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Slotter_Mania_P_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “slot machine winning Master P – Mach GO GO GO Ⅲ” (Japanese version) [?? MB] [ULJM-05822] (THE JAPANESE EDITION) Slotter Mania P 00“Master P slot machine winning Mach GO GO GO Ⅲ” (ス ロ ー マ ニ ッ タ ア P マ ッ ハ GOGOGO III) (SLOTTER MANIA P MACH GO GO GO III) (ULJM-05822)

PSP Games Name: slot machines winning Division P: Mach Go Go Go Ⅲ / slot machine winning Division P: Forward Forward Forward Mach 3 / slot machines P: Mach Go Go Go Ⅲ / slot frenzy P: Mach Go Go Go Ⅲ

Japanese Name: ス ロ ー マ ニ ッ タ P マ ッ ハ GOGOGOiii ア

English name: Slotter Mania P: Mach Go Go Go III

Production companies: DORASU, INC.

Agent release: DORASU, INC.

Game Type: TAB – Table Game (board game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: January 6, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 4,725 yen

Official Website:

Slotter Mania P 01

Game: Japanese game developers DORASU production, distribution. Scheduled in January 2011 to launch the PSP handheld platform, the desktop type TAB-type game pachinko new work: “slot machine winning Division P: Mach GOGOGO Ⅲ” (Slotter Mania P: Mach Go Go Go III) (aka: “Slots machine winning Division P: Mach forward, forward, forward 3 “). At present for the official website has opened, and the release of the latest images and information of the game for the players you refer. First, the “slot machine” Introduction:

Slot Machine The full name of the slot machines, is a frequently seen in the casino entertainment gambling machines, slot machines and even play special entertainment, games are played is the slot (coin) inputs, and then will randomly appear in different patterns, such as the stop time or a specific event of the same patterns that meet the same connection, that is according to their odds to win. With the rise of digital electronics, slot machines from the original design, developed into a modern and advanced computer control chart type game. Now how wire slot machines, electric slot machine appears to give game designers to create more space. Because they are all computer controlled, and many electric slot machine can be up one after another, the establishment of fast-growing advanced jackpot. Slotter Mania P 02Second, the game play:

PSP version of “slot machine winning Master P: Mach GOGOGO Ⅲ” play a relatively simple point, the main purpose is to win a lot of games scores will be able to cross the border. Players do not need too many brain cells, as long as 3 months of luck with the same pattern, you can enter the awards off, but this requires a little vision and you sense a little bit, and then with time. After all three images together is not so good at the (so-called reward off mixed soldier appears on the screen is actually a serial number, require players to press the number, mixed soldier time to 10 brands, according to a dollar sign algorithm 2 , that is five, of course, impossible to give you a post-conversion 5. BOSS part of a section 15 brands) but this game has the story, down a specific role can learn moves, so it will not be that punch in the final seconds BOSS out … … Slotter Mania P 03In the PSP version of “slot machine winning Master P: Mach GOGOGO Ⅲ”, players can also Ad Hoc mode (wireless mode), and Game Sharing (game sharing) to achieve more than two player online game. The PSP version of the game currently scheduled for January 6, 2011 sale, the game is priced at 4,725 yen (tax included), for the love of the players not to be missed. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 12)

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Free Downloads PSP Games - Slotter Mania P: Mach Go Go Go III Free