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Bokudake_no_Kajitsu_JPN_UMDVIDEO_PSP-DOSKIAS [PSPUMD] “is only the fruit of my own” (Japanese version) [1.49GB] [DDJSU003 | 9A8CF02EF226F09A | 0002 | V] (THE JAPANESE EDITION) Bokudake no Kajitsu 00

Bokudake no Kajitsu 01

Bokudake no Kajitsu 00“Only my own fruit” (servant だ け の fruit Mira) (BOKUDAKE NO KAJITSU) (DDJSU003 | 9A8CF02EF226F09A | 0002 | V) Name of the game: only the fruits of my own / my fruit

Japanese Name: servant だ け の fruit Mika (タ イ ル servant だ け の ト fruit Mika)

English name: Bokudake no Kajitsu

Production companies: JIN PRODUCTS / YASUYUKI

Agent release: JIN PRODUCTS

Game Type: UMD-VIDEO Bokudake no Kajitsu

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: April 3, 2008 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 4,410 yen buy Bokudake no Kajitsu

Official Website:

Bokudake no Kajitsu 04I. About the Game:

JIN PRODUCTS planning and production by the Japanese, the corresponding PSP handheld game platform, a beautiful girl fall in love: “I only belong to the fruit” (Bokudake no Kajitsu), the official website has been substantially updated, including more than one game set map and wallpaper, for player reference. Bokudake no Kajitsu 05JIN is this for PSP introduced a third company for the UMD video games, with the February 2008 launch of the “magic maid”, this is a player for the works of over 18 years old, the game in which players can choose different content to watch a different story animation. Develop games and other games of different, mainly in the animation to show the main story, not the other properties to develop games in the relationship between growth and the growth and development of the main charm, so this can be said for the animation to the players to enjoy a relaxing movie complete the game. Bokudake no Kajitsu 06At present, the campaign has made full swing, the game is currently scheduled for April 3, 2008 on sale, priced at 4,410 yen (tax included), JIN, according to the official website of the introduction, the game’s story will be up to 400 minutes , can be quite kind, like these is “Moe” game players should not miss this.

Second, the level password:

1.UV function unlock: “の ま ru”;

2.CG Animation: “ひ か ri”;

Third, the run method:

Need to upgrade to custom firmware 3.52M33 or 3.71 to 3.80M33 or 3.90M33-2 VIDEO playback function supports more than a new version of firmware to run this image. Copy the image, such as “Bokudake_no_Kajitsu_JPN.ISO” to the memory stick “ms0: ISO VIDEO” directory. And then return to the PSP’s XMB interface according to “HOME” key or “SELECT” button to bring up the M33 the “VSH MENU” function, select the last item “ISO VIDEO MOUNT”, by “cross key” to select the image. Finally, the most important point, in the barn must have a PSP UMD disc boot CD.

Fourth, the game screen: (PICTURE × 11)

Bokudake no Kajitsu 08

Bokudake no Kajitsu 09

Bokudake no Kajitsu 10

Bokudake no Kajitsu 11

Bokudake no Kajitsu 12

Bokudake no Kajitsu 13

Bokudake no Kajitsu 14

Bokudake no Kajitsu 15

Bokudake no Kajitsu 16

Bokudake no Kajitsu 17

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