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NUKED: TOCA_Race_Driver_3_Challenge_EUR_MULTi5_PSP-BAHAMUT [PSPUMD] “TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge” (European version, including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc., including Wu-language.) [460MB] [ULES-00613 | CC5DC119E54E429D | 0001 | G] (EUROPE EDITION, ENGLISH, FRENCH, DEUTSCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, MULTILANGUAGE-5.)

“TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge” (TOCA RACE DRIVER 3 CHALLENGE) (ULES-00613 | CC5DC119E54E429D | 0001 | G) DTM Race Driver 00Game Title: TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge / Super Touring 3

English name: TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge (DTM Race Driver 3 Challenge)

Production companies: CODEMASTERS


Genre: RAC – Race Game (racing racing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish, etc. / with Wu language (European Edition)

Release Date: February 16, 2007

Official Website:

DTM Race Driver 01

PSP Games:

Known to the British racing game developer Codemasters has announced the game’s super-famous TOCA Touring Car series, the latest as: “TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge” (TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge.) The PSP handheld exclusive masterpiece by the end of February 2007 is currently scheduled in the UK. “” TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge “is a huge project, we have developed more than a year. This racing game development team will be elevated to an unprecedented height, precision lets players have a real driving feel, hot water tank , the gasoline burn out, a jet engine and so on, “Codemasters for the first character Gavin Raeburn said,” these details means that the experience more realistic and more exciting game. Maybe you’re a good driver, but the good drivers and good race car driver is essential difference in the abnormal rotation of your engine, excessive wear and tear on your tires, you can remain calm you? ”

DTM Race Driver 02And the previous racing games like, “TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge” story line is racing career, the player in order to become a successful racing driver to be subject to numerous training and competition. The game engine provides training for no less than 35, the other player can choose a new racing career, in this mode, players can receive special training. General training courses include high-performance sports car model, to seize the track, turn, turn around, change tires, and ring sprint training track. These elements will help you to lead in major championships, will be opponents thrown by far. If you choose to use open small car race, you have to Formula 1000 and Formula BMW to prove their strength. When you are in the game when the outstanding results achieved, F1 teams will stay in one place for you.

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Free Downloads PSP Games - DTM Race Driver 3 Challenge Demo