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Persona_2_Tsumi_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Goddess of different smell recorded 2 sin” (Japanese version) [882MB] [NPJH-50329 | 33B67FA9D1987B93 | 0001 | G] (THE JAPANESE EDITION)

Persona 2 Innocent Sin “Goddess of different smell 2 crime recorded” (pe Hikaru ソ ナ 2 sin) (PERSONA 2 TSUMI) (NPJH-50329 | 33B67FA9D1987B93 | 0001 | G) (ULJM-05759)

Game Title: Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: Crime / Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: Crime Portable

Japanese Name: pe Hikaru ソ ナ 2 sin

English name: Persona 2: Tsumi (Persona 2 Innocent Sin)

Production companies: ATLUS CO., LTD. / Index Holdings / Satellite

Agent Release: ATLUS CO., LTD.

Genre: RPG – Role Playing Game (role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: April 14, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 6,279 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 4,980 yen

Official Website:

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP Go Games

PSP Games: From Japan Index Holdings Corporation CS departments in early 2011, Atlus is scheduled to host on sale in the PSP launch, the current price available, by a series of music composer Meguro to the Secretary as the supervision of the director of the this new for RPG role-playing new work: “Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: Crime” (Persona 2: Tsumi), today officially announced that the operation will decide on April 14, 2011 on sale game regular version sells for 6,279 yen (tax included), PSN download version sells for 4,980 yen (tax included). In this introduction, will focus on the game’s combat system, and “different character calls” and “gossip system” to introduce the latest information to the players know, the other Atlus specially Movie zone in the official website of the latest propaganda animation game released for the players enjoy.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP 1001First, the original outline:

New PSP for “Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: Crime” (Persona 2: Tsumi) is a host for the PS in 1999 launched the same name on the game, after nearly eleven years after the time re-ported to PSP portable console launch of transplantation for a strengthening. Game for the PSP console not only the specifications of the functional interface with the balance to be adjusted to strengthen all aspects, while the system is updated on a substantial enhancement than many before, so players can once again host the PSP memorable experience of this popular RPG masterpiece rich game content.

Second, the new work elements:

The official said that in this PSP port of which, in addition to be invited before had “Macross F” and other popular anime and Japanese animation, known for game production company responsible for the new version at the beginning of the animation Satellite, the PS will also include earlier versions of the game at the beginning of the animation, the game also included in the BGM music, the original 100 will also be based on the track to re-adapt, but will also keep all the original tracks, recorded a total of up to a total of more than 200 amazing amount of music for BGM Players can enjoy a soak.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP VideoThird, the story background:

PSP version of “Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: Crime,” will be a large population of over a million will be urban, “Chu Liu leisure city” in the “seven sisters academy university” as a stage, players will have their own characters, you can call his other personality “Persona” capability to challenge the different smell of various city events. In this PSP version, in addition to PS version will be the basis for development of production in addition, will also feature for the PSP handheld screen to be adjusted and modified, not only in support of memory card storage capabilities, but also for the combat system substantial amendment to the display sequence of actions launched by a brief with the fit of skills, and your old PS version of the popular music at the beginning of the animation with the old, with this PSP version of the beginning of a new production of a new animation with original music about 100 to adapted to reproduce the basis of the new music performances in terms of sound can be said to improve many more than before.

IV debut role:

In the PSP version of the “Goddess of different smell recorded 2: The crime of” systems, but also a substantial improvement in this for the enhancement, but also will carry your PS version prior to the award-winning role of personality and charm of the story plot, as well as more evolved that allows hearsay become a reality within the world of the game “rumors System”, and inherited from the “Shin Megami Tensei” series of negotiations sessions demon, and at the same time participate in up to three elements of the contact system, so players were able to popular once again for this memorable experience with the charm of the rich content! In the following, will make debut for this character to be introduced for the players!

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP Free demo Downloads1. Suho Tatsuya:

Constellation: Leo;

Blood type: B type;

Description: Seven Sisters Gakuen 3-B students, character cold, always alone in the horizon as a wolf’s attitude alone, it attracted many students to both men and women of vision.

2. Rongji three subjects:

Constellation: Giant scorpion;

Blood type: O type;

Description: Spring Hill College sophomore men, claiming to be “m Xie Seoul” (Michelle), is a part-time boss with the band lead singer undesirable elements, character is very narcissistic boy.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP Lite3.  Mann (Lisa Silverman):

Constellation: Taurus;

Blood type: A type;

Description: Seven Sisters Academy 2-C students, though a foreigner, but very fluent in Japanese, and it is like martial arts.

4. Amano Dance Lord:

Constellation: Cancer;

Blood type: O type;

Description: Monthly “Coolest” magazine reporter, cheerful and bright, is a healthy color with beautiful appearance.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin Free PSP5. Dai snow is:

Constellation: Aries;

Blood type: A type;

Description: Jesus with the dance partner of the student photographers, the former for the Yi Ermin (Hermine) Academy after graduation, is still not changed the style of the past Big Sister frame.

6. Kurosu Chun:

Astrological Sign: Aquarius;

Blood type: AB type;

Description: Spring Hill man, junior college students, although at first glance gives the impression of cold, but in fact, it is full of rational and gentle, with a strong sense of responsibility.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP 3000 GamesFifth, the system description:

1. Combat system:

At the same time in the PSP version of “Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: crime,” fighting systems, but also significantly updated for the strengthening of the many, not only will the display sequence of actions performed with the amendment to fit the skills to understand a more easy to determine, and also cut into the animated show added and other factors, while the devil’s emotions, interests and other shows on terror, also to the feelings scale forms, and to facilitate the player decided to take corresponding measures, but also the entire Battle smoother than before stimulation.

2. Map System:

Map of areas in the wilderness, in this production will be an additional small-screen map display, so that players in the maze more easily control the location of the current situation of their own, but also often showed off the ranks of partners in the status display, allowing the player We can clearly grasp the current status of partners. In addition, the game will also have Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty level for three kinds of players freedom of choice, and even in the game, players can switch at any time change or the degree of difficulty, easy to enjoy the game brought abundant fun.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin On PSP Go Price3. Instruction:

As a PS host the 1999 launch on the reproduction of the same name as another host on a port to PSP launch of the works sold, the beginning of the game in addition to your animation and new adaptation of BGM music, the same instruction set, etc. in the interface some have joined the details change, for example, in the fighting, before the operation will modify the PS version of the semi-automatic battle command issued for each round the set, while retaining elements of the automatic combat, so players are free to choose their own the form you want to fight.

In the battle, when the players select the “fight” command, a total of seven sub-option allows players to use, namely the use of weapons against the “attack”, use “different personality” (Persona) to combat the “skills” , using a variety of props to support the “props” that can transform the use of “different personality” of “different personality”, to set the sequence of actions “to set sequence of actions”, to observe the role of the state of the “state”, or is the last of the “defense” and so on. Also the game can be set for the role of the sequence of actions, so players can use to cope with the role of this action sequence that, through the “technical fit fight” command resorted to a variety of people ranging from 2 to 5, the effect might have their own fit the difference in skills, to reverse the fighting to win.

4. Contact system:

Apart from the above battle command, the players can also “Contact” (Contact) command to negotiate with the demons, to receive all calls “different personality” necessary for Tarot or props. I came in contact with the devil and in accordance with the results, and even setting contract with the demons, or demons, access to only favorable information to know to start.

In order to facilitate the players to confirm the current status of the devil, so this game, especially in the right hand side of the screen shows the current demons joined a state of emotional feelings for scale, in this scale, the angry red, green like Interestingly, yellow, blue terror, feelings of players in accordance with the current scale of colors to determine the emotional state of the devil are now, to allow communication between the two sides were more favorable; or the use of “analysis” ( Analyze) command to determine the current state of evil, for example, like the devil’s name, grade, weaknesses in intelligence, but that “resolve” command must meet certain conditions, information will be displayed devil, this is you had better pay attention to players.

In addition, players also can use the “sequence of actions to set” command to change the character set sequence of actions, or the use of “automatic setting” command to set the role of the attack, to attack their own to fight for role , saving the practice time players.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP Accessories5. Call system:

In the “different character calls” the system part, this way players in the Special Facilities “Velvet Room” (Velvet Room) will lead to another avatar the hidden patterns of personality to call out, when the players to the different personality calls, they must negotiate with the devil to use contacts made tarot card Caixing. In the call mode, but also has several important options, which “calls different personality” is a call out ceremony at the option of personality differences, need to consume in the call of the Tarot, which, according to the different calls for different personality, consumer Tarot number of sheets will vary.

As for the “different personality fell monsters,” sucked out of the different calls to different personality personality in the form of cards placed into the deck, the ability to take to strengthen the role of a variety of magical effects or use options; In addition, “the return of personality differences “, it is because the players held a certain number of different personality card limit, so if you are full, then players have to cut some of the new card can then call different personality card.

Incidentally, the role has a different personality is compatible with the properties of “phase” of between settings, when the phase is bad, not only takes more skill to launch the SP, but the worst cases, not even fell monsters, so gamers In the call of the role to be cautious in the selection with the consistency of the different personality, a result can help to fight full strength.

6. Gossip system:

In this as in all stage of the game between the Liu City, beads of various rumors spread, all will be achieved sequentially, so players can use this setting to collect all kinds of messages, or so they want to spread rumors spread implementation, to help themselves be conducive to the game. However, the realization of the rumors, also have various restrictions, such rumors can not be let alone heard of the realization, but must be more to spread rumors, this way to let rumors come true.

In the game, when players collect all kinds of rumors, you can by the “Ge Ye Detective Agency” to spread these rumors, which have contributed to rumors come true. However, when rumors spread commission firms have to spend some money, you had better pay attention to this point players. Also according to the different rumors, will produce changes in the game, including weapons and armor in the shop will have to change the quality with the price, or the casino will have to change money with the winning percentage, etc., at the same time will also affect the probability of certain demons haunt and so on.

But some rumors that once spread over time, you can not re-distribute, sell accessories such as game props such as “time city” which can be set in accordance with additional arms trafficking rumors, this time selling quality goods will be possible from the original cheap inferior into high yield, but after the change, it will not be further rumors of change, so you had better players in the operation of special attention!

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP BundleNew for PSP: “Goddess of different smell Appendix 2: Crime,” currently scheduled for April 14, 2011 sale. New work using the new animation and other elements of the new debut role in maintaining the original style and meet the new animated film the shape of the case, the incident added drama performances, to enhancing the dramatic effect than before on the overall content is a lot more can be said . For like the “Goddess of different smell recorded” series of games new and old players must not miss the game. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 18) 

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