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Tactics_Ogre_Unmei_no_Wa_JPN_PSP-Caravan [PSPUMD] “Royal Knights – Wheel of Fortune” (Japanese version) [?? MB] [ULJM-05753] (THE JAPANESE EDITION) Unmei no Wa 00“Royal Knights of the Wheel of Fortune” (タ ク Te ィ ス オ ウ ク fate の round ga) (TACTICS OGRE UNMEI NO WA) (ULJM-05753)

PSP Games Name: Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune / Royal Knights 2: The Wheel of Fortune

Japanese Name: タ ク ウ オ Te ィ ス ク fate の round ga

English name: Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa

Production companies: SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Agent release: SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Game Type: S · RPG – Simulation + Role Playing Game (strategy + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version) Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa

Released Date: November 11, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 5,980 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 4,980 yen buy Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa

Official Website:

Unmei no Wa 01

Game: By the Japanese company Square Enix Offer is scheduled to launch on the PSP handheld, the game is currently under active development, scheduled November 11, 2010 sale launched , in which the UMD version of the game is priced at 5,980 yen (tax included), download version sells for 4,980 yen (tax included), to be strengthened before the second generation of improved weight-based system for the PSP handheld debut on the resurgence, but also invited the SFC version of the 1995 development of the second generation of the development team will once again gather for the reproduction of the launch of this strategic role-playing (S · RPG) new work: “The Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune” (Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa). First, the game summary:

PSP version of “The Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune” in the various chapters, the basic story is concerned, although continuation of the original version of the set, but shift the previous system of multiple stories and multiple endings significantly enhanced many, and the role of mood and many additional lines, Extension stories and other content, but also the role to develop and add additional elements such as the new system, so players can once again experience the richness of this popular masterpiece.

In this introduction, players will be introduced starting from the disk will become a story sequence the role of lead partners in their debut in this new role for the latest information screen to let the players enjoy! Another sequence of actions decided two sides of the “WT” (Wait Time) waiting time combat system, intelligence, today announced the official re-marked this as a vice Tarot “Wheel of Fortune” (Wheel of Fortune) related to the latest information Also present at the official website “Movie Download” area, but also released the latest game animation and the latest desktop download information, interested players can also enjoy looking first to the official website! Unmei no Wa 02Second, the story chapters:

New for the “Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune” in the story background, will be floating in the “Ou Beiluo” (Obero) sea “Faleiliya” (Valeria) island as a stage. This maritime trade since ancient times because of the relay to the prosperity of the island, there have been many ethnic groups to seize control of its hegemony and endless disputes. And this seems to be permanent for the war continue and lay men terminator, is to be later known as King’s “多尔加尔亚” (Dolgarua). In addition to working to eliminate the king 多尔加尔亚 confrontation between nations, but also to Faleiliya Island in this half-century long time to become more prosperous.

However, when the king died, the king’s behest inherited nobility, “Buck Ram” (Bacrumese) people, and the island minority “Holstein” (Walstanian) people and occupies more than half the island’s population, “加尔嘉斯坦” (Gargastan ) were three ethnic groups to compete for supremacy again falling back into civil strife which makes Faleiliya the island thus be divided into two camps Buck Ram and 加尔嘉斯坦 and against each other, waiting for the next wave of war blew time!

Third, the debut role:

New PSP for the “Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune” invites to the SFC version of the 1995 development of the second generation of the development team will once again come together for reproduction of this release, in this introduction, players will be introduced for the debut of the arms The new fighting skills to develop systems and points nurtured by “skills” system, there are several characters in the game brand new intelligence information to be introduced to the players. Unmei no Wa 031. Dini Mubao Jersey (Denim Powell):

Race: Holstein person;

Age: 18 years;

Description: When the port “Song Liya Di” (Griate) by the Dark Knights (Dark Knights) attack, the father Palan Xi (Plancy) also captured one by the other party, the 后加入霍尔斯坦 Liberation Army, and and sister card Qiu Asia, grew up with Buck Ram Bass together with 加尔嘉斯坦 camp for guerrilla operations commenced, is a strong sense of justice, and has commenced operations in order to achieve the desired execution of the youth, on the other hand there the Deliberate side, has been plagued with the meaning of the war brought about why.

2. 蕾薇妮丝罗 Ashley Dion (Ravness Loxaerion):

Race: Holstein person;

Age: 23 years of age;

Description: The debut for the new role of Holstein camps serve those in charge, “Long Wei” (Ronway) the ability of the Duke of outstanding female knights, but also the Duke’s “Mo Lika Knights” (Armoricain Knights) is one of the captains of thousands, The powerful strength of the general recognition by everyone. As a commander, she is calm and cool, has a fierce side to boost morale, but also has other angles and hate to bend the stubborn side. Unmei no Wa 043. Card Qiu Yabaoyeer (Catiua Powell):

Race: Holstein person;

Age: 19 years (Dark Dragon was born May 15);

Profile: Dini Mu sister, mother, childhood lost, and with his father, three brothers lived together, had too much to his brother Dini Mu love and care. As the father is a priest of the relationship, so she began to pastor small practice and and brother Dini Mu, childhood Bass with guerrilla activity, but compared to achieve the desired, more afraid of losing his brother.

4. 拜斯波杰克 (Vyce Bozeck):

Race: Holstein person;

Age: 18 years old (born 14 January of the Dragon);

Description: As the only family the father was killed by Dark Knights, after a person living alone. Holstein had been subjected to abuse on this point hold a strong resentment, he was actively involved in guerrilla operations, is a full mobility of people, and Dini Mu is able to complement each other with each other shortcomings.

5. 多尔加尔亚欧 贝利斯法雷 Australia (Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria):

Race: unknown;

Age: the age of 64 years;

Description: In Faleiliya (Valeria) hegemony in the Battle of the island because of superior mind and a strong and unified the whole island of people looking king, became king after the launch of “national integration” policy, by the people known as the “name of king “; but in his death, because after the successors, thus making the island a relapse into civil strife among Faleiliya. In addition it was also because of his great achievements and call him “King.” Unmei no Wa 056. 兰斯洛塔尔 Wetris (Lanselot Tartaros):

Race: Roddis people (Lodis);

Age: 38 years of age;

Birthday: May 22, to the Dragon;

Description: located in the northern mainland Roddis teach States in response to the instructor with the Buck Ram Brenda’s secret, and sent directly to the Pope the most Faleiliya Island Knights “Dark Knights Luosi Luo Lee “(The Dark Knights, Roslolian) in length, according to speculation that he may be the pope’s right hand.

7. Brenda Moen (Brantyn Morne):

Race: Buck Ram who (Bacrumese);

Age: 49 years;

Birthday: Dark Dragon 11;

Description: 巴克拉姆法雷 Australia State Regent, Kingdom of 多尔加尔亚 in Faleiliya King passed away, to the position of Secretary for Education board regent breath throne, and thus ignite the desire of men ambitious . Although the absolute gain 多尔加尔亚 trust, however, hold the contempt Royal Quedui behavior and attitude, the real intention of the present is still unknown. Unmei no Wa 068. Zhuda Long Wei (Juda Ronwey):

Race: Holstein person (Walstanian);

Age: 52 years of age;

Birthday: Dark Dragon 14;

Description: In the Civil War began, led by the island population of less than one percent of the entire Faleiliya ethnic minority people against 加尔嘉斯坦 Kingdom Holstein Holstein tyranny of people leaders. Although the heroic fight after six months, but the prisoners were finally defeated and imprisoned.

9. Lei Wen 达巴尔巴多斯 (Leundar Balbatos):

Race: 加尔嘉斯坦 people (Gargastan);

Age: 43 years of age;

Birthday: The White Dragon 3 January;

Description: Kingdom of the cold 加尔嘉斯坦 instructors, in order to get Faleiliya the southern half of the island, so that “ethnic cleansing” slogan, and plans for the Holstein’s xenophobic policies. While this strategy forced by other 加尔嘉斯坦 against, but it forced the military force to root out resistance against the voices, and to rule, dominate the 加尔嘉斯坦 Kingdom. Unmei no Wa 0710. Diya Song G · 阿杰尔斯坦 (Diego Galet Azelstan):

Race: 加尔嘉斯坦 people (Gargastan);

Age: 56 years;

Birthday: May 17, the fire dragon;

Description: The debut for the new characters, is a big day from the start and the girls had been drinking and debauchery son play, but it is very high-strength hand sword.

11. 兰斯洛哈米 Walton (Lanselot Hamilton):

Race: Jienuobiya people (Zenobia);

Age: 38 years of age;

Birthday: Ssangyong of 6 days;

About: The original new Jienuobiya Kingdom Paladin Regiment, was born in the Kingdom of Xia Luomu Jienuobiya (Shalom) that places Pal (Barna) city, due to the occurrence of unfortunate events caused by the Knights of King Duolisitan ( Tristan) is deprived of anger identity and exile abroad, and thus formed with several partners around the wandering mercenaries and travel, more so with the main characters meet. Unmei no Wa 0812. 卡诺普斯霍 Wolf (Canopus Wolph):

Race: Jienuobiya people (Zenobia);

Age: 48 years of age;

Birthday: May 5, Dark Dragon;

About: The original head of the new corps of Warcraft Jienuobiya Kingdom, born in the Kingdom of Xia Luomu Jienuobiya place Peixiawaer (Peshawar) city winged people, and Lancelot as unfortunate as the Knights of events deprived of their identity exile abroad. Because wing people have three times the life of normal people, so the appearance looks very young, coupled with the power of the wind and can use the special skills of the corpse on display, it has “the wind” in the title.

13. Hua Lun Muen (Warren Moon):

Race: Jienuobiya people (Zenobia);

Age: 63 years;

Birthday: May 19, inflammation of the Dragon;

About: The original Magic Kingdom Mission newborn Jienuobiya, as diviner origin, it is also known as the “prophet.” And Lancelot, as the tragic events as the Knights have been deprived of their identity exile abroad.

14. 米尔汀沃尔 Horn (Mirdyn Walhorn):

Race: Jienuobiya people (Zenobia);

Age: 28 years of age;

Birthday: Wind Dragon 9;

About: The original Knights of St new Jienuobiya belongs the Kingdom, is a personality is very quiet, very elegant on the young knight who, with the Kiel Das personality opposite. Unmei no Wa 0915. Kiel Das W · Barn (Gildas W. Byrne):

Race: Jienuobiya people (Zenobia);

Age: 32 years;

Birthday: 4 March of the Fire Dragon;

About: The original Knights of St new Jienuobiya belongs the Kingdom, is a wine and women see the most important, is not like the knights of the man of pleasure, but it also has great importance to friendship and loyalty to one side, together with being banished with Mier Ting The Lancelot left the country to wander around.

16. Leo that 尔雷西利蒙 (Leonar Reci Rimon):

Race: Holstein person (Walstanian);

Age: 27 years of age;

Birthday: May 12, the fire dragon;

Description: Long Wei Holstein camp, those in charge (Ronway) Mo Lika Duke’s Knights (Armoricain Knights), head of Duke’s right hand is also a Long Wei, is a very great importance to law and order of knights, is currently being Amo Lika port city southwest of Cleveland Zhaluo (Clitheroe) and hostile forces in the vicinity of the fighting.

Also in this as in addition to the original second-generation active roles, also added many new characters that appear in these new roles and the political wing by Ji Tian Mingyan two popular Japanese illustrator drawing, but also for the original game debut updated image to redraw the characters, allow players to re-memorable roles experience the charm of these popular shows. Unmei no Wa 10Fourth, career at a glance:

In the PSP version of the “Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune”, the players, led by the Knights, you can have a variety of hiring people to participate in different occupational roles among their own ranks, and through repeated battles to strengthen their training, while Players can also screen the world map “compiled” option in the confirmation of these belong to the Knights in the partners condition. In addition to the fighting down the enemy, the other players can also be purchased at the store by various types of equipment products to strengthen them, or let them learn various skills such as magic formulas to get promoted. In addition, these roles if you want to transfer into a specialized use of certain weapons or magic career (Class), then also have to have props “transfer certificate” Caixing!

In previous generations, the human forces of occupation or capacity will vary according to sex, but this production is modified for this, so players will not be limited to certain occupations, gender differences can not be transferred. For example, in the original second generation, the men started the primary occupation as “soldier” (Soldier), women are “Amazons” (Amazones), but this new work, which in this, it is the unity of the The initial professional men and women are targeted as a “fighter” and had the bow that only women can transfer weapons of Professional “Archer”, this is even the male characters can change jobs, so that players can follow their own preferences to any to help transfer the role, to build their own unique proprietary Knights! Incidentally, in this as in addition to the original occupation, the addition of other complex also added a new professional debut, in the following will be the debut for this first of four professional players are introduced to serve! Unmei no Wa 111. Rogue (Rogue):

Description: The making new and additional employment, steal props from the opponent’s body, or the lifting of barriers on the battle stage organ trap.

2. Warrior (Warrior):

Description: can use a variety of weapons, avant-garde career, but even though it can equip weapons and armor used in many different types of ability is very average, not particularly stand out.

3. Archer (Archer):

Description: rear attack occupation, bow or cross bow can be used to combat, from long-range sniper hunting opponents.

4. Sorcerer, witch (Wizard, Witch):

Introduction: the ability to use various magic behind the support-type occupations, in addition to offensive magic, but also spells good at various states of exception, in the story or the beginning of the melee when the disk sequence in particular can play a real value. Unmei no Wa 07Fifth, the battle system:

For the combat system in this regard, the players can nurture the Knights from their choice of which role you want to attack war, and the location of configuration begins after completion of the war. In addition the system for not using the general strategy of SRPG as we turn into each other after repeated rounds that turn-based combat system combat, but by the role held by the WT to determine the order of the waiting time sequence of actions of both enemy Therefore, there is often a part of our operations after completing the role immediately initiate action for the other as the enemy of high strategic offensive and defensive battle.

As the fighting, as long as the role of WT zero waiting time can move, so the waiting time WT confirmed the changes made to become an important key. In this as in, WT waiting time because of changes resulting from several main reasons, for example, with the weight of the weapons will be added inside the waiting time counted in WT, or each job has a basic set of different WT waiting time, some thieves and other pre-professional, such as shorter waiting time can be faster to start the next round of action. Or, when the turn of the role of action, this time the players decided to take action such as moving or a variety of operational instructions, such as the use of magic, etc., all will make the following changes in WT produced increased waiting time! Unmei no Wa 13VI Tarot card:

In this as the “Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune” Wheel of Fortune is concerned, it is the tenth tarot cards, on behalf of free will and destiny of the opposition, also has a cyclical and circular, there is the meaning of sustainable . In this as in allegiance with the various players in the story selection of key project, the story will make a follow-up after the development of important changes, and such a multi-story choice, it is precisely this as “Wheel of Fortune WORLD” ( Ways Of Reordering Life’s Destiny) (the name of the system 21 from the Tarot card “The World” world) the presentation of the system.

VII, multiple story:

In the making, the use of multi-story mode, with the players each choose a different, will have different stories to make and change, so you want to fully experience the complete story of the plot, can be said that very time a things. WORLD Wheel of Fortune and this system is to allow players to experience the complete story because the choice of different routes to the plot had not played a system.

Every time when the fate of the cycle turn, will jump to history (the story) in a particular screen, players can inherit the military props and held in gold, military values such as part of the information before the commencement of the state did not choose to Raiders plot alternative routes. However, to use the system, players must first meet certain conditions for the job which, according to the result of choice, players can even lead us to become more powerful force to challenge the original plot of Raiders of the partners can not help where checkpoints, and in this state choose the answer, to experience the full content of the story. Unmei no Wa 14VIII, Wheel of Fortune:

Also in this as in other crown wheel of fortune name system, is the “Wheel of Fortune CHARIOT” (Combat History And Refined Implementation of Tactics) system. To section 7 of this Tarot card “Chariot” tanks in the name of the system is that it gives players in the battle in the wrong order and start again under the system. In this system, all forces will be fighting to record the actions and results, and the form of tree revealed, as in the tree, the role will be able to see the troops “at this point in time in order to This action and to do so, “this process, but also allows players to change any military action to take other action to action, so players can take to repeatedly try different tactics in the battle effects and so on.

For example, when players were wrongly convicted because the moment caused when the army suffered a major trauma, or there would be any troops into combat roles is not the situation when the players can take advantage of this system will fight back to the role of action, let Players take to test if other actions can have different results if there is also much easier for players to think tactics to win!

Compared to the original, players can be the answer to the gods by answering the basic ability to set the role set for the players in this role in addition to input the name and birthday, you can also at random from the 22 Tarot Tarot appear to answer questions, to set the value of the role of basic skills. And in the battle, when the players defeat the enemy, the enemy will sometimes drop the Tarot, players can take to get the tarot cards, access to a wide range of secondary effects.

Nine, “Warren” report:

In addition the game will also include a so-called “Warren Report” (Warren Report) system, which is a record of forces will fight back to the number, the number of war dead, “Wheel of Fortune CHARIOT” record of the frequency of use and other basic information access system, Also in this figure there is also detailed the background story debut record “People” and the protagonist of the story will have a record of events “News” and other projects, of which there will be even helpful to the player’s intelligence game, players can be constantly repeated in the game to read, to get better information about information. Unmei no Wa 15Ten, evolutionary system:

First, as the fighting system in this regard, as in the original battle system will be activated, and the entire arena full 3D scene of the fighting, to give fans of the points in 3D on a 45 degree angle to operate the units overlooking the role and perspective the enemy started the war. Some enemies will hide behind the shelter of the shadow of buildings, etc., so players must switch from top to bottom in a timely manner completely overlooking the point of view to find these enemies will be the annihilate.

When players defeat the enemy, an enemy will sometimes drop objects such as props or Tarot, players must send someone over to the department and the implementation of “standby” command to get these props and the Tarot hands. Also in the story where some may appear to support some of the specific role of the event, as this will affect the later development of the plot, so players must pay special attention Caixing. Also sometimes if in combat role to a particular war, it will trigger a special session with the events of the enemy, these are the players will not miss yo!

First of all branches of the military aspects of the debut, including “Knight” (Knight) has a high defense, but also to use part of the return of magic as a weapon, can be said that human shields against the best team, but also the most active front-line ace, whether as a anti-block wall of the enemy advance, or fighting attacks, there are essential trustworthy. As for the “Rune Sword & Ride of the Valkyries” (Rune Fencer Valkyrie), is able to use a variety of offensive spells and recovery magic, good use of guns and swords and other weapons, magic fighters (depending on gender difference, men Rune swordsman, female Valkyrie ), both can be used as an avant-garde active attacks, you can also use magic as a guard auxiliary partners. The last of the “ninja & Women tolerance” (Ninja Kunoichi), also according to gender are different for different job title, not only has high speed and mobility, but also use the “ninja”-type manipulation of a variety of ghosts to fight. Unmei no Wa 16XI Knight to develop:

The Knights made in the cultivation, the main area had “individual roles to become” the concept expanded to “all the main characters led by the Knights to become” the new system. In the game, the role of forces in the battle after the victory by the Knights to gain experience unity, that is, not every unit increase in troops gain experience levels, but the Knights of the value of each professional to gain experience level rise.

For example, in the end for the fighting, not the “Warrior (Warrior) rating upgrade to 13″, but “all the soldiers in the Knights of the full upgrade to the professional level of 13.” That is the experience gained after the battle the value will no longer be assigned to the role of individual living units, but assigned to their current job meaning. Develop through this system, even the role of newly recruited troops, but also immediately became a fighting force play, the players who can also play the role of random replacement to enjoy the more tactical combat fun. Unmei no Wa 17Second, skills elements:

Also in the making, it is also chasing a so-called new skills (Skill) elements. In the game, all units can be obtained by fighting skill points (Skill Point) to learn a variety of special abilities. And as long as one of the skills learned, even the transfer into other occupations, too, can continue to use. These skills are divided into support for the current skills (Support Skill), mobility skills (Action Skill), instruction skills (Command Skill) and special skills (Special Skill) and other four categories, including support for skills has been launched as long as the effect will hang Passive skills, enhanced with such attack and other special effects.

Thirteen, action skills:

As for the action skills, it is then mounted up, so forces can be used in combat roles, “skills” instruction to initiate the action skills that consumption will be the role of action in the battle returned gradually in accordance with the “TP” (Tactical Point) to initiate the strategic points, including a can make the next attack will kill a strike, and so is knowing the skills of the players who will become the key battle. The instruction skills, will increase the battle is “action” command to select the number of results, these skills include the pastor’s “Divine Magic”, ninja “ninja” and so on. The last of the special skills, it is only part of the race can be equipped with special skills, like equipped in “action” command in the additional options. Unmei no Wa 18Square Enix also announced that another official, as the market for sale soon, the official will be operating in their own online shopping mall “Square Enix e-Store” to launch the limited edition version of Monopoly made “Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune Collectors Pack” ( “Royal Knights: Wheel of Fortune” collection bag), priced at 9,980 yen (tax included). In this collection of packages which, in addition to the game film, there are scheduled November 10, 2010 launch of the sale for the same bundle with the game soundtrack CD, but also will make an appointment special code 22 together with a group of special Tarot included which, by the Kyrgyz Tian Mingyan as responsible for character design illustration drawing package, interested players must not miss it! Screenshots: (PICTURE × 22) Unmei no Wa 19

Unmei no Wa 19

Unmei no Wa 21

Unmei no Wa 22

Unmei no Wa 23

Unmei no Wa 02

Unmei no Wa 17

Unmei no Wa 03

Unmei no Wa 15

Unmei no Wa 04

Unmei no Wa 29

Unmei no Wa 05

Unmei no Wa 31

Unmei no Wa 06

Unmei no Wa 33

Unmei no Wa 09

Unmei no Wa 35

Unmei no Wa 11

Unmei no Wa 37

Unmei no Wa 13

Unmei no Wa 39

Unmei no Wa 40

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