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The_Dog_Happy_Life_McDonalds_Version_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUT [PSPUMD] “happy dog life, the first bombs” (Japanese version, McDonald’s Special Edition?) [460MB] (JAPANESE EDITION)

“Happy dog life, the first bombs” (ザ ド ッ ッ ピ グ ハ ラ イ フ Fortunately せ ー ン コ life ワ 1 Dan – bred シ ュ レ ー シ ョ ミ ン -) (THE DOG HAPPY LIFE MCDONALDS VERSION)

The Dog 00

Game name: happy puppy life of the first bomb

Japanese Name: ザ ド ッ グ ハ ッ ピ ー ラ イ フ Fortunately せ ワ ン コ life 1 Dan – bred シ ミ ュ レ ー シ ョ ン – (The Dog Happy Life ~ Hsing せ ワ ン コ life 1 Dan ~)

English name: The Dog: Happy Life-McDonald ‘s Version-

Production companies: ARTLIST NTERNATIONAL

Agent release: YUKE’S

Genre: SLG (simulation to develop the game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: April 27, 2006 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 2,940 yen yen

Official Website:

The Dog 01PSP Games:

SCE announced pet raising game “The Dog” is about scheduled in April 2006 listing, the reference to a certain extent as though the “Nintendogs” game mode, but the fineness of the screen, and props out stronger on the richness of “any Nintendogs, “a lot. “The Dog” and “Nintendogs” is similar to many kinds of dogs can also be used to purchase clothing and accessories for players, and dress up your dog. “The Dog” since it is the younger generation, there will need to improve sales, for the times of “The Dog” will join the camera, this feature is the “Nintendogs” that are not, players can use this function to record their own bit by bit with the dog daily.

The Dog 02

“Nintendogs” The biggest advantage is to give the full sense of touch operation, which also benefited from the NDS touch screen, which is lacking in PSP; how the case without a touch screen interaction between man and dog out of the feeling of performance This is the best game producers should consider. Allegedly, this will most likely be using “Talkman” similar microphone system, in order to communicate with the dog. In “The Dog”, the dog has a large number of items can be used to dress, including clothing, hats, glasses, gloves and so on. Games also have a dog at the same time increase the intimacy of the setting touch, but unfortunately only by the direction of operation of PSP can be achieved, as opposed to “Nintendogs,” the intuitive gameplay, or have a big difference.

The Dog 05

Games also have WiFi connectivity, through this feature, players can make their own dog and the dog with other players playing online, can also open a number of hidden elements. The dog made is also very rich in species, including the Chihuahua, Beijing, Pakistan, Labrador, etc., including more than ten kinds of dogs, any dog who can be found in this their favorite dog . “The Dog” corresponding platform for PSP, the game scheduled to April 27, 2006 listing, the type for the type of cultivation and has attractive original photographs and other elements who may wish to try the dogs make.

Screenshots: (PICTURE × 10)

The Dog 06

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The Dog 08

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Free Downloads PSP Games - The Dog: Happy Life-McDonalds Version