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Knights in the Nightmare

“Nightmare Knight” (ナ イ ツ ナ イ イ ン ザ & Suites メ ア) (KNIGHTS IN THE NIGHTMARE) (ULJM-05502)

PSP Games Name: Nightmare Knight / Knights of the nightmare / nightmare Knights / Knight of the nightmare / nightmare Knights

Japanese Name: ナ イ ツ ナ イ イ ン ザ & Suites メ ア

English name: Knights in the Nightmare

Production companies: STING (开 発 yuan: Corporation ス テ ィ ン ¥ °)

Agent Release: ATLUS CO., LTD. (発 売 yuan: Corporation ア & Suites ラ ス)

Game Type: S · RPG – Simulation + Role Playing Game (strategy + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1 Knights in the Nightmare

Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プ Rei ス テ ー シ ョ ン ポ Tatari ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

FAT Sell date: April 22, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Reference price: 6,279 yen buy Knights in the Nightmare

Official website of Knights in the Nightmare:

 Knights in the Nightmare 01

Game Description:

    Japan ATLUS’s agent issued by STING development, production, for the PSP handheld. Transplanted from the September 2008 sale of the same name in the NDS handheld version of S · RPG strategy role-playing game: “Nightmare Knights” (Knights in the Nightmare). Games are currently scheduled to be launched in Spring 2010, is currently the game’s official website has also been officially opened, and put the game more than one picture and part of the latest information for you the player information.

First, the original introduction:

This made the development of the “constraints of the land: Liweiyila”, “Yggdra Union”, etc. S · RPG strategy role-playing works of Japanese STING produced the latest of making. The NDS version of the game on September 25, 2008 sale. NDS on sale in the year and a half later, the company formally ATLUS distributor decided to transplant up to the PSP handheld, but also to allow more gamers to experience the charm of the game brings. Game world view and the “constraints of the land: Liweiyila”, “Yggdra Union” of the world in common.

 Knights in the Nightmare 02

The make is based on “Dept. Heaven Episodes” Episode IV in the No. 4 issued on behalf of Trilogy’s unique S · RPG series. Players have lost their soul purpose is to operate Weisi Pu (Wisp) side of their lives into the soul of a curse by winning the role, while the hands of the ancient city back from the monster. If the light from the image point of view would think that is a normal S · RPG, but in fact it contains dynamic elements of role-playing game RPG. In addition to the fighting outside of a considerable number have also joined the unique system, we can say very STING is a new style works … …

 Knights in the Nightmare 03

Second, the story background:
PSP version “a nightmare Knights” (Knights in the Nightmare), led by Wei Sipu about the hero kills the soul cursed knights, in order to seize the city was also occupied by Monster fight. Games in the orthodox strategy role-playing game (S · RPG) system into a real-time strategy (RTS) elements, giving players a new gaming experience.

 Knights in the Nightmare 04

In the spirit world and the Underworld a separate continent, which has a water surface floating in Noval’s “Santa Lei Siti tournament that the” Islands in the north of the island’s cliff top stands an easily defensible castle ─ ─ ─ “Affan Heim.” This is the ancient castle sitting at war with the alien, sometimes flat coexistence and the rule of the land they live royal castle. But I do not know since when, in the castle, but there was chaos within the situation. Manipulated by a mysterious force, and the Underworld monsters ─ ─ ─ “Zuo Erge that g”, within the ancient city began random killings, while the castle has thus become the monsters are ravaging the World of Darkness longitudinal balance.

 Knights in the Nightmare 05

Has become a monster in the lair of this castle, what happened in the end things? The rule of the king of this piece of earth lie? Also occasionally sometimes suddenly appear, wearing armor, whether it is an enemy or a girl friend? All these mysteries are about to reveal himself by the players themselves … …

 Knights in the Nightmare 06

Third, debut role:

1. Weisi Pu (strongest fighter):

Sex: Male;

Age: 20 years old;

Description: This be the hero, will be a result of a curse of life into the soul of the people were seized, life experience is still a mystery.

 Knights in the Nightmare 07

2. Maria (Modao Shi, Mystery Girl):

Gender: Female;

Age: 20 years old;

Description: This made the female lead, the mysterious girl dressed in armor, in the main character hero difficulties arise and to help.

 Knights in the Nightmare 08

3. Willem Garde (Lion Heart King):

Sex: Male;

Age: 38 years old;

Description: Eweihaimu City Kings, led the first Knights.

 Knights in the Nightmare 09

4. Gangzi Ya Great General (No. 2 Knights General):

Sex: Male;

Age: 50 years old;

Description: Knights led the second is the kingdom of the most distinguished generals.

 Knights in the Nightmare 10

5. Kaipuhuoen Secretary of State (Cardinal-ching):

Sex: Male;

Age: 65 years;

Description: careerist, Knights of the minister of state, led the third the Knights.

 Knights in the Nightmare 11

6. LaiernHaert (No. 4 Knights General):

Sex: Male;

Age: 30 years of age;

Description: The blood knight a neutral position, led the Knights of the fourth.

 Knights in the Nightmare 12

7. Moluozefu (No. 5 Knights General):

Sex: Male;

Age: 57 years of age;

Description: loyal to the king’s fifth Knights General.

8. 阿利基艾利 (No. 6 Knights General):

Gender: Female;

Age: 26 years of age;

Description: has a superior beauty of the 6th General Knights.

 Knights in the Nightmare 14

9. Lorne Dane (No. 7 Knights General):

Sex: Male;

Age: 40 years old;

Description: The seventh has a calm personality Knights General.

 Knights in the Nightmare 15

10. Wei Xiu-Na (No. 8 Knights General):

Gender: Female;

Age: 28 years of age;

Description: The eighth with a strong sense of responsibility and the Knights of female generals.

 Knights in the Nightmare 16

11. Gailanize (No. 9 Knights General):

Sex: Male;

Age: 26 years of age;

Description: The ninth ordinary man of few words, General Knights.

 Knights in the Nightmare 17

12. Fulawabei Lica (No. 10 Knights General):

Gender: Female;

Age: 23 years of age;

Description: Young beautiful woman Knights 10th General.

 Knights in the Nightmare 18

13. Rolfo (No. 11 Cavaliers team captain):

Sex: Male;

Age: 28 years of age;

Description: the other side of the implementation of the castle guard, 11th Knight team captain.

 Knights in the Nightmare 19

14. Ott (No. 12 Cavaliers team captain):

Sex: Male;

Age: 27 years of age;

Description: composed by a mercenary knight 12th team captain.

 Knights in the Nightmare 20

15. Nolde repair (Prince):

Sex: Male;

Age: 16 years;

Description: the king’s son, headstrong and impatient.

 Knights in the Nightmare 21

16. A Liye (Queen):

Gender: Female;

Age: 18 years of age;

Description: Flying Dragon Diamute the Queen, now missing.

 Knights in the Nightmare 22

4, the system description:

In the PSP version “a nightmare Knight” in, and there is no specific main character, players can be members of a large number of Knights, the players being given the role brought to life the role of operation as a player, but if the player you want to continued operation of its own like role, we must take the souls of other actors to use it as the price to pay Caixing.

 Knights in the Nightmare 23

“Nightmare Knight” is based on the fighting and the plot seamless manner, the attack and defense both will be close to real-time manner, players can always end their fighting round; in the series before the works, the player will be with “unit” approach to team, and as team members of the sex ratio changes, the team will have different properties; each Union can accommodate more than 40 members, players can use the next screen to the command team on the map移动.

 Knights in the Nightmare 24

In addition, after the start of each battle, players can be assigned, such as: attack, defense, recuperate, or stand-by and a series of commands. Once the time of depletion, this time round the end of the battle, players can start again the whole team prepared their weapons and props, the game screen will show images and animations, such as combat, dialogue and other elements.

 Knights in the Nightmare 25

5, transplant version of the new elements:

1. NDS version contains all the content:

PSP version “a nightmare Knight” role in the original cause of action before the PSP version of “Princess Alliance” tour season on Satoko (Kiyuduki Satoko) responsible; roles were set up by a former “constraint of the land” were established by the Ministry of sook responsible; the role of illustrator and the enemy is the role of illustrator, Yan Yong-Yue penned should be responsible. New work contains all NDS version, it also added producer Takatsu Fortunately, the central production of a new OP cinematic trailer. Two new players added by the feedback from the requirements of NDS, such as “novice teaching duties,” and “lines to collect” (also known as the “dialogue collection”), and so the elements.

 Knights in the Nightmare 26

2. “Novice teaching” tasks:

“Novice teaching task” is the teaching task by allowing the player step by step so that the role of operation are familiar with the basic elements of both in that this is the appearance of the knights will be the player who explains in easy to understand the composition of game systems. This practice will enable NDS version of the player has not played through this fast-learning is also rules of the game.

 Knights in the Nightmare 27

3. “Gathering lines” tasks:

The “gathering lines” refers to matter when the role of debut or there, as long as people have said debut once, automatically collected, while the players have to conquer more than 200 people debut role, and their dialogue is also included, and that such freedom reading with a complete collection of new elements to the story of this drama is also unlock the mysteries of the key elements of oh, so in order to collect them all to fight the elements of dialogue and bar!

 Knights in the Nightmare 28

4. Strengthen the performance of events:

In addition, the PSP version of “nightmare Knight” in the new event will be an additional original CG animation, etc. All of these animations will be performed by voice, I believe that voice will not let some players disappointed. The screen shows the game for the PSP handheld is also a wide-screen to re-planning, will be the original version of the upper and lower NDS screen PSP screen be adjusted to fit the 16:9 screen. In addition, according to official said, the PSP version will also provide for a unique event performances, well worth players look forward to!

 Knights in the Nightmare 29

PSP strategy role-playing new work: “Nightmare Knight,” currently scheduled for April 22, 2010 sale, the game is priced at 6,279 yen (tax price). The game developers is in the production of PSP launch had been favorable to “the power of God dependents (Hexyz Force)” The STING company. New works will continue STING style, using a new animation and new elements such as debut role in maintaining the original style and meet new animated film the shape of circumstances, the incident added drama performances, to achieve enhanced performance results, the overall content than the can be said that a lot more before. For the S · RPG games like the old and new players should not miss the game.

 Knights in the Nightmare 30

Game screen: (PICTURE × 24)

Knights in the Nightmare 31

Knights in the Nightmare 32

Knights in the Nightmare 33

Knights in the Nightmare 34

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