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“Cang-wing version of Apocalypse to bring” (ブReiブポールールブTatari) (BLAZBLUE PORTABLE) (ULJM-05613)

PSP Games Name: Dawn Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition / Chong Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition

Japanese Name:ブReiブポールールブTatari (BonusジンとReiチェルのツンデレCD付き)

English name: BlazBlue Portable

Production companies: ARC SYSTEM WORKS / AKSYS GAMES

Agent Distributor: ARC SYSTEM WORKS

Game Type: FTG – Fighting Game (2D Versus fighting game) BlazBlue Portable

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 BlazBlue Portable

Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プReiステーションポTatariブール)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version) BlazBlue Portable

FAT Sell date: February 25, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Reference price: 5,040 yen buy BlazBlue Portable

Official website: BlazBlue Portable

 BlazBlue Portable 1

Game Description: BlazBlue Portable

    Japan ARC SYSTEM WORKS Company production, distribution, to June 2009 in the PS3 and XBOX360 console launch of the 2D Versus fighting masterpiece, “Chong Wing Apocalypse: doom trigger” (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger), also known as “blue Light: The fate Trigger “basis. Before official confirmation by the end of February 2010 will be launched enhanced version of PSP handheld portable ─ ─ ─ “Chong Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” (BlazBlue Portable) message. The same time, the game’s official website has also been officially opened, and put the game multiple-date information on the screen for the players you refer to.

1, the game summary: BlazBlue Portable

PSP transplant enhanced version “Chong Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” (BlazBlue Portable) was originally ARC company in Japan in November 2008 listing of the operation of 2D fighting arcade games. Game has taken part in “Guilty Gear” (Guilty Gear) series of Leigh Road, Shi Du Fu, who made too much. Arcade 1280 × 768 with high-resolution wide-screen to render the detail of the picture dramatically improve and add many new elements of combat, the game basically use 8-direction keys plus four key operating systems, including three attacks on key, the executable The role of available special abilities, which is present for the original feature. It also uses a rapid air fighting game spurt with two indispensable para jumping and other movements, as well as to go after the attacks and faces fierce attack in pursuit of the defense system, playing in the introduction by the praise and favorable for the player.

BlazBlue Portable 2

Since then to make again in June 25, 2009 launched the PS3 and the XBOX360 console versions: “Cang Wing Apocalypse: doom trigger” (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger), and, in particular for the console version of the network of on-line features by adding expected the match to let gamers, online play, world ranking mode for players to bring unparalleled extremely gorgeous graphics and straightforward operation experience. But this time ported to PSP handheld on the PSP handheld hardware features will be based on appropriate optimization and improvement. Before the PSP version will be included all the 12 roles, and console versions of the entire contents, and will increase in a bucket on the basis of the original playing field pattern is very worthy of our players look forward to.

 BlazBlue Portable 3

Second, the story background: BlazBlue Portable

AD 22 century, mankind was forced to suddenly come into this world with the “Black Warcraft” start fighting. The face of the “black beast” overwhelming force, humanity is moving toward extinction. In this despite the critical juncture, the six heroes to stand up to use ancient magic. They will power of the ancient “magic” to convey to the human. The world will be integrated with modern science to complete the omnipotent power “surgical.” New capabilities have been human, and six co-heroes fight back in the fierce fighting, the humans finally defeated the “black beast” … …

 BlazBlue Portable 4

Later, the campaign is called “the first World War I. magic,” while all six of them were known as the “Six Heroes”, and their heroes have been handed to the future generations of matter Heritage. In this war, in order to exercise the “surgical”, a large number of compilation of the so-called “magic guide book”, but in order to manage these “magic guide book”, it set up a “hierarchy of the world void of intelligence agencies” (statist institutions). Statist institutions throughout the world under the rule of using the new capability “surgical” in various areas has been rapid development. Renaissance of the world, and the “black beast” before the war the world has been unparalleled.

 BlazBlue Portable 5

Statist institutions began after the beginning of authoritarian rule, after several decades of time. The “surgical” as the main body of the world, because of differences in individual ability have great wealth, class and so the gap. Around the world, has accumulated a lot of resentment and explosive. Finally, the rebel statist institutions, “Vernonia Lianbang” launched “Second Magic War I.” (Vernonia civil war). It is this world, for the first time by human beings with each other in order to expand surgical war. The battle being waged in Vernonia ended with the collapse of the Federation of Bubble Collapse. A result, statist institutions successfully demonstrated to the world their “inverse I perish” concept. Ikaruga Civil War in the pacification few years later, an amazing event occurred. Fighting the equivalent of a country branch of the military hierarchy body by a man suddenly appeared destroyed. The courage to confront the power of their own power to rule the world who is called ─ ─ ─ Craig that布莱德艾奇(Ragna the Bloodedge) Craig, it also holds tremendous power with the “magic guide book”, at the moment being statist institutions to a high reward Reward. In order to overthrow him, and a variety of people gathered in this city, mark the opening of the story … …

 BlazBlue Portable 6

Third, part of the debut role description: BlazBlue Portable

1.Ragna the Bloodedge (Voice: Tomokazu Sugita): BlazBlue Portable

Description: “Cang-wing Apocalypse,” the protagonist, a single challenge to statist institutions of men, white hair, heterochromatic eyes. Also known as “Death.” Wanton destruction of statist institutions, coupled with his right hand with “The Magic Cang guide book” of counterfeit goods, which can use the “black beast” and force opponents to draw on physical, so it is wanted as a reward in the history of the maximum amount of prisoners, have been a number of people kill. This made the story that he sneaked into class by the city, “Kagu soil” started.

 BlazBlue Portable 7

2.Jin Kisaragi (voice: Tetsuya Kakihara): BlazBlue Portable

Introduction: the military hierarchy organization, class is a major, is from one door Kisaragi family elite, who guided the end of the Second World War and the magic known as the “Madarahato’s Hero,” for we know that Ragna in this city in the class, after violation of orders of superiors without permission to go to the city alone.

 BlazBlue Portable 8

3.Noel Vermillion (voice: Kondo Kana sub): BlazBlue Portable

Description: “Cang-wing Apocalypse” important role of women, one of the military hierarchy organization, class is a second lieutenant. In the second World War I. magic lost memories, from the lower nobility Van Milligan Weng received the adopted daughter, and later entered military school after graduation with part of Jin troops.

 BlazBlue Portable 9

4.Rachel Alucard (voice: Kana Ueda): BlazBlue Portable

Description: from a few hundred years ago there were door Ai Road, Packard vampire family the eldest, appearance at an early age girl. Usual to drink tea for fun, although the elegant posture, but the attitude of the dialogue will be superior, but also made an important female role in this one.

 BlazBlue Portable 10

5.Iron Tager (voice: Kenji Nomura): BlazBlue Portable

Description: belongs to “the seventh organs” military personnel. Magic in the second World War I. Vernonia civil war wounded dying to accept the transformation of surgical scientists to become transformation of people. The transformation obtained when the ability to manipulate magnetic. The mandate for the pursuit of fleeing, and the six heroes to win, “Cang’s magic guide book”, in order to complete the task sneaked into class city “Buddha with the land.”

  BlazBlue Portable 11

6.Taokaka (voice: Saito 1000 and): BlazBlue Portable

Description: like a cat-like appearance with a girl, is one of the six heroes of the “beast Samurai” as the prototype manufactured counterfeit goods, is also a member of the ethnic fighting.

  BlazBlue Portable 12

4, transplant edition features:

1. Retain all home machines:

PSP PSP portable version “Chong Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” contains the complete console PS3 and XBOX360 versions of all the content, and join the rich original elements, including additional original story mode, the new model “area”, all-powerful role of an additional nirvana “astral hot technology” and so on, and to support the PSP’s Ad Hoc wireless Battle Online.

  BlazBlue Portable 13

2. The new “regional” model:

The PSP version will be included based on the arcade version of the story mode, and will be adding a new “regional model.” 12 war role in improving the balance after adjustment would be the ultimate form of the full debut. This is the PSP version of the original model-specific. This mode the enemy will be chess players displayed in front of the model. The player is the system of hegemony across the region to take the route which is entirely the player to decide. And in which there will be elements of the role of rearing elements and BOSS.

  BlazBlue Portable 14

3. The story mode:

PSP version “Chong Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” provides 12 selectable role of the 1800 hand-painted image file, each of the characters show the delicate high-definition images. 2D Fighting to bring high-definition players feel. Each role has a different story to choose and in accordance with the different characters in order to give each role their own unique nirvana, instant reverse the situation of the war. The story mode will allow gamers to fully understand the role of 12 debut come to 13th class of the reason the city involved in the fighting.

  BlazBlue Portable 15

4. Army mode:

In the “Cang Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” will be newly added original “Army mode”, players in this mode aims to carry out the role with the enemy 1 on 1 battle will eventually suppress the enemy army. After the suppression of the enemy to choose the one role you can add your own army. Through the PSP’s Ad Hoc wireless online capabilities can support up to four players to play against, but the battle can only be 1 on 1, the other two players temporarily in the side of the match can only wait.

  BlazBlue Portable 16

“Cang Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” by “Guilty Gear” series, produced by a team filled with a sense of speed of 1 to 1 fighting game. In the arcade on this as there are many players love, and later ported to the PS3 and XBOX360 on. Now, PSP handheld gamers can understand this fighting game features a distinctive charm of the. After the joining of new elements, PSP Edition “Chong Wing Apocalypse: Portable Edition” currently scheduled for February 25, 2010 on sale, priced at 5,040 yen (tax price). A few days ago the government has also announced the PSP version of the same bundle Bonus CD, the CD by a special code Tetsuya Kakihara and Kana Ueda two excellent reputation for Xian Sheng, weaving of a special significance, “Chong Wing Apocalypse” short drama, if you made for this role or are interested in the story, then this is the most worthy of special Code CD collection of gift. Anyway, you have like the classic 2D fighting game players do not miss the friends made.

  BlazBlue Portable 17

Game screen: (PICTURE × 25)

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