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Memories Off Sorekara Again

“Memories 4 henceforth AGAIN” (メ モ リ ズ オ フ ¤ れ ー か ら AGAIN) (MEMORIES OFF SOREKARA AGAIN) (ULJM-05526 | 3E99E13592AA5EDD | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: Memories 4: From now on Again / Memories: From now on Again / past memories: From now on Again

Japanese Name: メ モ リ ー ズ オ フ ~ ¤ れ か ら Again ~ (メ モ リ ー ズ オ フ After Rain)

English Name: Memories Off: Sorekara Again (Limited Edition)

Production companies: 5pb.Inc. / CYBERFRONT

Agent Distributor: 5pb Game Inc.

Game Type: AVG – Adventage Game (text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Memories Off: Sorekara Again

Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プ Rei ス テ ー シ ョ ン ポ Tatari ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

FAT Sell date: September 17, 2009 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Reference Price: 3,990 yen usually Edition

Reference Price: Limited Edition 6,090 yen buy Memories Off: Sorekara Again

Official website of Memories Off: Sorekara Again:

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Game Description:

    Produced by Japan 5PB GAME, distribution. Transplanted from the March 2006 sale of the same name in the PS2 platform, love adventure game: “Memories 4: from now on Again” (Memories Off: Sorekara Again). Games are currently scheduled in autumn 2009 sale, this is also made to the official website has been officially opened, and put the game more than one new picture for you player information.



1, Series Synopsis:

PSP version of new work: “Memories 4: from now on Again” (Memories Off: Sorekara Again), produced by the 5pb.Games transplant. This has the original development company for KID (Kindle Imagine Develop Corporation) in the March 23, 2006 at the PS2 launch before, also received praise players. This is also the “Memories 4: from now on,” fourth Gaiden nature works.

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Second, the story background:

PSP version of “Memories 4: from now on Again” that this is the game play from the three popular actress Chi-Ling, Fujiwara Ya, fruit Rin Hua Ji, the story to the theme between the two men, each derived from separate routes. In this work, because the relationship between the follow-that this is a good outcome by the baptism of love, the three female lead is a state of mind regardless of level and appearance, will show different from the other side of the past. The game would coincide with the PSP’s 16:9 wide-screen adjustments, in addition to the big screen allows players to experience the event more fun of CG, it can also appear in the game to preserve the incident scene to use as wallpaper.

  Memories Off Sorekara Again 03

3, “Ling Chi chapter,” Introduction:

PSP version is divided into three, which “Ling Chi Chapter” in the reunion between the main narrative, after an instant success, and pray for love can be said to have increased, and the two work together to prepare for the entrance examination period, the time to get along has increased considerably, but one day the two together has an important significance to the orphanage and was informed that because of operational problems which will face the orphanage closed fate always feel that this is what it is, in the efforts of the two hand Next, the player more from the plain, the real story, to experience the warm well-being.

  Memories Off Sorekara Again 04

4, “Fujiwara Ya chapter,” Introduction:

PSP version of “Memories 4: from now on Again” a “Fujiwara Ya chapter” is a narrative in order to save long been shackled by strict tutoring Blair, in one move took her to elope flee the city to seek refuge with relatives, for the two lives, Ya in operating a Japanese-style clothing store’s aunt help to stay in the design studio to learn about designing a kimono, while an instant success is to go out to work, the two help each other live a busy and full of life and love of freedom; continued to appear in the Ya mature, gentle, not only indulging in an atmosphere of love, she also look to their own interest, and in one move of no regrets, accompanied by the growth of a more elegant look dazzling and moving.

  Memories Off Sorekara Again 05

5, “Hua Ji fruit Rin chapter,” Introduction:

PSP version of “Memories 4: from now on Again” the “fruit Rin Hua Ji Chapter” Reum elegant fruit qualities described in her modeling work has been very busy, but the fruit still shiver with fear when taking the time to date for a kick to the taste of soft fruit and Rin thoughtful, deepening their own fruit than any other people would like to shiver with cold determination. As the fruit Rin’s birthday a day by day is approaching, an instant success in the end must be prepared for what is a gift and were racking their brains for things to get any fruit Rin is, what kind of gift to make her happy?

  Memories Off Sorekara Again 06

6, a strong production team:

The game developers 5PB GAME, said, PSP version of “Memories 4: from now on Again” the game’s theme song “Drawing Again” still Shigura Chiyomaru production, combined with Ayumi Murata singers, music from “Memories” A series of composer Paul just as the soul, the role of Shengyou lineup, including small Sergeant Lam Tony (a former “Dancing-HiME”, “Nodame Cantabile” and voice work), Enomoto Atsuko (who act as “men and women seesaw”, “angel area” voice), etc., in which the new stage is the role of Shengyou six games include Junji Majima (Shakugan no Shana), Miyagawa Miho (KERORO Gunso), etc..

  Memories Off Sorekara Again 07

The scheduled launch of the PSP version of “Memories 4: from now on Again” available time locking for the September 17, 2009. The game will be released in early return to regular version and limited edition, priced at 3,990 yen (including tax price) and 6,090 yen (including tax price). The game will not only reproduce the then moved and joined a new video, music, and the new “new work fiction” mode, players can use PSP to make the relevant novels to read the latest. Limited version of the game back to the early inclusion of information include: the role of the song contains the original set of CD, Soundtrack music CD to set data sets and so on, like “Memories” series of games both old and new players should not miss this for.

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Game screen: (PICTURE × 24)

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