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Madden_NFL_10_EUR_PSP-pSyPSP [PSPUMD] “Madden NFL 10″ (European version) [?? MB] [ULES-1] (THE EUROPE EDITION) “Madden NFL 10″ (MADDEN NFL 10)

PSP Games Name: Madden NFL 10 / Madden NFL10 / Madden NFL 10 / Madden NFL 10

English name: EA SPORTS – Madden NFL 10 (Madden National Football League 10)

Production companies: EA Tiburon

Agent Release: EA SPORTS

Game Type: SPG – Sports Game (sports, rugby games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Play Station 2 / Play Station 3 / XBOX 360 / Nintendo Wii

Languages: English (European version)

Release Date: August 14, 2009 (PSP Europe Version)

Official Website:

EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 01

Game: Electronic Arts EA SPORTS department officially announced by the Arizona Cardinals catcherLuo (Larry Fitzgerald) and the Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Pola Malu David (Troy Polamalu) both as “Madden NFL 10″ (Madden NFL 10) cover star, which is a 21-year-old “Madden NFL 10 “series for the first time to show his two-star cover. First, the voice from the producer:

“Troy Pola Malu can be said that the best example of NFL great conflicts have.” EA SPORTS, senior product manager Anthony Stevenson (Anthony Stevenson), said: “” Madden NFL 10 “to ‘code number of the war’ the spirit of the fully exposed, and the spirit of Troy and Larry workaholic, so that they become a cover star the best candidate.” EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 02Second, the cover star Description:

Since Shaoen Alexander (Shaun Alexander), the 赖瑞费兹杰罗 leapt to second place while “Madden NFL” series (“Madden NFL 10″) and “American college football” series (“American University Rugby 2005 “cover player. He three-time All-Star Game (Pro Bowl), and was awarded the 2009 All-Star Game MVP, his football career to new heights. In 2008, he hit a ball a few yards 1,431 and 12 touchdowns success and set a code in the NFL playoffs, the number of (546), ball (30) and touchdowns (7) records, led the Arizona Cardinals all the way to advance the 43rd Super Bowl final. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 03Troy Pola Maroons won the Super Cup twice, but also now one of the most famous NFL player. Steelers Paula Malu is the backbone of a strong line of defense to his career level of speed, agility and fierce rivals fell offensive tackles. In his field and completely prepared to respond quickly known, Paula Maroons are the few NFL quarterbacks can crash, then the players single-handedly block, or retreat to the defensive player of the defensive zone. Paula Maroons tied the security guard not only the single-game record of three NF quarterback sack in the Steelers have the 43rd Super Cup a record seven steals and recorded 73 tackles. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 04Third, the sound from the development team:

“In the following,” Madden NFL 10, “the development work, Tiburon’s team can only be described as ecstasy.” EA SPORTS Senior Producer Feierfeise (Phil Frazier) said: “The innovative online game mechanics allow players to come together in unprecedented ways, while an impressive array of broadcast approach is closely linked to the tension in NFL events, combined with by far the most realistic games, “Madden NFL 10″ series is definitely the gold medal game culmination. ” EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 05Fourth, the new game audition season:

In the next 25 April 2009, the “Madden NFL 10″ will take the official website from the organized experience opened a new season off the draft. EA is available on the official website of the Orlando, Florida, “Madden NFL” draft streaming real-time headquarters of the production of programs. In this program, show, show many interactive elements of the game, including NFL football star’s real-time phone-line, live in New York City Commissioner, and provides the “Madden NFL,” players are called into question the fans to express their views and links. With TV shows, in-depth, open draft pick will be the official “Madden NFL 10″ to do on-site evaluation and discussion. Site will also provide dynamic voting, social networking content, NFL draft picture, and “Madden NFL 10″ player, real-time evaluation team blog, so that players involved interaction. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 06Fifth, the game features list:

1.Pro Tak animation:

Can be controlled tackles, three to nine Despite wins over co-hold, the war in Rendui fumbled the ball, and dodge quarterback, plus a new locking mechanism, so that each offensive and defensive players can experience the profound meaning of “yardage battle . ”

2. Team Fun:

Internet research can be with some friends and tactics, practicing offensive and defensive skills, and view by positioning the camera to take a different view of the game.

3. Network pellets:

32 teams available online battle. Players can connect to the network in real-time NFL-style draft. Each pellet has a custom league home page, allowing the player to look at rankings and statistics, make or accept transactions, manage the team lineup and so on. In the “Madden NFL 10″, the player can keep track of the dynamic network of pellets. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 074. Experience went to the site:

Those who get on the pitch point of view, can be in the “Madden NFL 10″ saw. Referee loudly pronounced, measuring staff positions swarmed toward the first attack, a new interactive mechanism of injury, signs quarterback throw action, and authentic live, can bring about unprecedented for the NFL players live situation.

5. Extraordinary point of view:

Including a new weekly intelligence update, analysis you for the ups and downs pellets. “Superb views” were invited to NFL Network’s Fran Charles and Alex Flanagan Zuozhen, network programming to bring the players in the form of pellets for the wonderful analysis.

Sixth, the next generation version features:

“Madden NFL 10″ Pro-Tak animation using the new technology, next-generation Xbox 360 version and PS3 version also brings controllable tackles, three to nine Despite wins over hold together, and fumbled the ball in the Rendui in contention capabilities. In addition, Pro-Tak will also enable quarterback dodging oncoming collision and continue to break the ball, or yet accurate pass. The “Madden NFL 10″ will be emotional for the players and the ground level of realism, the game will have more on the first floor of the performance. The results have a player on the tactics of control than ever before, and now you can tow the defensive player of the first attack (First Down) mark, in the chaos trying to steals fumbled the ball, and the gap to prevent the fast break containment. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 08Also in the new work, players will experience the profound meaning of “yardage battle.” Through the new Pro-Tak animation technology, the player has on the results of each offensive and defensive control than ever before. Both players then scored the first offensive drive, or in competition among Rendui fumbled the ball before the whistle sounded great struggle will not stop. In addition, a new line into pellet model, includes 32 teams, NFL-style draft and custom league page for the players to bring a full range of network game fun. In addition, combined with live broadcast of today’s most fascinating, “Madden NFL 10″ for players not confused covered with mud, visited the stadium to get the true feeling. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 09VII, Wii Edition features:

In addition, the “Madden NFL 10″ also features for the Wii platform, complete re-design. Wii version will be imported to enhance sports games console’s unique and innovative benchmark style. Which showed a tremendous amount of new style NFL stadium field, the players describe the characteristics of the new exciting player models, but also brought the series so far the most sociable gaming experience. Completely redesigned, reinvented for Wii gamers to bring more football fun. The use of wild parties, or pre-game gap time, and friends can also be a fight for “sofa king” crown. EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 10“Madden NFL 10″ (Madden NFL 10) will launch Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii and PSP versions and other platforms, the game is currently scheduled for August 2009 on sale in the UK, like sports game not to be missed. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 23) EA SPORTS Madden NFL Demo 11

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