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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Chinese name: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

 PSP Games for English name: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

 Resource type: ISO image

 PSP Games of capacity: 1CD

 Issue Time: 1999

 Producers and Distributors: Capcom

 Game Language: English

 Game Type: Action Shooting

 Game Description:

 ”Resident Evil” series continued for up-to-date, plot twists and turns are all surrounded by a chemical called Urrbrela of companies. This is a status the surface, unknown small companies. Can it “law” behind the veil, but the people heard in the dirty dirty conspiracy, in fact, this is a specialized in research, experiments, production of destructive weapons of Health together underground factories! Originally, everything is conducted in secret, the accidents can be expected finally happened, in the hills outside the town Pacconon under Urrbrella happened a secret research institute with a virus leak. Raccoon Township Police Department to send the British team went to survey Brave came to nothing, in the two main characters of Charles and Jill bath prepared fighting, the bombing of the Institute, together with two other survivors to escape together.

 Jill in the game will find timid generation helicopter pilot Brad Vickers died in the “tracer” his. She soon encountered CarlosOliveira mercenaries and their UBCS two companions Mikhail and Nikolai, in order to prevent the “tracer” Mikhail took dedication. Jill and Carlos tried to drive away the tram did not expect to escape the lingering “tracer” once again undermined their plans. With the “tracer” of the battle, Gil G virus in the body, and finally Carlos umbrella funded in the hospital to find vaccine. Gil then went to the Racoon City Park, where she learned a shocking secret – the G of the large-scale outbreak of the virus is actually plotted umbrella company, the purpose is to test the G-virus as the effectiveness of biological weapons . At present, the entire Raccoon City has been the military blockade, and hiding the truth, only the umbrella of a number of senior staff to know the truth, and Nikolai is one of them. In an abandoned factory, Gill informed umbrella companies are attempting to launch a missile to destroy evidence of the destruction of Raccoon City. Gil final defeat of the Nikolai and the “tracer”, and together with the Carlos by helicopter to escape from the Big Bang is the raccoon city.

 Beautify the interface

 Compression ultra-small game

 Visual Strategy

 Resident Evil 3 solution of Death!!!

 1 after entering the game SELECT button on the PSP.

 2 to enter the “GAME CONFIG” option, will be ranked No. 2 option “VIBRATION ON” changed to “VIBRATION OFF”

 3 once again by the PSP on the SELECT button to enter the game.

 Members can rest assured, are you, have been tested to run the game can be perfect, after playing Add to download PSP GAME can.

Free Downloads PSP Games - Resident Evil 3 Nemesis PSP Game