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Dead or Alive PSP Game

Dead or Alive tropical paradise” (DEAD OR ALIVE PARADISE) (ULES-01431 | B5399D186AFAB9B4 | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise / Dead or Alive: Heaven / Dead or Alive: Paradise / Heaven Dead or Alive

English name: Dead or Alive Paradise

Production companies: Team Ninja / TECMO, LTD.

Agent release: TECMO KOEI Europe Ltd.

Genre: SLG – Simulation Game (simulation to develop the game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Language: English voice / Japanese voice, English / French / German language / language with Sanguo (European Edition)

Release Date: April 2, 2010

Official Website:

Game: Since Itagaki leaving Team NINJA, the “Dead or Alive” has been nothing new for news. Until recently, the development team Team NINJA finally breaking the silence, open the “Dead or Alive” (Dead or Alive) new works. But this is not the players look forward to the “Dead or Alive 5″, but similar to the “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball” (Dead or Alive Xtreme) appreciate the type of casual simulation game, new work entitled: “Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise “(Dead or Alive Paradise), the corresponding platform for the PSP handheld, which is corresponding to the first series for handheld platforms work. Games are scheduled for sale in spring 2010, the official website has also been officially opened, and the latest release of the game screen with some information for the players you refer.

Dead or Alive PSP 02

First, the series Summary:

1. “Dead or Alive” series introduced:

“Dead or Alive” (Dead or Alive) series is a 3D fighting game TECMO’s signature, accompanied by the famous producer Itagaki’s Team NINJA leader believed the team featuring production. Games not only to many beautiful female characters for the characteristics, but also with ultra-gorgeous visual performance, to attract fighting gamers of all ages, but also the first to import the terrain elements, damage zone, fighting mora (attack, throw, counter, defense) allelopathy, the network Battle and other innovative models. Next-generation version of the latest work, “Dead or Alive 4″ is not only full of XBOX360 console hardware performance, high-resolution high-definition images and high fluency presents, and greatly enhance the fighting game arena and the role of finesse, adding rich interactive scene elements. And the series had launched on multiple platforms, the latter to become more representative is to become the exclusive XBOX360 platform.

Dead or Alive PSP 03

2. “Ultimate Beach Volleyball” series introduced:

“Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball” (Dead or Alive Xtreme) series is still well-known 3D fighting game “Dead or Alive” series for the theme, the domestic players have been dubbed the “milk row.” Followed the game from “Dead or Alive 4″ high standard of graphics engine, which is a collection of sexy female contestants are all made of leisure sports simulation game, players will work with many beauties swimsuit beauties together, relaxing in the southern islands tropical holiday.

Dead or Alive PSP 04

Since January 22, 2003 launch of the XBOX console since the first of a series for the game is to “DOA” players are familiar with fighting girl swimsuit beauties are in the South Island scenery sexy performance on the stage to conquer all the “DOA” FANS , after wide acclaim since its launch. Even in Japan the game sold out the same day the record, and many players did not buy the game an additional appointment. XBOX console with the Japanese at that time about 35 million units sold compared to the number, almost one every three Japanese people are buying the game, the game popular enough to see the Sheng.

Dead or Alive PSP 05

The second series as “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2″ (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2) on 13 November 2006 to launch the next generation of consoles XBOX360. Since landing a new generation of platforms, the game screen performance has significantly improved, more detailed characterization of the role of limbs, body, hair and clothing, and other parts of the dynamic and more natural, and add “sun mark” system and let the sun and swimming in the many attractive girl who left traces of beauty. As the game is the stage of the southern islands is more rich and varied, sun, sand, water and other changes of scenery more vivid.

Dead or Alive PSP 06

Content in the game, before the beach volleyball in addition to inheritance, but also adding more exciting jet skiing, and water-skiing, water tug of war, buttocks sumo, water walking, beach Capture the Flag, and other fun games at the same time contains more than 300 suits, 176 kinds of jewelry, and more than 180 animated scenes segment, but also with numerous beautiful girl beauty sexy swimsuit photo shoot and so on. Also worth mentioning is that the as yet simultaneously launched the Traditional Chinese version, but also to allow more domestic players to experience the “rough” and “milk emission” brings to charm.

Second, the portable version of Introduction:

PSP PSP exclusive for “Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise” (Dead or Alive Paradise) and the November 2006 sale of the XBOX360 version of “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2″ (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2) play similar description The girls in the South Island ─ ─ ─ “New Ozark Island” to enjoy a leisurely life settings.

Dead or Alive PSP 07

New works will include beach volleyball and various water sports as a mini-game, the game is to enjoy the fun of swimming “DOA” on a beautiful tropical island in their play, players can take pictures to the girls, making seductive secret album. For the collection of the “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2″ all the female roles, but also added Tecmo’s popular pachinko girl role Liao (Rio) debut, gamers can enjoy the casino nightlife essential to Liao debut appearance as the dealers. Original PSP version will also add some new elements, worthy of our players look forward to.

Dead or Alive PSP 08

Third, the debut role Description:

New PSP for “Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise” will be included in the XBOX360 version from “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2″ all the female roles, more than a total of more than 10 players selected for the sexy beauty, take a look at these roles it has those features.

1. Xia (Kasumi):

Voice: Mulberry Island, another way;

Age: 17 years;

Birthday: Feb. 23;

Blood type: A type;

Height: 158cm;

Weight: 48kg;

Measurements: B89/W54/H85;

Nationality: Japan;

Description: good “magic mist flow Ninjutsu Tenjin,” the Nvren Zhe, she is sexy, from the series for the beginning as the first major female characters that appear. This is because the search for the missing brother, and came to this island.

Dead or Alive PSP 09

2. Damask tone (Ayane):

Narrator: Kana Yamazaki and;

Age: 16 years;

Birthday: August 5;

Blood type: AB type;

Height: 157cm;

Weight: 47kg;

Measurements: B93/W54/H84;

Nationality: Japan;

Description: Xia half-sister, father, Ray Road. Do not want to be a born child, was fog in the opposite flow of magic school of god “Pa Shenmen” as Nvren Zhe and nurtured. Growth in dark environment, like her for the existence of Xia as the control or even have intended to kill. After a kill “escape tolerance” Xia’s killer came to the General Assembly on the DOA. Xia’s brother, have winds of affection.

3. Hitomi (Hitomi):

Voice: Horie Yui;

Age: 18 years;

Birthday: May 25;

Blood type: O type;

Height: 160cm;

Weight: 49kg;

Measurements: B90/W58/H85;

Nationality: Germany;

Description: Start from the series debut for the third, with German and Japanese descent, had heard rumors of the upcoming contest of fighting came to the island.

Dead or Alive PSP 10

4. Lei Fang (Leifang):

Voice: Winter horse by the United States;

Age: 19 years of age;

Birthday: April 23;

Blood type: B type;

Height: 163cm;

Weight: 50kg;

Measurements: B87/W55/H86;

Nationality: China;

Description: A means a single thought, every move, are among the self-control to achieve the health effects of self-defense, which is originated in China, tai chi. And Lei Fang Tai Chi is a born teacher, was born in a wealthy family, has been looking forward to the holiday island.

5. Heart (Kokoro):

Voice: Ayako Kawasumi;

Age: 17 years;

Birthday: December 1;

Blood type: A type;

Height: 158cm;

Weight: 49kg;

Measurements: B90/W55/H87;

Nationality: Japan;

Introduction: In order to experience their own power at the expense of the mother discouraged the DOA and participated in the General Assembly, the United States fears Sayoko, determined to enter the Shura of the Road, Ba Ji Quan used to break the soul over the dark clouds.

Dead or Alive PSP 11

6. Tina (Tina):

Voice: Yongdao by the promoter;

Age: 22 years;

Birthday: December 6;

Blood type: O type;

Height: 174cm;

Weight: 56kg;

Measurements: B95/W60/H89;

Nationality: United States;

Introduction: It is a great ambition of women, has been pursuing a greater desire to become a world-famous reputation, in DOA2 later to become a model, and actor to be able to join showbiz as she took part in the DOA’s third contest.

Dead or Alive PSP 12

7. Helena (Helena):

Voice: hill Yu Hong;

Age: 21 years;

Birthday: January 30;

Blood type: AB type;

Height: 170cm;

Weight: 49kg;

Measurements: B90/W56/H86;

Nationality: French;

Description: As the daughter of Douglas, the founder DOATEC sea Helena doomed from the start to be involved in the organization of the complex power struggle, was finally caught by the anti-Douglas faction, Donovan told her that if you want to know things The “truth”, then there must be won “DOA third contest,” and she is only one choice … …

8. Christie (Ghristie):

Narrator: Three Qin Shi is;

Age: 24 years;

Birthday: Dec. 18;

Blood type: B type;

Height: 177cm;

Weight: 57kg;

Measurements: B93/W59/H88;

Nationality: British;

Description: DOA competition after the end of the second anti-Douglas faction sent to monitor the Helena and the assassin, disguised as ordinary Helena when the housekeeper, if necessary, time will not hesitate to kill Helena.

Dead or Alive PSP 13

9. Lisa (Risa):

Voice: Maaya Sakamoto;

Age: 21 years;

Birthday: July 20;

Blood type: A type;

Height: 175cm;

Weight: 53kg;

Measurements: B92/W56/H86;

Nationality: United States;

Introduction: Although the past is the director of an organization’s researcher at the Institute, but now has lost his job. Student was a volleyball player, despite the fighting seems to have learned skills, but the real strength is unknown.

Dead or Alive PSP 14

10. Liao (Rio):

Narrator: Mari Inoue Chennai;

Age: 21 years;

Birthday: Oct. 11;

Blood type: B type;

Height: 164cm;

Weight: unknown;

Measurements: B91/W58/H88;

Nationality: United States;

Description: “Extreme Beach Volleyball” series debut of the original role, the current job is the licensing of casino workers, also known as “Dealer” (DILA), has a high popularity. Her goal is to get beach volleyball champion.

Dead or Alive PSP 15

Fourth, the game features:

1. Adjustment operations:

New PSP for “Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise” is a build-all “life or death” fighting game series cool role of women in casual simulation game. Inherited the family, while the original system, PSP handheld hardware features will be based on appropriate optimization and improvement, the appearance of each girl out of beauty are carefully characterized. Also in body movements, her face bearing, etc., will be simulated to become more real and natural. Operational aspects of the game to make a lot of minor adjustments, such as during the shooting mode, the basic key operation is:

※ “L button” on or off camera (ON / OFF);

※ “R button” Select the shutter (Shutter);

※ “joystick button” mobile inner viewfinder aperture (Movement);

※ “cross key” mobile outer ring of the viewfinder aperture (Sight Line);

※ “□ key” + “↑ ↓ key to” zoom lens up and down narrow lens (Zoom);

※ “□ key” + “← → key” to the left and right tilt camera position (Tilt);

※ “○ button” to confirm the current photo (OK);

※ “× key” return to previous menu (Back);

※ “△ key to” play and view (How to Play);

※ “SELECT key” to save the settings (Storage Media);

※ “START button,” pause, and set the other options (Options);

Dead or Alive PSP 16

The player can also play the island’s casino card games to 21 points, responsible for the cards of the “dealers” will be familiar to players girl Liao, the basic operation buttons are:

※ “○ button” select bid (Hit);

※ “× key” select stop call (Stand);

※ “□ key” double parked call (Double Down);

※ “△ key to” sink or swim no license (Surrender);

※ “L key”, “R button” Select the card brand (Select Sheet);

※ “SELECT key” to save the settings (Storage Media);

※ “START button,” pause, and set the other options (Options);

Dead or Alive PSP 17

2. Taking pictures together:

As long as the player reserve sufficient funds to purchase and use of props, “camera”, the debut of the beauty of the game were photographed. Camera operation is quite simple. Perspective but also provides a variety of options for players, I believe that making a seductive album should not be difficult.

Dead or Alive PSP 18

3. Relationships:

In this as in interpersonal relationships will affect the game, the fun level, many points are needed companion help solve the problem, players can use the money to campaign, to send a small gift, or a similar walk on the beach, water sports motorcycle racing, the top man contest Capture the Flag beach race … … and other methods to enhance the feelings between the girls with the United States, and fair face, tall, graceful actresses who’s “bikini” of course is the biggest selling point, the game contains more than 150 sets of swimwear, 100 section of the animation scene, hundreds of props, gifts, and exciting water games, allows players to enjoy the fun of collecting.

Dead or Alive PSP 19

4. Background Music:

PSP version of “Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise” will support the use of custom music player, the player can be stored in the memory stick as the game’s background music MP3, easy to operate the same. And can also hear the original voice to the role of Liao Dong Nai Mari Inoue singing “Goddess Of Victory” (the goddess of victory) this song.

Dead or Alive PSP 20

PSP PSP exclusive for “Dead or Alive: Tropical Paradise” is currently scheduled for April 2010 on sale in the UK, for the love of the players do not miss the game! Screenshots: (PICTURE × 29)

Dead or Alive PSP 21

Dead or Alive PSP 23

Dead or Alive PSP 24

Dead or Alive PSP 25

Dead or Alive PSP 26

Dead or Alive PSP 27

Dead or Alive PSP 28

Dead or Alive PSP 02

Dead or Alive PSP 30

Dead or Alive PSP 06

Dead or Alive PSP 32

Dead or Alive PSP 10

Dead or Alive PSP 34

Dead or Alive PSP 11

Dead or Alive PSP 36

Dead or Alive PSP 14

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