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Dark Hero Days  

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Name of the game: Disgaea 2: Family Edition / Disgaea 2: Portable

English name: Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable)

Production companies: NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE INC.

Agent Release: NIS Europe

Genre: SRPG – Simulation + Role Playing Game (strategy + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD1

Corresponding to the host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: February 5, 2010

Official Website:

Game publisher NIS America production and distribution. Scheduled sale in February 2010. Transfer from the PS2 platform strategy role-playing game: “Disgaea 2″ enhanced port of the PSP: “Disgaea 2: Family Edition” (Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days). Will inherit the original game content and added many new elements, allowing the player to experience anytime, anywhere online strategy game fun.

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First, the “history of the most vicious SRPG!” Port of new elements:

“Disgaea” (Makai Senki Disgaea) series is the “Japan Software Society” masters works. Series signature roles such as: Devil female devil Yituo Na, trash Pliny so many times in different series of works which has won the players are familiar with. The game has a funny story, the main low-difficulty, exaggerated the performance of skills, which used to attract the initial contact with the players in this series are also suitable; and high level cap and high grade feeder BOSS, one hundred props boundary layer random maze, with professional and parliamentary system, letting players or severe mad leveling off enough people to challenge hidden. So this is very time-consuming SRPG will launch for the handheld platform. Leisure time and thought level, playing Daguai, another try maze is a very pleasant thing.

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And before the launch of “Disgaea” PS2 version of the sequel to “Disgaea 2″ to rely on exquisite design and excellent system that has been praised by many players. The announcement is another PSP handheld, I believe both the new and old players is a good news. This as “history’s most vicious SRPG” The PSP version of “Disgaea 2: Family Edition” (Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable) is the February 2006 launch of the PS2 version based on the launch of the port, the game will complete well-designed inherited part of the original PS2, and parts of the system to be adjusted for improvement, as well as additional new roles and new scripts, and many new elements. The film describes the human blood to make the hero in Adair agricultural season was the devil for the devil’s family cursed to become reinstated, to take back the human world dominated by the devil, so he started to campaign against the devil adventure.

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Second, the debut role description:

1 Adair (seiyuu: Green River Light):

Not good at lying and deal with women, blood hero character is very straightforward. In order to become the devil’s family cursed change back and set foot on the devil down the road. In his world, he is the only one not affected by the curse. 2 Rosalind (seiyuu: Tamura Yukari):

Devil’s daughter, a closed two does not go into the rich princess. As has been living in the villa ignorant of the outside world, the devil has a human and not try and think the same angle. Third, additional original story:

This will be appended to animated TV version of the very darkness of the limelight as the main hero Akutalei new play “Akutalei articles”, as well as the role of the pan with the warrior (female), and death can be a partner with the knife by adding the role of race Bu Li Ye devil in the tower head and so on. And also added a crossbow Yan Lung, Brenda Heald, and many other weapons, the inherent technology, and add the most advanced magic than the original mega-(Teta) much higher level of Gigabit (Peta) powerful big magic. Fourth, the new system improved:

PSP version of “Disgaea 2: Family Edition” will be modified for the system, let the process play more smoothly readily. Improved points include: providing combat maps speed adjustment, perform close combat capabilities; allowed to attack in the long-term condition; can use props to the props warehouse property sector directives, simple steps to move less complicated; sorting capabilities to provide rich, so magic, attack role the choice of more convenient and so on. Fifth, the stronghold of the game will be added such as: music, house, log house, the color for the house, and props added LEVEL SUFIA world system. Diablo conference added a new “issue” and so on.

1 Music House:

Here you can re-listen to the game appeared in the music, but must first buy the house because as the music.

(2) recording of house:

Here you can always see the introduction of a variety of monsters, the total game time, the greatest harm, props collection rate, and so on.

3-color for the house:

Here you can change the color of each part of each role.


Props interface will appear randomly LEVEL SUFIA props, the props capacity addition will make our role, but back to the limit.

5 new topics “to hope the enemy stronger”:

“Seeking abuse issues,” this issue after the passage of the enemy would be substantially strengthened. However, to strengthen the upper limit on the PS2 version with the same as before. 6, the new generic role of angel soldiers, war Ante debut:

1 Angel soldiers:

Series first appeared as a popular role in the making once again debut. Good magic attack and treatment.

2. Ante:

Large Monster-type role, is a powerful demon. Good use of the powerful physical attacks. Seven record linkage:

By and before the “Disgaea: Family Edition” of records to be linked with the role of pan-maid, you can try.

1 by adding three new roles ascertain:

This will be added for NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE company’s three hidden characters. They are: A Saqi, Majie Li, 尼捷仑夏雷德. Fighting with them so that they can win, then joined the team.

2 guns new technology:

Additional skills inherent in a variety of weapons, added the most superior than its predecessor, the new magic more powerful magic.

PSP version of “Disgaea 2: Family Edition” is currently scheduled for March 26, 2009 release, regular edition priced at 5,229 yen (tax included). And contains two replica soundtrack music CD and a CD of new songs and new songs the Limited Edition priced 7,329 yen (tax included). For those who prefer “Disgaea” series of games old and new players should not miss this.

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