemini, the main female lead number four. Two years later, in February 2011 is “White Symphony” decided to TV animation, production company is MADHOUSE, they also produced a lot of people talked about the anime, which also lack some of the criticism by Man Ray for the faithful . In any case, “White Symphony” series is good, after all, been involved in PC games, comics, TV animation, is also very popular in the local, do not know how many people in the country like it, after all, is a Japanese game. Xiaobian then again, less to learn a foreign language much less play the game, too bad.

Second, the background story:

PSP version of “White Symphony: Mutsu country’s flower mark,” the story is about human to worry about the sake and love of the hero of my new students melon. He’s schools will be a name of a region and the door girls combined. From October half during the merger, the new blended learning as a selection of my students began at a girls’ school to school, where he is waiting for a rich girl with the personality of their encounter, the men refused to respond. I order a new more harmonious atmosphere and busy during this period will be … …

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP 1001Third, the role:

The sake of the love of man to worry about the hero of my new students. He attended school with white and Symphony will be the image of a cartoon character name of the door of a girls’ school districts merged. From October half during the merger, the new blended learning as a selection of my students began at a girls’ school to school, where he is waiting for a rich girl with the personality of their encounter, the men refused to respond. I order a new more harmonious atmosphere and busy in this period … … love the color is white. Can be “two colors” of the dip, pure white Paradise.

1 melon Health Shingo:

Voice: No;

Birthday: September 29;

Height: 171cm;

Blood Type: AB;

Description: The story of the actor, the private academy of the service station a sophomore, a good honest young. Was selected as the experimental trial period, combined health, transfer to the academy and into the two female knot T classes, a week later when a class representative. A child suffering from asthma, current physical and mental health. Parents are busy working, two people go out not long now.

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP Portable2. Sena love:

Voice: Ono Ryoko;

Birthday: October 24;

Blood Type: A;

Height: 158cm;

Measurements: B82 / W57 / H85;

Favorite things: steamed sweet potato;

Profile: Li Ji woman knot Academy sophomore, is the only daughter of Headmaster. I combined the trial period of new classmates. I along with two people in charge of two new classes of T class representatives. The first academic, leadership skills, strong sense of responsibility, the mind is not flexible. The beginning of our men and she did not welcome the new students, but then gradually close up with them.

Mashiro Iro Symphony On Cheap PSP Go3 melon Health Sakura is

Voice: Mai Goto;

Birthday: January 23;

Blood Type: AB;

Height: 162cm;

Measurements: B80 / W54 / H80;

Favorite things: my brother’s hand as long as the food;

Description: The new meaning of my sister, the Taiwan martial Park first-year students. About ten years ago because my mother in the new cherry is the father remarried, so they become a righteous brother and sister. I transferred to the new results, as women enter the academy for one year T class. As smart and quiet personality, like reading. Li and Sakura love from the first meeting but when very close friends. Cherish love for the hero’s heart. Seen as very important and the family did not take further action. Good food, cooking at home full play. As a little girl she was tall and striking a little self-esteem.

4 Angelina dishes Xiashiweier:

Voice: Curry Village, a small true wisdom;

Birthday: August 8;

Height: 155cm;

Blood type: B;

Measurements: B90/W60/H89;

Favorite things: heart too;

Description: knot female academy sophomore nicknamed Angela. I love the new management at the school classmate is living in the garden of the maids. Students in general different, she does not wear uniforms, often wearing maid installed. Children, the father is Japanese, mother is British, but will not speak English. Cheerful and lively, good at cooking, cleaning and other housework, but academic performance is very bad.

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP Video5. Tianyu Meiyu:

Narrator: Rikimaru is ri ko;

Birthday: February 22;

Height: 146cm;

Bloody: O-;

Measurements: B87/W58/H84;

Description: Gakuen Women knot a third-grader, our new sister school, but being short. In the end woman’s house near the academy and his mother and together they live. Gentle and kind personality, love nature and animals, but there is a natural tendency to stay. Extra-curricular activities to protect wildlife group “meow Society” of the president.

Mashiro Iro Symphony La PSP6 yarn Wind:

Voice: Mayumi Yoshida;

Birthday: July 7;

Height: 148cm;

Blood type: B;

Measurements: B78/W56/H79;

Description: PSP version was promoted to heroine, knot female academy sophomores, two T class members, Airi old friend. Yu is looking forward to the United States, and her community as part of meow. Male students who initially received a good attitude, but in fact it is a show. Nature is very brutal, hate men, especially hostile to Shingo.

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP LiteFourth, the port of new elements:

PSP handheld version of “White Symphony: Mutsu country scratches” will be on sale in October 2009 as the prototype of the PC version of the game, in addition to the portable completely outside also added a lot of time with the original CG animation, and animation are voice performance, read the comic for gamers, playing PSP’s “white” Symphony is a wonderful experience. There will be new entrants to join in the role, to Raiders of the role, but more is good news for Manmi.

The story is about a hero, “I melons new students,” the rough journey, he attended a school for financial reasons with the same area of ​​the well-known girls’ schools merged for 10 months. Melon raw new girls’ school I only go to this school, where the girls know a lot of different personality, good girls do not think Raiders, in fact, they are very annoying feature of a unified boys. Here you must also understand that some of the game types and game content, and do not know you will not go download it and play it?

Mashiro Iro Symphony PSP Demo PreviewsLove the new adventure for the PSP, “White Symphony: Mutsu country scratches” is currently scheduled to June 30, 2011 sale. The game will launch regular edition and Limited Edition. Games will not only reproduce when moved, and added a new image, etc., and limited edition inclusion information, including: the role of a collection of original songs collection CD, music CD soundtrack set the data sets. There are like friends who love adventure players do not miss this for. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 17)

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