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Battle Spirits Heros Soul

“Soul of a hero fighting the soul” (バ & Suites ル ピ リ ス ロ ッ ツ Haruhi ー ル ー ズ ソ ウ) (BATTLE SPIRITS HERO’S SOUL) (ULJS-00280 | DDCC707BC9AA308F | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: Battle of the Soul: Heroes Soul / Combat soul: Heroes Soul / Combat soul: soul incarnation / War Soul: Heroes Soul / fighting spirit: the soul of a hero

Japanese Name: バ & Suites ル ピ リ ス ロ ッ ツ Haruhi ー ル ー ズ ソ ウ (Special Code プ ロ ー ド モ カ “shield 竜 イ ニ ー ジ ス オ” 付き)

English name: Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul

Production Manufacturer: BANDAI LABEL

Agent Distributor: BANDAI NAMCO GAMES INC. Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul

Game Type: ETC – ET Cetera Game (other types, card games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul

Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プ Rei ス テ ー シ ョ ン ポ Tatari ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

FAT Sell Date: March 11, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Reference price: 5,250 yen buy Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul

Official website of Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul:

 Battle Spirits Heros Soul 01

Game Description: (the following from “Raytheon PSP Game Forum” by the ants, insects collected more!)

    Japanese NBGI Company production, distribution exclusively by the PSP handheld. Adapted from the popular comics “Battle Spirits” (Chinese translation of “battle of the soul” or the “war spirit”), a new card game for Battle: “the soul of battle: Hero Soul” (Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul), has been formally identified NBGI This made the spring of 2010 to meet with the players, which is the series in the second paragraph on the PSP platform, original works. At present for the official website has also been opened, and put the game more than one new picture for you player information.

First, the original introduction:

    ”Battle Spirits” (the fighting spirit), from Japan SUNRISE (Sunrise ─ ─ ─ Sunrise Co., Ltd. is Japan with an animation-based entertainment company, was founded in 1972, now belongs to Namco Bandai under the Group.) Company adaptation and the Magic will be produced BANDAI group of co-Chupin the card game “Battle Spirits” of the animation works.

    Comics differ from the vine Hideaki (Fujii Hideaki) authored, Japan, Kadokawa Publishing (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing) comic magazine KEROKERO ACE serialized in September 2008, in Nagoya television animated version, scheduled to launch in the second quarter 2009 animated version of ─ ─ ─ “Battle Spirits: Juvenile shock tyrants bombs”, while the second quarter of animation and comics, is formally established in KEROKERO ACE and ACE 2 Shōnen magazine serials, and the author Dongchuan Yoshiki.

    2, the game summary:

    The new PSP exclusive for “the soul of battle: Hero Soul” (Battle Spirits: Hero’s Soul) is a “battle of the Soul” series produced for the blueprint for a new second paragraph to handheld. Players will control is called Spirit of the monster cards to fight. This made the world to set up and is scheduled for November 12, 2009 sale of the first work, “the soul of battle: the Bazhe pyroxene” (Battle Spirits: Kiseki no Hasha) different from the modern world view, “the soul of battle: Hero Soul “is filled with a sword and magic of the fantasy world.

Third, the story background:

A remote mountain village in China inhabited by a mysterious force has a race, usually where the residents live as a simple law of human life, but once outside enemy attacks, they will pick up the call out of the hands of the cards had been their own conquered monster guarding the village.

The village unique “security team” has now become a player squads recruited under an object, and of course, to fully achieve their trust and they must frequently infested with demons curse to the land, to help them use the card more powerful seal The monster is already used by Cai Xing.

Fourth, what is the “battle of the Soul” mean?

“Battle of the soul” is popular in Japan in recent years, a new card game. Players from more than one artist painted hand, painting beautiful cards, operation cards in the illusion of a monster to fight. Even later adapted into animation, makes tolerance more expand. Now about to put the card in the world adapted the game, put on the PSP handheld, so that players can enjoy its taste adventure maze while collecting cards for hot hunting offensive and defensive.

The series is also to commemorate the NBGI first generation of “card vending machines,” The launch of the 20th anniversary of the specially produced card game. Games and traditional card game is the biggest difference compared to integrated into the action element in the whole 3D scene, when the player and the enemy encounters will switch to a special “combat mode”, and according to fighting the use of “nuclear crystal” to launch a the effect of the card is able to rise to colorful tactics, this is the so-called “battle of the soul” of.

5, debut profiles:

1. Hero (player’s name can be customized):

Description: to the six world adventure and determined to write what they see the hero, is currently open only to concept map, the actual game, players can for his appearance, names and other specific information to modify and create the role of their own personality.

2. Si Bier:

    Description: familiar with the situation and differences in the world act together and recognize the public partner, through her players can be seen that six of the world with a lot of fighting spirit-related information.

    6, the entity of the card world:

    The new PSP as a “battle of the Soul: Heroes soul” inside the “battle of the soul” is a kind known as “soul strange” beast, will be in the game world, alive to reproduce the original. Players play a Traveler, in the red, blue, white, green, black, purple and so on six country where travel, the purpose is to obtain the legendary soul strange. 6 country has its own customs, ecology and public sentiment, which the soul strange residence, have also reflected the local environment, have their own eating habits and daily routine. Players will be involved in the wonders of danger among the unearthed rare soul strange species.

    And see the rare and strange spirit, you can choose weapons will be the lifting hands down and earn experience points; or so weak, will be driven by the order of their cards. Players will be able to experience while traveling observe the natural environment, fun collection of card group.

    7, the shuttle in six of the world of adventure:

    Since the “Battle of the Soul: Heroes soul” is a card game, then the player’s ultimate goal certainly is to collect as many cards, game cards are divided into the main monster summon the “war spirit cards” to launch Magic’s “Magic Card “and added a variety of special effects,” the boundary card “three broad categories, but as the story progresses, followed by the six world is not going to hide a strong unknown cards, how to break the storm will depend on how the players make good use of the current the card holder has. These cards include: Ma-Ku ─ ─ ─ Yan Long magic people mag ─ ─ ─ Ngau Tau King, Babar ─ ─ ─ balloon magic people, Odin ─ ─ ─ fortress emperor, death Teluo De ─ ─ ─ Devil 7 will, Landeerfu ─ ─ ─ giant and Wang.

    8, the Shoufu’s soul strange, are Summon up bar!

    And KONAMI “Game King” the same type of card game in the PSP version of the new as a “battle of the soul: the soul of a hero”, the player will be the value of the cost of their own lives, to get the power of using the card. Card of the soul after the strange, it will be the player’s right-hand man. Can be used as equipment, worn on the body protagonist; also called upon by entities out, accompanied by side with the player attacks; can convert stunts and magic, allowing the player to display their time. Hand on the card, to overthrow the soul strange to get a new card, in this constant exploration, and gradually strengthen the licensing group of forces, the last player to wait for the outcome will be … …

    Exclusively by the PSP handheld card Versus new work: “the soul of battle: Hero Soul,” currently scheduled for March 11, 2010 sale, the game is priced at 5,250 yen (tax price). The booking in advance to buy the game players can get a game card group as original twist. Believe that this will become a favorite for gamers Card Battle-type good choice, there are card-based game players Battle not miss this for.

Game screen: (PICTURE × 8)

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