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Hello_Kitty_Puzzle_Party_USA_PSP-pSyPSP [PSPUMD] “Hello Kitty’s Happy decoration” (U.S. version) [?? MB] [ULUS-1] (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EDITION) Hello Kitty 00“Hello Kitty’s Happy decoration” (HELLO KITTY PUZZLE PARTY) (ULUS-1)

PSP Games Name: Hello Kitty’s Happy decorating / Hello Kitty’s Puzzle Party / Hello Kitty’s Puzzle Party / Hello Kitty decoration happiness

English name: Only On PlayStation – Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party (Hello Kitty no Happy Accessory)

Production companies: DORASU / SANRIO CO., LTD.TOKYO, JAPAN

Agent release: UBISOFT Entertainment.

Genre: ETC – ET Cetera Game (other types, a variety of types of games collection)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP) Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: February 16, 2010

Price: $: $ 29.99 buy Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party

Official Website:

Hello Kitty 01

Game: U.S. UBISOFT (Ubisoft) Company proxy issue. DORASU development of production is scheduled for February 2010 on sale in North America, the corresponding PSP handheld. To Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) has launched a series of theme-related games: “Hello Kitty’s Happy decoration” (Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party). According to developers introduced, as will the memory of a Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) works to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth, it is learned, the game will be a collection of various forms and types, inclusion and Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) related to the small games, wallpaper and so on. First, the “Hello Kitty” Introduction:

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty ─ ─ ─ (also translated as “Hello Kitty”), the Japanese company in 1974 SANRIO years to create a cartoon image. “Hello Kitty” and related goods usually a bright pink bow his head with a white cartoon kitten image appears. Although the design of Hello Kitty was originally focused on the female market, but it has the cartoon character merchandise has been involved in toys, purses, TV, clothes and so on. Since its inception, Hello Kitty likes to by the consumer, especially in Asia, more related products are warmly welcomed. Hello Kitty 02Second, the game features:

As the title indicates, this made, PSP new “Hello Kitty’s Happy decoration” (Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party) will be included type of rich jewelry and all kinds of Hello Kitty mini-games, including: “Hello Kitty’s private Calendar “,” Hello Kitty’s private alarm clock, “” Hello Kitty Tetris, “” Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary wallpaper “and so on. Hello Kitty 03Hello Kitty alarm clock rings and the time can be freely set, so that a player Hello Kitty small private secretary; in Hello Kitty Russian box, puzzle play is very cute, lovely Kay to control with City whereabouts of the cat box to eliminate it; on the anniversary of Hello Kitty wallpapers, you can also freely set up these cute Hello Kitty wallpaper to the PSP’s XMB interface, contains several sets of Hello Kitty theme, so cute Kay City to add cute beautiful cat is happy PSP decorated it! Hello Kitty 04PSP version of “Hello Kitty’s Happy decoration” is currently scheduled for the end of February 2009 on sale in North America, and the image of Hello Kitty has been a pretty clear path to go, this is welcomed by girls in depth, so there are like Hello Kitty Women players should not miss this for friends. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 23) Hello Kitty 05

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