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Valkyria Chronicles II

“Valkyrie battlefield 2 high Luwang Li Officer School” (VALKYRIA CHRONICLES II) (ULUS-10515 | C5676462791F597A | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Title: Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li NCO school / Valkyrie Battlefield 2: Cagliari WANG Academy / Valkyrie Battlefield 2: Gallardo Wang Lishi official school

English name: Only On PlayStation – Valkyria Chronicles II (Senjou No Valkyria 2: Gallia Ouritsu Shikan Gakkou)

Production companies: SEGA

Agent Release: SEGA OF AMERICA, INC.

Game Type: S · RPG – Simulation + Role Playing Game (strategy + role-playing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: August 31, 2010

Price: $: $ 39.99 Valkyria Chronicles II

Official Website of Valkyria Chronicles II:

Valkyria Chronicles II 01

Game: First, the “battle of the Valkyries,” a new chapter in the handheld continues!

“Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li Officer School” (Valkyria Chronicles II) is the SEGA Corporation “Sakura Wars” series, produced by the production team to develop the game, is a blend of action, the strategic elements of the RPG works. Before the on November 14, 2008 in the PS3 console for sale. The launch of the PSP version is also the PS3 version of the “battlefield of the Valkyries” (Valkyria Chronicles) The sequel for the orthodox. The story is set before the game after two years. This is still followed for its unique watercolor style to the screen with real time combat system, and dramatically increased the game’s freedom. 50 million sales of previously used as a basis for the new “Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li NCO school” is bound to be another PSP handheld platform, a S · RPG masterpiece!

Second, before the outline:

Next-generation PS3 version of “Battlefield Valkyrie” (Valkyria Chronicles) U.S. version launched in November 2008, the game through the PS3 powerful hardware processing performance, detailed portrait of the perfect European landscape in the 1930s. The game features a unique “CANVAS” technology, 3D graphics systems to hand-painted watercolor-like strokes illustrations and detailed re-emerged in the beautiful scenery in Europe and to strengthen the theatrical effect.

Space-time the game is set in the real world modeled on the “sign calendar (pronounced with the Gregorian calendar),” Europe 1930. At that time Europe has a strong military force was the “East European empire” and the “Atlantic Federation,” the two powers are divided. In order to compete for two-continental hegemony, broke out across all of Europe’s “second European war” (referred to as: EWII). Game narrative sandwiched between two military powers ─ ─ ─ neutral small country high Lugong Guo, Imperial Army was a sudden aggression. Press on military power in the Empire, the high Lu Jun losing ground to the Rand in the capital of ancient Pulitzer ready to fall on the occasion, but was Gallic Empire Volunteer team leader Wilkin repulsed by surprise tactics, and free the fate of extinction. Wilkin feats of the war were drafted into the army, is the seventh team Gaul Volunteer team leader, take the first European war war hero father had driven a new chariot ─ ─ ─ number of small white flowers, led by the Gauls Patriotic volunteer team consisting of people, in order to resist the Empire’s invasion and restore peace in the motherland, protect the country launched a war epic … …

Valkyria Chronicles II 02

Third, the sign calendar 1937, civil war broke out!

PSP version of “Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li NCO school” and the Empire takes place in up to two years after the war. The new PS3 version of the original watercolors for inherited style CANVAS graphics engine, and integration of real-time action with turn instructions “BLiTZ combat system”, and dramatically increased the degree of freedom and content.

Fourth, the game summary:

1. The story background:

Story describes the 1937 high Lugong Guo as the background, reasons for exclusion Total Acres man, “Gaul Revolutionary Army” as an opportunity to rise in the south. Hit in the battle with the Empire can not put down the civil strife in the regular army, while the Revolutionary Army forces are growing, the government had decided to desperate kingdom of non-commissioned officers school cadets fought as a new force! Games with “campus” and “war” two major themes of high school players will play the blue seats Seoul Wang Lishi Lu Gongguo protagonist Yabang Hades school officials, usually with the students to experience the classes, training, and other colorful celebration campus life, to face war with the comrades in the battlefield of life and death to pay off his career.

Valkyria Chronicles II 03

2. “All the people all soldiers” system:

At the end of the story describes the chaotic situation of the Empire after the invasion, high Lu Gongguo developed a “universal system for all soldiers,” the occasion when the country in trouble, all citizens have the obligation to accept enlisted as volunteer defend the motherland. However, in southern Gaul ruled anti-Darfur Fox launched an armed rebellion for the call of the revolutionary army, the regular army crackdown ended in failure, the system of universal military resistance to foreign aggression and is only applicable to the situation, can not be composed of nationals of volunteer recruitment to suppress civil strife.

3. “Blue seats Seoul Wang Lishi official school”:

The high Lu Gongguo helpless government and, therefore, in southern Gaul autonomous powers entrusted to the blue seats Seoul Wang Lishi officer school. This is a collection of high-Lu Gongguo the domestic elite, a long school history with 200 years of the only Military Academy, will assume the suppression of the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of the heavy responsibility to mobilize non-commissioned officers in the school composition of the army cadets went to fight in the war.

Valkyria Chronicles II 04

4. family (Randgriz):

Historically, the crusade against the disaster and in the Daru to the continent and Alex who bring calm to the whole European continent and peace is the legendary ─ ─ ─ Valkyrie different ethnic Azeri, and family Val is inherited heraldic beast corner Azeri descent. High Lugong Guo, rulers elected by the family from generation to generation by the , is a typical constitutional monarchy.

5. Stoppering National Family (Cassenarl):

Gasser Canal south of the family is strong in high-Lu Gongguo force the door of the aristocracy. Today, the rebels set off unrest, it is family-centered to stopper National assembly of the illegal organization. Although they called themselves “Gauls Revolutionary Army,” but in fact it is for people in terms of the letter from the rebels. Rebel flag a symbol of the lion, is the stopper National family coat of arms.

Valkyria Chronicles II 05

6. Continued commitment before the combat system:

Inherited before the game’s “BLiTZ” combat system (details see below the content), through a strategic simulation of alternate “command mode” and the third person shooter “action mode” to expand the fight. Command mode, players will be deployed on the battlefield of our combat units on the map, the use of “command points” to combat units in action, action mode is the manipulation of combat units move and attack.

Valkyria Chronicles II 06V

. debut role Description:

1. Yabang Hades: (voice: Yoshino Hiroyuki): ─ ─ ─ inherited her brother’s will, to the promising young front-line battlefield.

Introduction: the story of the hero, his brother inherited the will of the late Wang Lishi officer schools into 17-year-old hot-blooded youth, their way of bold action then the character and justice Ling praised by students around, but hide behind the truth and in its His successor will be no one knows. After the segment as a squad leader of the Yabang Class G Class, the class will take up the boost morale and loyalty, great responsibility, together with partners across the A class and the elite class of the many obstacles, including the rebels.

2. Benzali: (voice: Kamiya Hiroshi): ─ ─ ─ to become a “hero” for the goal of the Darfur Lakes people.

Introduction: the hero’s best friend Yabang Hades, age 17, has been subjected to persecution and exile, appeared to calm but in fact is a passionate young people, to treat everything with a calm attitude, and the hero’s reckless contrast, its superior mobility unanimously recognized by everyone.

Valkyria Chronicles II 07

3. Ke Jie: (voice: English Kitamura pear): ─ ─ ─ careless doctors to become first-class girl.

Description: Age 17 years, as a non-commissioned officers school students, she has a cheerful personality, and soon anyone can mix, the goal is to become a good doctor. And she is always doing things, “Shaogen Jin” characteristics often will bring their own small problems.

4. Mystery Girl: (voice: unknown): ─ ─ ─ friend or foe? The overwhelming power of the mystery of the girl.

Description: one hand, a shield in one hand and a gun in the mysterious girl, from her dress look very much like the legendary Valkyrie Valkyrie descendants, but her true identity is still unknown.

Valkyria Chronicles II 02

5. Cody Liya G ·: (voice: Noto Mamiko): ─ ─ ─ high Luguo Gong master.

Introduction: the first generation of Princess Leia Cody will debut before the final announcement in his own person as the fact that Alex Daru. Arbitrarily excluded the face of the rebels who Daru Alex, Cody Princess Leia was adamant, she vowed to land on every citizen should have to defend their rights and freedoms.

6. Jill Baird stopper Canal: (voice: Galaxy Man Cheung): ─ ─ ─ stopper Canal count.

Description: National family headed stopper, who advocated rejection of his attempt to Daru Cox exclusion Cody Princess Leia by their monopoly of the dominance of the throne. Jill Baird reason why there is such a capital, and his bold personality and a broad network of people is inseparable.

Valkyria Chronicles II 06

Sixth, the new system, so the game is greatly enhanced!

High Luwang Li NCO school history with 200 years of high Lu Gongguo continent’s only military academy, where all basic facilities, but also for the Kingdom of the military has trained many outstanding officers, with the “Revolutionary Army “forces continues to expand, non-commissioned officers school films from regular army took over the defense of the important task of the southern continent, and also became a stronghold of the regular army.

In the PSP version of “Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li NCO school”, select the task to the battle screen you can see, non-commissioned officers in schools in the conference room before the war, players can choose the current combat missions. The task can be accessed very rich in species, including: practical exercises, night work together, guerrilla warfare, suppression of war and so on. After graduating in the choice of complete formation options, players can attack well before all the preparations, the career of the configuration and the configuration settings, such as tanks, and the PS3 on this point before the same. Finally, to return to school to complete the task, and then continue to the next task. The basic process is the main game like this.

Valkyria Chronicles II 10

And the current situation in Europe different from its predecessor, the United empire in Eastern Europe (commonly known as: “Empire”) is gradually southward expansion of the military forces, and the Atlantic federal agencies (commonly known as: “Federation”) or with small friction exists between the Empire, As in all small neutral countries in conflict are high Lugong Guo and some other small countries, surrounded by war has become an urgent matter, and before the empire’s aggression due to the failure of the federal troops fighting the rise.

VII, the highly improved combat system:

PSP version of “Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li NCO school” role in the operation of third-person perspective action will be the first to find shelter in the scene slowly approaching the enemy, and then attack, this point and before the same. The elements of the new improvements will make the system as more abundant in the fighting, and more playable. Also in action on the screen, the significant improvements made there, such as shown in the top left of the screen “Morale value”, which in turn represents what? We may say that the morale of the value of it.

Valkyria Chronicles II 11

1. Free incubation system:

New work in the breeding system of free decision, but also foster the role of their favorite players, professional arm in there before the lot in, but this can also be a sequel to its professional values strengthening and capacity strengthening. After certain conditions are met can be transformed from the basic branches of Lance Corporal species, and in the capacity will be significantly strengthened, dress will be greatly changed.

2. The role of breeding program started!

Lance Corporal kinds of players can select candidates for conversion, to strengthen the character attributes and equipment, were now official: mobile force with emphasis on type and attack type and other candidates, the role can be transferred into a different initial vocational vocational upper and eventually become a Lance Corporal species, and all the fine career total of 30 titles as optional!

Valkyria Chronicles II 12

3. Major basic arms description:

Only by relying on the game can be achieved with the different branches of the military battle, the players need to recognize the characteristics of the various branches of the military relationship with the phase g, different branches of the military strength and mobility in attack and defense will have very different terms, how to configure the arms and allow them to achieve the greatest effect was in the battle before the players have to understand clearly.

4. Arms list:

※ scout: Action Force and the enemy’s ability to claim for the expertise, the main weapon is the standard rifle and so on.

※ Stormtrooper: the highest attack on the enemy occupation, but the relative mobility to almost, weapons and machine guns.

※ soldiers on the tank: to fight against the tanks of the occupation, the special tank rocket launcher can give a lot of damage, but the mobility minimum.

※ Support Soldiers: The removal of mines and other obstacles in the game career, but also the physical return of our key personnel and ammunition.

※ sniper: long-range attacks using the sniper rifle occupation, mobility and toughness is relatively low.

※ tanks: tanks in the battle to play a huge role, and there are armor-piercing ammunition, grenades, machine guns and other weapons.

Valkyria Chronicles II 13

5. The chariot of the rebels with us:

Yan has a high smoke and armored combat vehicles, turrets heraldic symbol of the lion part of the command of its own. The Armor Force Commander Aoduo Lei dedicated tanks are an astonishing six barrel. Red gold Armor body coupled with the whole tank full of dignity and pride.

Eight, “BLiTZ combat system” Introduction:

Before the new work is still used is called: “BLiTZ” (Battle of Live Tactical Zone systems) the combat system is divided into command mode (Command Mode) and the mode of action (Action Mode) composed of two parts. “BLiTZ combat system” The biggest highlight is an overview of the battlefield situation in real-time analysis model and operation mode alternate with each other, which is the most basic elements of the system in action before the enemy to understand their position and the composition, analytical models can better intuitive feelings on the player, allowing the player to take the appropriate measures for the situation.

Valkyria Chronicles II 14

1. Specific system:

“BLiTZ combat system”, by: “parse mode” ← → two modes are alternately ← → “mode of operation.” In addition the role of action in the choice of a corresponding value of consumption of the CP, the CP will automatically turn back end, while the tank unit operations such a powerful need to consume double the CP value.

2. Chariot significantly strengthen the role of:

The special unit for the tank that will make significant improvements, extensive renovation route allows gamers to create a universal but a very strong ability to research vehicles, the appearance of the painting, there are many types to choose from. The flexible use of tanks is to test a player’s technique, in the open tanks can also be used as a wall charge to cover our units.

Valkyria Chronicles II 15

3. To strengthen the importance of tank:

Strengthen the existing tank game converted tuning system, change the tank’s hull, turret, armor, camouflage and so on, to change the tank’s combat capabilities to the battlefield for different needs, greatly expanded the scope of the practical application of chariots. Training outside of the role of enhanced Bingke promotion system, once the basic branches of the military for the simple and advanced arms and extended according to local power or damage to the different orientation of the multiple differences in selection for promotion.

4. Chariot Special accessories:

Apart from the transformation of different routes, the tank can also install additional armor components, so that tanks have a higher defense, but only to meet the chariot of the “total weight.” In addition, the camouflage tank is also very much choice in the selection. Belongs to the player can create their own unique “Steel Partners”, and the emergence of camouflage coating also means that night operations are possible? Therefore, the performance of combat vehicles will be in the making has a significant place.

Valkyria Chronicles II 16

IX TGS 2009 Tokyo Game Show demo report:

Sega’s booth this trial for a variety of the demo, such as overcrowding, a new generation times for “Bayonetta”, Sega, and Tri-Ace co-operation “at the end of eternity”, etc., are subject to Players are welcome. In fact, the Sega’s “Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li Officer School” demo units to take in “as a dragon, 4: Legend of the successor” next to the quality of the PS3 before the obvious, and the recent continuous heat broadcast TV version of the animation, so a few people who come to participate in experience. Before trial began, the staff who will lead them into a makeshift “room”, a simple first entry training (in fact, introduced the game is simple and the instructions), dressed in military uniforms Gallardo instructors and well-dressed The “classroom” for trial by the infected person.

After receiving formal training can begin the game, PSP although the PS3 less than a few keys, but the operation is as convenient, “L key”, “R key” used to adjust the viewing angle and to switch targets, “□ key” to enter targeting mode or switch weapons, “○ key” is the shooting and the use of props. Before the game and the same basic system. Select the first consumer mobile units CP, and then switch to each member alone. Demo version of the beginning of the goal is to occupy an enemy stronghold, with tanks and snipers surrounding the enemy can quickly be cleaned than the occupation positions, the game will prompt players to choose “Stand back”, which is also the the biggest factor for a change. The so-called “stand behind” is to allow our team to enter the allied base stand, and then selecting the location for reinforcements from another attack, this and “Stealth”, including a lot of strategy games similar. To be more thorough point, each new work related to the original large map divided into a number of regional, to get our players move between these areas, it must be occupied areas and select the standby, this is the one for the add important new elements. To a major concern before the task in the new work is divided into a number of areas to carry out, in fact, to meet the enemy when the player a lot easier.

Valkyria Chronicles II 17

PSP PSP-exclusive strategy role-playing S · RPG new work: “Valkyrie Battlefield 2: High Luwang Li Officer School History” is currently scheduled for the end of August 2010 for sale in North America. The next-generation PS3 platform before the launch of the “battle of the Valkyries” to rely on exquisite design and excellent freedom of people to win the praise of many players. The announced PSP handheld sequel to visit, I believe both the new and old players is a good news. For those who prefer the old players to the game in the series friends should not miss this PSP exclusive works. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 25)

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