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“Love Baby” (EYEPET) (UCUS-1)

Game Name: Love Baby / Sony monkey / Sony pet monkey / pet monkey love scouring / EyePet pet monkey

English name: Only On PlayStation – EyePet (PSP Camera)

Production companies: SCEE / SCEE London Studio

Agent Release: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

Genre: SLG – Simulation Game (simulation to develop the game, to be dedicated camera and dedicated the corresponding augmented reality AR card)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: November 2, 2010

Price: $: $ 39.99

Official Website:

EyePet PSP Camera 01

Game: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) released the company produced by Sony London Studios (SCEE London Studio) the development, production, scheduled to fall in 2010 PSP launched to develop augmented reality virtual pet game: “EyePet” (Chinese translation of the game as: “Baby Love” or “Sony’s pet monkey”). New PSP for “EyePet” is a transfer from the October 2009 launch of the PS3 version of the same name works, inherited the PS3 version of the game used “augmented reality” (Augmented Reality) technology, through the PSP camera into the real environment of virtual characters in, together with the included “Augmented Reality AR card,” so that all players in the indoor and outdoor spaces to interact with the virtual pet monkey. The game’s official website has been officially opened, and released a promotional video and some multi-stage screen for the players you refer.

EyePet PSP Camera 02

First, the virtual pet monkey:

New PSP for “Baby Love” (EyePet) will be inherited PS3 version of “augmented reality” (Augmented Reality) technology, through the dedicated camera PSP Camera (model: PSP-300, approximately 1.31 million effective pixels), then affiliated with the game special, “Augmented Reality Card AR card”, the AR card placed in any one place, can be the living room table, the floor, outside on the grass, the railings, the floor of the playground, etc., in short, placed in their favorite places, this time aligned with the PSP dedicated camera shooting AR card, PSP screen will automatically synthesized virtual pet monkey to the camera captured the image.

EyePet PSP Camera 03

And carried through by the PSP portable play Suishi features, allowing the virtual pet monkey Bushou places restrictions on arbitrary play indoors or outdoors. The player can also interact through hands and pet monkey, so move toys, monkey chase, the use of X-ray machine check monkey’s body, blowing through the microphone toward the monkey, monkey dress up for, or play interactive games to monkey to maintain pleasant mood and so on.

EyePet PSP Camera 04

The game allows players to include pet monkey with a period of fifteen days with the “Pet Training” to challenge a variety of tasks; for feeding, cleaning, and the shape of RBI pet “pet care center”; “Paint” function may be players into the picture painted by the game can be used in own toys, as well as to teach pets to sing, play with pets full of ten-pin bowling and other entertainment “magic toys”, as well as planting flowers, together with the monkey and fishing “outdoor activities” and other major magic, absolutely magic can bring players an unprecedented interactive experience and enjoy every moment of joy to spend time with the monkey.

EyePet PSP Camera 05

Second, the process Introduction:

1. The initial preparatory work:

Players enter the game, you must first make a pet monkey-specific identification, record the date of birth, game progress, the bulk of photos and pictures of owners, players may be left with the PSP camera, the first worthy of remembrance photos. After completion of the preliminary new file, you can use the product comes with the “augmented reality card AR card” (hereinafter referred to as AR card), began to start to play the game the biggest features. Monkey after all between the players and play, interactive, feeding all of this had to rely on the AR card; but lost if not careful one day need not nervous, you can download the official online game design, players are free to print to A4 paper and paste on cardboard enhancement can also be used.

EyePet PSP Camera 06

2. The specific game actions:

Pet monkey for the initial contact with the player sure to be the birth of the baby for the layout of a high quality environment for the growth; such as play areas and plenty of light (camera footage range) must be a desktop or other flat surface space (above a foreign body does not matter , the flat is the key.) Again, because of relying on the lens surface of the card identification symbol AR (dog paw prints) for manipulation, the player holding the card, be sure to hold the racket like to keep the surface and the lens as parallel. If not ring true, or does not recognize the event when you read, try moving the card and the corresponding angle scanning the lens has to read the sound and stable appears.

EyePet PSP Camera 07

EyePet PSP Camera 08

3. Small Pet Birth:

Although it looks like a monkey viviparous, but the pet monkey of the initial state is her “egg”, the players open the package containing the egg, the pet must first act as a nanny to help maintain hatching egg temperature and, finally, to help small pets monkey out of the shell, and this is only open when a new pet can experience the process, moved to take advantage of the birth of new life.

EyePet PSP Camera 09

4. Pet novice training camp:

And you still do not know how to get along with the pet monkey new players, in the main menu of the “Pet Training” in a number of novice course, after the daily needs, interactive play areas and so can be new to learn. Another pet monkey after all, and the size of the personal things, please go to “pet care center” to go, where you can change the shape, health checks, feeding, cleaning. Although the monkey is not easy to be starved to death, but when the flies flying around, come here to help it to wash a fragrant hot bath, do not forget! When the screen is fog obscured, may wish to try to reach out and wipe clean! When the player received during a task or game gifts or trophies will be placed in the “gift” area into the future to help pet monkey dressed up and play with the able articles pour Oh.

EyePet PSP Camera 10

5. And pets play in the game:

The game may be undertaken for many, this to be a “drawing” is a gimmick to a project packed with experience. Players only need to paint in the middle of a blank piece of paper pattern and follow the instructions on the screen before the camera lens can be identified for their scan. Although the monkey’s ability to draw lines with more complex patterns can be done, but if want to draw and draft monkey high similarity to the finished product, may wish to grasp the line between the grid, was intermittent, moderate not too small elements such as strokes. In addition, with the drawing similar to the “singing” project, it is the player facing the camera head is equipped with a microphone, but the only sound being too weak to monkey around, taught several times or not a transfer, training of players like him interested in love it to pay points.

EyePet PSP Camera 11

New work by the PSP handheld: “Love Baby” is currently scheduled for November 2009 on sale in North America. UMD version of the game is priced at $ 39.99; and this will be launched for the host (model: PSP-3000) and camera Bundle. New work is also equipped with a wealth of online function, and the PS3 version, the future will continue to include a variety of pets available on PSN dress modeling packages such as paid and free downloadable content for players to download. And is expected to update the data through the free provision of dedicated community service, when players will be contributors own pet photos and videos around the world “EyePet” owner to exchange. For like the series of games old and new players should not miss this. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 23)

EyePet PSP Camera 12

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