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Narisokonai_Eiyuutan_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Heroes unsuccessfully Tan – the sun and the moon’s Story” (Japanese version) [439MB] [ULJS-00177 | 3CC7CFE384A0FF9A | 0001 | G] (THE JAPANESE EDITION) Narisokonai IREM 00“Heroes Tantai Yang and months unpaired Story” (na ri そ こ な い の months heroes Tantai Yang と Story) (NARISOKONAI EIYUUTAN TAIYOU TO TSUKI NO MONOGATARI) (ULJS-00177 | 3CC7CFE384A0FF9A | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: Hero minors Tan: The Story of the sun and the moon / minors hero Tan: Sun and Moon Story / minors hero Tan: day and month of the Story / minors hero Tan: the sun and months of adventure / callow hero Tan: the sun and the moon story

Japanese Name: Heart to 伝 heart (く う ki ga yo め る) ロ ー ル プ レ イ ン グ ゲ ー Rousseau – na ri そ こ な い hero Tan ~ Sun と months の Story ~ (na ri そ こ な い え い ゆ う ta san ~ Sun と months の Story ~)

English name: Narisokonai Eiyuutan: Taiyou to Tsuki no Monogatari



Genre: RPG – Role Playing Game (role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

By date: July 23, 2009 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen

Official Website:

Narisokonai IREM 01Game: Japanese game developer IREM production, distribution. Scheduled to launch in summer 2009. Exclusively by the PSP handheld role-playing fantasy RPG new work: “immature hero Tan: the sun and the moon’s Story” (Narisokonai Eiyuutan: Taiyou to Tsuki no Monogatari), while the official to the definition for the current ─ ─ ─ “to heart mass heart “of the RPG games, it is apparent, the game will follow the theme started adventure. The game’s official website has also been officially opened, and released some of the promotional video and massive screen for the players you refer. Narisokonai IREM 02I. Synopsis:

PSP exclusive “immature hero Tan: the sun and the moon’s Story” (Narisokonai Eiyuutan: Taiyou to Tsuki no Monogatari) is specifically for the PSP handheld IREM created an original fantasy RPG game. This for is a “relationship-based fantasy RPG game seriously”, the game’s fantasy world has a huge stand of trees in the center of the world “world tree”, while the distant sky is have a support that day, the month of Libra , Libra is the one day a week rotation. It will be known as the day when the sun shines, the world tree blocking the sun as the night time. One day, people are dying to know the world tree, and the world seems to be destroyed along with the … … game in which players will play the hero and his companions together in the world of adventure, to find the world under a tree seed. The hero has to hear the companion, the enemy’s ability to voice, the player will be the basis of these feelings to action, and action will affect the story development and relationships. Narisokonai IREM 03Narisokonai IREM 04Second, the game topic:

In the game “Heroes Tan minors: the sun and the moon’s Story”, the will also focus on looking for “voice” of the themes. Yudi battle in the usual, the hero be able to hear all kinds of mental activity fellows, if they can make the appropriate response, then the degree will improve the goodwill of fellow, or even declare by their peers. If relations worsen, then it will be attacked by their peers and even hostility. So the game player wants to have their way, then it must handle and peer relationships. Narisokonai IREM 05Third, the wealth of career:

PSP version of “immature hero Tan: the sun and the moon’s Story” is a major characteristic is that you can make changes at any time of the hero, the game will have more than 10 players freedom of choice for the hero, the hero will have different roles in different opponents debut. The role of the professional game, there will be soldiers, more than 40 kinds of magicians, professional and equipment can also be as free to change the player’s preferences. Narisokonai IREM 06The launch of the PSP handheld fantasy RPG on the new work: “immature hero Tan: the sun and the moon’s Story,” currently scheduled for July 23, 2009 sale, the game is priced at 5,040 yen (tax included), for those who like role-playing games old and new players should not miss this this for. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 23)

Narisokonai IREM 07

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