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Major_League_Baseball_2K9_USA_PROPER_PSP-iND [PSPUMD] “U.S. Major League Baseball 2K9″ (U.S. version, revised version!) [1.24GB] [ULUS-10413 | 943A1A2F2BFDF640 | 0001 | G] (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EDITION) Major League Baseball 00“The United States Major League Baseball 2K9″ (MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K9) (ULUS-10413 | 943A1A2F2BFDF640 | 0001 | G)

PSP Games Name: American Major League Baseball 2K9 / American Major League Baseball 2K9

English name:-2K SPORTS-Major League Baseball 2K9

Production companies: Visual Concepts / Kush Games

Agent Release: 2K Sports

Game Type: SPG – Sports Game (sports, baseball games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Play Station 2 / Play Station 3 / XBOX 360 / PC DVD-ROM / Nintendo Wii

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: March 24, 2009 (PSP U.S. version)

Price: $: $ 29.99

Official Website:

Major League Baseball 01

Game: 2K Sports United States produced by the company “MLB 2K” series, the latest work: “The United States Major League Baseball 2K9″ (Major League Baseball 2K9 ) currently scheduled for March 2009 on sale in North America is expected to be introduced: XBOX360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC and Wii, and many other platforms, the current 2K Sports released the official website section describes the film, showing a tremendous amount of game performance for the players you refer. In the new work “The United States Major League Baseball 2K9″ (Major League Baseball 2K9), you will faithfully present the essence of a baseball game, the player features, such as combat posture, pitching for specific action and each player bat Actions are also alive. Developer 2K Sports doing your best production, and finally showing a style so close to major league games. In pitching, hitting, fielding and base running have a lot of progress on the performance, so that the old and new players can quickly control the game on the familiar. The new broadcast and reviews the content, so a more closely match the chord. Major League really want to feel the courage it? Select the game on the right. Major League Baseball 02First, real-time list of players:

Will continue to update the list of players, keeping their team in the latest combination. The game will automatically update the list of players, so players will not miss any one player transactions, and the player’s squad can continue to maintain the highest peak. Major League Baseball 03Second, the performance of more advanced Signature Style:

2K Sports moves to strengthen the performance of players to feature more than 300 new animations, so that all field players are like real people, to achieve an unprecedented gaming experience. Major League Baseball 04Third, the new generation of control:

Using the right joystick controls pitch, combat and garrison the corresponding action for the adoption of this new control method. Players can use the modified two-stage Precision Pitching control over the pitch, the more advanced Swing Stick to the fight, and control of the rapid reaction of the garrison to defend. Major League Baseball 05Fourth, the business model:

To try the game’s business model and enjoy the performance of the new style of MLB, the new customization options, multiplayer gaming, a variety of functions, and real competition test. Major League Baseball 06Fifth, progress Swing Stick:

New improved over the fight for the control, to seize the ball as long as the timing and accuracy can have a good combat performance. The ball’s position and in a way which allows players to hit a dozen more species, such as pushing the car cloth edge and the ball kind of long-range artillery. Major League Baseball 07VI, Inside Edge 2009:

Inside Edge player correctly showing the various habits. Inside Edge reference to up to 6 years of player performance reports, so that the players spot in the real situation in the faithful performance in the game. Major League Baseball 08VII, 2K high definition real-time environmental performance:

Games broadcast by the new virtual guide function, so that the operation of broadcast lens, camera angles and editing all the way to realistic real-time broadcast. The function of environmental changes in real time, making the entire stadium during the game’s environment will change slightly. Such as light, referee, coach, caddy and different actions will follow, allowing the player feel like being among the true course. Major League Baseball 09Eight, the new broadcast staff:

Gary Thorne will partner with the ball commentary Steve Phillips, a tremendous amount of broadcast entire game, with new points of view with the players feel the conduct of every game. Game sound is also made enhancements, such as real fans cheering and drum noise, can allow players to figure out whether the stadium is exposure. Major League Baseball 10Nine, the new playoff mode:

Players can now process without going through the regular season and the playoffs can begin, as long as through the trials in the playoffs, you can dream of a wonderful reflection of the world championship. Major League Baseball 11Ten, Team 2K:

This is a 10-week online tournament mode, players can set the best online players team up. Just a quick ranked match, you can start mutual consultations of the game. Everyone has their own gameplay, players can create, upload and share their own players and the ability to set, including new features that take advantage of DNA created by the players out of players. This includes a new Reelmaker, where players can create their own exciting video camera, and then put 2KSports players on the official website or a blog site for others to enjoy together. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 18)

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