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Danball_Senki_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “spider fighters” (Japanese version) [1.45GB] [ULJS-00361 | 4D3823997F488858 | 0001 | G] (THE JAPANESE EDITION)

Danball Senki “Spider fighters” (the inter ー ン ボ Hikaru Zhan machine) (DANBALL SENKI) (ULJS-00361 | 4D3823997F488858 | 0001 | G)

Game Name: spider fighter / fighter tray / carton fighters

Japanese name: the inter Hikaru Zhan machine ー ン ボ

English name: Danball Senki

Production companies: Level-5 Inc.

Agent release: Level-5 Inc.

Genre: RPG – Role Playing Game (role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te Tatari ブ ー Hikaru)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: June 16, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,980 yen

Official Website:

Danball Senki PSP Bundle

PSP Games:  According to Japanese Level-5 announced that the scheduled June 16, 2011 launch of the PSP handheld RPG role-playing a new work : “spider fighters” (Danball Senki, also known as “cardboard fighters”), game regular version sells for 5,980 yen (tax included), and with this release date announced, the government has also announced for the new war role, more evolved combat system, and now also announced the official debut of this role and view of the world for the latest information screen for the players to enjoy.

Danball Senki PSP DealsFirst, the game “spider fighters” Summary:

New PSP for “spider fighters” (Danball Senki) is an addition to the game, is also expected in the animation, comic books and plastic models, and many other areas of work simultaneously. By small combat robot “LBX”, kept in cardboard boxes to start strengthening the hot bucket. In the game version of “spider fighters”, the one in the same bundle will work with ultra-high performance plastic model ─ ─ ─ LBX “AX-00″. I believe as long as the LBX in the hand, the game’s world view can be more empathy.

Danball Senki PSP DemosSecond, the story outline Abstract:

PSP version of “spider fighters” Set in 2050, players will play with the plastic model toy love machine 13-year-old boy mountain brutal strength, one day a mysterious woman from the aircraft entrusted with a new carton (LBX) “Achilles” After you are drawn into the world of fighter carton. Because of the ultra-high performance LBX, from Xiao Man triggered a series of riots around. But all this is going to happen but after the “major event” a prelude to the … …

Danball Senki PSP 1001Three, LBX origin:

LBX for the toy manufacturers’ 泰尼欧彼特 “the development of small combat robot. Because the performance is too strong, was faced with selling in the market predicament prohibited. But because they can absorb the impact of “enhanced carton,” the debut and the re-sale restrictions lifted. LBX also developed between the children burst into a popular commodity red. Players will come with their own holdings LBX play against other players in a variety of different features of the carton to start fighting in the battlefield, training and access to capital and technology to strengthen the existing parts or buy new LBX LBX.

Danball Senki On Cheap PSP GoFourth, because of LBX caused a big commotion:

Mount Savage is the hero, is a favorite machine and plastic models of 13-year-old boy, usually always together with partners in the North Island model shop inside the bubble. The favorite LBX of Xiao Man, by unknown people to catch up from the hands of white women, accept a mysterious box. But thus become a spy against his three new target groups. Installed inside the box, but AX-00 this ultra-high performance LBX. LBX, but said this “key to save the world” too! Immediately to Xiao Man manipulation AX-00, against the agents are right.

Danball Senki PSP PortableFifth, a manipulation LBX together to battle:

Players will come with their own holdings LBX play against other players in a variety of different features of the carton to start fighting in the battlefield, training and access to capital and technology to strengthen the existing parts or buy new LBX LBX. In addition to the time of purchase and each LBX basic equipment, you can also purchase includes battery, motor, head, hands, feet, weapons, armor and other parts to different parts be modified in order to create their own strongest LBX.

Danball Senki PSP SoftwareAnd when a small palm-sized robot LBX fierce battle, and attack hits, you can accumulate nirvana of the meter, the pre-emptive attack with the general good, or display the meter fills powerful nirvana it? Between offense and defense is fierce! In addition, players can also be a combination of parts free, to transform the body shape will be different as the parts used have changed.

Danball Senki PSP Free Demo DownloadsSixth, control LBX fight it!

Want to manipulate the LBX, we must use to give commands on the remote control LBX CCM. In the CCM, the body will show LBX suffered damage, the residual battery power, etc., essential to the operation of various information when LBX. The CCM is also very characteristic shape.

Danball Senki PSP LitePSP PSP-exclusive role-playing new work: “spider fighters” currently scheduled for June 16, 2011 sale, the game comes bundled with the protagonist of the carton fighters “Achilles” model. And this is not only released version of the game, TV animation’s future plans will continue, “Lightning Eleven,” the schedule launch animation. BANDAI official also announced the launch of a series of plastic model planning, we can see that “spider fighters” attempting to combine the various fields, to develop a full range of Dah Sing series. For role-playing game of the new and old players must not miss the game. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 17) 

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