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Phantasy_Star_Portable_2_Infinity_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Phantasy Star – Portable 2 Unlimited” (Japanese version) [1.26GB] [NPJH-50332 | 6E2C8271A204CCDD | 0001 | G] (THE JAPANESE EDITION)

Star Portable 2 Infinity Phantasy Star Portable 2 Unlimited” (フ ァ ン タ シ ー ス タ ー ポ ー タ ブ Hikaru 2 イ ン フ ィ ニ Te ィ プ レ ミ ア Rousseau ボ ッ ク ス) (PHANTASY STAR PORTABLE 2 INFINITY) (NPJH-50332 | 6E2C8271A204CCDD | 0001 | G) (ULJM-05732)

Game Title: Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited / Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited Evolution

Japanese Name: フ ァ ン タ ー シ ス タ ブ タ ー ル ー ポ 2 イ ン プ フ ィ ィ レ ミ ニ Te ア Rousseau ボ ッ ス ク

English name: Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (Premium Box)

Production companies: SEGA / Alfa System

Agent Release: SEGA

Genre: RPG – Role Playing Game (role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: February 24, 2011 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 5,040 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 4,500 yen

Official Website:

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP Bundle

PSP Games: SEGA Corporation of Japan scheduled February 24, 2011 on sale at the launch of PSP handheld game regular version sells for 5,040 yen (including tax price), download version sells for 4,500 yen (tax included) in this popular action role-playing RPG game “Phantasy Star: Portable Edition” series, the latest expansion pack for the generations: “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited “(Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity).

The SEGA also announced other works with their own such as the “heart of light” and “Battlefield Valkyrie 3″, “Sakura Wars” and other works for the role of linkage, while other companies such as SEGA and Sammy is also the company’s popular pachinko machines Taiwan’s “Pirates of the angels fast pachinko Twin Angel 2″ and the Yamaha “Vocaloido” series of cooperation the role of speech, providing these works included the role of clothes as a paid download weapons allow players to buy used. Finally, in the introduction, in addition to another new role with the addition of new monsters latest information screen, in addition to carrying the new system as Friend Search the latest information be introduced to the players!

First, the game summary:

New PSP for “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited” (Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity) is December 3, 2009 sale of “Phantasy Star: Portable 2″ the latest sequel, as is also the second generation of the enhanced version of the information film. In this game, will be six months before the time of the “Goral solar system” (Gurhal Star System) as a stage, and the adoption of new roles and new story debut, so players to start a new adventure and stories.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP Games For FreeIn this game, the new race will be 18 years old “bucket man” (Duman) wandering lonely girl “Nagisa” (Nagisa, voice: Mizuki Nana) as the main character, this wandering in the solar system Goral Terran fighting girls, although the ritual is correct, but the lack of common sense, but I am conscious this is no girl, the use of life-sized sword as a weapon, she and other commissioned work by the security guard to earn money, while in the the beginning of the event will be accepted from her private military company “Breeze” (Little Wing) of the task entrusted to guard the beginning, the player whole new adventure was about to begin … …

Second, the linkage role:

The PSP in this new work, “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited” in, SEGA announced a co-planning, the Taichung will be the industry’s first mainframe to a maximum of 20 simultaneous high-speed online multiplayer action games robot battle groups ” Border Break Air Burst “, and the popular SEGA company headed for” light and darkness “(Shining Force) series of mainframe dedicated network of third-party action RPG” Shining Force Cross Raid “to cooperate.

Medium will be included when the debut works of these two characters as the clothes of weapons paid for downloadable content for players to download, but also will address the two official mainframe platform game released for the debut of the characters clothes weapons to allow players use, so that two players in this game, can use the clothes for the characters to challenge each other, not the same as a new game experience the fun!

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP DealsThird, the debut role:

New work in the PSP “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited”, by the special attributes for all six of the new debut of a new technique, so that players can adventure in the fighting or the use of more space. At the same time, also will be included in this as in debut before the repair Colorlight EP2 (Hyuga Wright, Voice: Akira Ishida). Race-based debut race meeting new people fighting (Duman), this year it was 20 years old, he dominated the wrist is superb young director of GRM large enterprises, as was with the “Guardian” (Guardians) Investigation Department of the heroes combined Yisangweiba (Ethan Weber) with each other, so fencing is superb, with correct posture and elegant appearance, so many women who have always captivated fans. Six months ago, people fighting in the ethnic composition of the occasion although little weight change in some, but after the bear Protoss guide the habit of sweet but still remains the same.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP 1001IV debut monster:

The PSP version of “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited” also will debut new monsters, including “Jia Lansuo” is fired from the shoulder on both sides of the missile, with a stunning large-scale destructive mech; As for the “grid Lanka Lan “is a new discovery of large protists, and even in some areas as a legendary animal with the general worship. The “Yifalansi” is a warrior type of medium body, but also to fight in a small area to be more advantageous to fight in specially enhanced models; The final “波拉布利马” is a seen as different variants of large protists, has a robust missile-like crustaceans with acupuncture, but also the body in a circle to circle collision opponent, which is a very high powerful fighting force opponents.

Fifth, the new points:

SEGA also announced the PSP version of “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited” new map “Coast” level part of the “coast” is not the natural scenery on the planet, but the players live in the space colony planet ” Klatt 6 “(Clad 6) of the artificial coast, so arranged on the coast there are various traps authorities. Incidentally, this is also the official level before the TGS 2010 Game Show event in the display to the players in the demo version of the actual trial included the barrier.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP PortableIn the off card, in addition there will be five new monster debut, the other leader class there will be a huge monster Gill Sauk (Geer Zorg) debut. We do not know whether this is because of the sudden a huge variation of biological or other reasons, suddenly appeared on the coast, but in battle it is saying, it will be because of speed and movement of players to change into a blue bullet speed, and when hurt time, turn into blue and red, while the bubble and the machine will spit mine, so players into a sleep state, or trauma can be said to be very tough opponent.

Sixth, many online:

In the PSP version of “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited,” multiplayer online in pairing mode, then into a so-called “visual hall” (Visual Lobby) elements, which is from the “PSO” began to utilize the system to be , when a player in online, they can not through this system to make certain the majority of players to interact through the hall to chat. And the text input mode of the system also supports a simple keyboard input or the input of two types of mobile phones allow players to choose from, players are also able to interact in chat real-time communication more convenient.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP SoftwareIncidentally, the other as with the “PSO tenth anniversary of the” Memorial, also joined a number of related factors, such will be included in many “PSO” series debut of the monster with the system settings, it will also plot in the story with “PSO” have a significant association, while the degree of difficulty of the task in the game selection has added more than S class “∞” super hard mode, while the interface also added a “reincarnation” elements such as setting, as does the information At present, after the official announcement is yet to be!

Seven, the new weapons:

PSP version of “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited” will also be new weapons for players to use. The new weapons will add some weapons for the shooting to add a new action, which included press “△ key” to be launched, more than before the introduction of the “gathering fire” power even more powerful new “gas gathering Shooting 2 “(Charge Shoot 2), when the players were using the Spear (Twin Handgun), Laser Cannon (Laser Canon) or the grenade gun (Grenade), etc. This set of different weapons to launch a gas fire 2, is also subject to different weapons, while showing a variety of beautiful moves in front of the players.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP VideoEight, a collection of role:

Also in this game, in addition to the original before, the existence of multiple ethnic roots solar system, the average capacity of all outstanding human (Humans), although the physical ability as human beings, but to avoid force, strike force of law with very high spiritual power New Generation (Newmans), modified by the birth of genetic factors, with robust physical ability of the Orcs (Beasts) and good hitting power and high precision operation of the artificial life body Cyborg (Cast) in four races, but also added by a change in the human genetic structure and the birth of a new race of people fighting (Duman) debut, while the popular fast food for also restaurants with “KFC” cooperation, included “KFC” for the role of popular “Grandpa KFC “In this as in the debut, but also players who absolutely can not miss it!

Nine, the system description:

1. Create a role:

New PSP for “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited” will be equipped with named “Friend Search” friends search function, which is to allow players to exchange roles with each other, the task switching code. Specific use, allows the player to start with the mode selection screen to choose Friend Search, you can see in it PSP handheld has a sleep mode of search settings, as well as in the story mode, press the “△ key” after which you can search from the start menu so in two ways.

2. Multiplayer online:

If you choose to sleep mode is set, when the player is not playing the game, the system will automatically exchange data; The latter is the case, it is in the game so that players can exchange data simultaneously. Incidentally, the players line up to the role of an up to five people, maximum 32 people can save the information, another search using Friend Search friends save the saved data record players, will be made operational role players other than their own role, so even if the friends of 32 data are full, players do not have to worry about making therefore can no longer create their own characters! But if the players in the search process in the friends turn off the power, it would result in no record of the status of the search failed, this had better pay special attention to the players.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP Free demo Downloads3. Search for Friends:

There is, players who are in search of his friends set the task of setting the role of code, then you can follow along with the role of the task code data is also sent to each other, because the task code is for any players in the “infinite “create a task custom tour” infinite task “(Infinity Mission) in the synthesis of new tasks for the props, so players can also use the opportunity to swap roles more as to collect some use!

Incidentally, the players made the exchange of roles of these friends are in the form of the game to support the role debut in the game, while the intensity of these support roles will be in accordance with the player automatically adjusts the level of their own, players can take these together as partners to support the challenges of the role of the task, feeling different from before the new game fun!

4. Unlimited tasks:

In this for the “infinite task” is concerned, it is the additional element for one of the most important is that it gives players freedom by challenging tasks in the time of the start mode “mission codes” (Mission Code) to generate the production of VR tasks. Code on each task, the password will be different according to the above, making the points that can make the fields appear with the monster, waiting for the three leaders have different parts to change, players can be combined to create a variety of these basic tasks, and These combinations will also be dropped after the completion of the task types of treasures props.

In addition, the password code for each task have different “special ability”, for example, like “Monster’s HP appears to reduce,” “gain experience up”, “inflammatory properties increased the drop rate of weapons,” and so a different set set, and a password in the capacity of up to five reservations, the endless task level, will follow the password like this have a special ability to evaluate the level of the sum of 1 to 30, respectively, the other game players who can only ” password counter “(Code Counter) to install code to set these tasks, and keep the total number of tasks that can be installed up to a hundred, you had better pay attention to this point players.

Star Portable 2 Infinity La PSP5. Task code:

Incidentally, in the PSP version of “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited”, the code will be available through certain tasks with the synthesis of code for different tasks to the task of creating original code appears at this time have the password if the synthesis ability to repeat the special book, the effect of the capacity increase will be strengthened, but there may be so into the ability of other species disappear or to direct the same time, according to the synthesis of players, it will be possible to create a simple start until the player is not easy to get the props you want the task, so players can come in the game try to see more!

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP LiteFinally, this task also add a friend code search function, when the players during multiplayer online or network connection, they can never use this method to obtain a new understanding of the task of the player code, or to get the task Synthesis of the code number of points need to consume more.

6. An active role:

In this latest series as “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited,” which will also have an active role in them in before the re-appearance, for example, before the debut of the actress and so on, players can make by this to understand their life experiences in the after half a year after its predecessor had with how the different changes with the growth of another in this game, there will be the new racial “fighting man” debut. This, by the changing structure of human genetic factors and the birth of a new race, hidden in the eyes of the powerful force of darkness, and has a far better than the overwhelming attack of other races, although reportedly the birth and three years ago, they were sealed The Seed has been related, but detailed information is unknown.

Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP 3000 GamesPSP PSP-exclusive RPG from the role-playing masterpiece: “Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Unlimited,” is currently scheduled for February 24, 2011 sale. New works will feature a variety of mini-challenge tasks, and support for PSP’s Ad Hoc wireless network model that can support 2-4 player online cooperative play. For like “Phantasy Star” series of games new and old players must not miss this masterpiece. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 21) 

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