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Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable

“Tears Corolla Crown Portable earth” (ア Te ィ ィ ー ズ ト ゥ Te Corolla ア ラ の earth PORTABLE) (TEARS TO TIARA KAKAN NO DAICHI PORTABLE) (ULJM-05661) (ULJM-05693)

PSP Games Name: Crown of Tears: Portable earth Corolla / Crown of Tears: Portable earth Corolla / Ti Yala Tears: Portable earth Corolla / Ti Yala Tears: Portable earth Corolla

Japanese Name: Te ア ィ ィ ー ズ ト ゥ Te ア ラ – Corolla の Earth – Portable

English name: Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable (First Print Limited Edition) (Tears to Tiara: Earth’s Wreath Portable)

Production companies: Aqua Plus

Agent Release: Aqua Plus Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable

Game Type: S · RPG – Simulation + Role Playing Game (strategy + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: November 25, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen usually Edition

Price: 6,825 yen First Press Limited Edition

Official Website of Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable:

Tears to Tiara 01

Game: According to the Japanese Aquaplus announced that the PS3 will host before the highly popular players winning strategy role-playing game: “The crown of the Tears “transplanted to the PSP handheld on sale launched this portable version of the current” crown of tears: the earth Corolla Portable “(Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable) is scheduled to be November 25, 2010 sale launched regular edition game priced at 5,040 yen (tax included), the other includes the debut of super-magic game, “Davenport Sword” heavy metal plate First Press Limited Edition model is priced at 6,825 yen (tax included). At the same time the government has also announced the launch of PSP games and PSP wrapping film defined as a game console shell stickers booking specials.

First, the original outline:

New “Crown of Tears: Corolla Earth Portable” (Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable) is the July 2008 launch of the PS3 console sold, the more gradually introduced, including television animation and comics, and other versions of the popular entertainment platform as: “Crown of Tears,” the PSP re-plate, the game system is the role of the 2D images for the AVG or the CG model, and the use of turn-based strategy to combat role-playing game (SRPG) of alternately switching the two parts form, but players can also choose to challenge the barriers surfing, and can be collected through the props and equipment, chemicals and other elements to enjoy the experience of the game itself brings both charm.

Tears to Tiara 02

Second, the background of the stage:

PSP version of “Crown of Tears: Corolla earth portable version of” In view of the world, the majority of mankind will be a fantasy world as a stage. The game will be “Bronze Age” after the end of 1200 the “Red Iron Age” as the background, describe the new continent “Holy Empire” forces of aggression outside the continuous expansion of the land, and finally even the past existence of the “Ancient Kingdom” area was also invaded the territory of the empire.

Invasion of the land in the empire, among them, a “Gaelic” settled life of the island, “Irene island.” In order to get past the legendary devil “Arrow temperature” Resurrection, Empire Gaelic priests kidnapped a girl, “Lianne Lennon” ready to call the devil as a living sacrifice resurrection, but in the end but for various reasons, making the ceremony failed In the end this chaos, the devil, “Yarrow temperature” re-awakening from years of slumber … …

Tears to Tiara 03

Third, the new work elements:

In the PSP version of “Crown of Tears: Corolla Portable earth”, the game will be the same with the PS3 version by the previously served as the “heart of the other side of the 2″ (To Heart 2) and other popular Zuoren Kenshiro Nakamura established trees and nectar Two well-known illustrator and character design as the original painting, while the same animation at the beginning by the famous animation studio responsible for producing Studio4 ℃, while the PS3 version for the same will also be invited to luxury with the dubbing voice actors to perform, to bring the players compare PS3 version of the high level of performance!

At the same time on the PSP version, it will be added to this new additional and change elements, such as degree of difficulty in addition to the PS3 version of Easy (simple), Normal (normal), Hard (difficult) the three Difficult , but also added a more difficult Devil (demon) mode, so players can adventure and challenge higher difficulty of the fighting.

Tears to Tiara 04

IV debut role:

The main characters main game set also from the tree, and other famous illustrators mannose comprehensive redesign of the role of these debut personality is also very unique.

1. Yarrow temperature (Arawn):

Voice: Okawa through;

Description: The making protagonist, in the re-awakening from eternal Chenmian the devil. He’s black in a lot of secrets hidden beneath, in the resurrection and Lianne Lennon, who co-operation.

Tears to Tiara 05

2. Lianne Lennon (Riannon):

Narrator: Goto Yap Son;

Description: has a strong prediction ability, good-hearted Maiden Vision care is a former Gaelic chiefs of the daughter of the late passage of the ancient kingdom of origin. Since childhood lost both parents, so from the start by the 哥哥亚萨尔 dependent child grow up.

3. Yasa Er (Arthur):

Voice: Ishii true;

Description: Gaelic young soldiers, Lianne Lennon’s brother, is a great importance to vow serious character straight boy, has always been to “the first soldier,” the identity of the soldiers led by the Gaelic groups.

Tears to Tiara 06

4. MOK child health (Morgan):

Voice: Central Plains linen;

Description: Ya Saer men, full of wild instincts archers. Reckless character straight, strong combat power of the group, second only to the soldiers Ya Saer, with Yasa Er, Lianne Lennon is friends grew up with.

5. Octavio baby (Octavia):

Voice: Tanaka Rie;

Description: Holy Empire of female swordsman, is now, although have fallen, but no lack of past history as a re-post the name of the Empire Knights of the door and aristocratic women, calm personality, with unparalleled precision superb sword skills.

Tears to Tiara 07

6. Xi children (Llyr):

Voice: Name Otsuka good organization;

Description: Seal monster, also known as the water’s edge monster. Since the beginning from the past is a good wife, so everything is super-pessimists think the worse. Unable to bear the failure, so I always run very low.

7. Oujia Mu (Ogam):

Voice: Akimoto sheep medium;

Introduction: the border of the first Sage, proficient Pacific wisdom, Broadcom variety of magic to the Arrow itself as the guardian of temperature, but also his staff think tank.

Tears to Tiara 08

8. Drawing Ti (Rathty):

Voice: Kana Ueda;

Description: Fairy mine timid character, a family of brave soldiers as the past is active in the race, although the good blacksmiths, but compared to weapons, preferring to forge other daily supplies.

6. Ai children Min (Ermin):

Voice: water love;

Description: young family fairies, although straightforward character, but a little bit Shaogen Jin, who is looking forward to the monster family is considered to be legendary hero Yarrow temperature.

Tears to Tiara 09

10. Limulisi (Limwris):

Narrator: Koshimizu Ami;

Description: Family monster, is a gentle woman family everything, like tea, herbal tea is well aware of the most adept of the food is apple pie, as a sister to AIDS as children love the Min.

Tears to Tiara 10

11. Aibo Na (Epona):

Voice: shallow clear already;

Description: The monster in the prop traders in before their meeting with Arroyo temperature is the Travel businessman traveled around to care about the sale of the creed.

12. Tully Essien (Taliesin):

Voice: Tsuboi Chih-hao;

About: the wandering bard, because the words and deeds are always a condition was outside the poet as a fool. Although it looks not good at fighting, but in fact it is very powerful master.

Tears to Tiara 11

13. Kaiwu Si (Gaius):

Voice: Kenji Hamada;

Description: Holy Empire General Albert Tarn area Expeditionary Force commander, at a young age to become a member of the imperial senator, but also the quasi-consul, was a military careerist little genius. Although it is cold and ruthless generals, but are very trusted by his men, a people can not hate the man.

14. Lydia (Lydia):

Voice: Bright City み ゆ ki;

Description: Holy Empire vigilante force “Maple soldiers,” the commander, the Empire of the door noble birth, although the nobility, but the character is extremely cruel, as long as the imperial order hazard no mercy Nobody else!

Tears to Tiara 12

In addition, this PSP version of “Crown of Tears: Corolla Earth Family Edition” also added a so-called “combat assessment” setting. This is the sequel to the PS3 version of the “crown of tears Gaiden: Dragon Ava Mystery,” which features additional real equipment, in the points after the fighting, the battle will turn the light of the number of players with the use of props to give a different number of evaluations, the higher, after the battle of the props to get the better rewards, but also all broken in the game there will be a final evaluation after the show, with the additional difficulty mode, so this made a lot of playable increase of more . Another PSP version also will feature the installation of the corresponding memory stick, and players in the game can be seen in the CG to deposit into the events inside the memory stick save as the PSP to host any of the desktop to allow players to use.

Tears to Tiara 13

PSP version of “Crown of Tears: Portable earth Corolla” The current release date is scheduled for November 25, 2010. The original game, hired a well-known illustrator, characters debut in the game expressive, more vivid personality, like the type of game players may wish to try, it will certainly bring you good memories, there are players like SRPG games friends should not miss this. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 22)

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