8 iPhone Abecedarian We Wish on iPad

iPad detractors abolish Apple’s new accessory as little added than a ample iPod Touch. That’s not in fact fair, although the does allotment a lot in accepted with both the and iPod Touch ? including the adeptness to run any and all of the abecedarian you downloaded from the App Store. However, accepting in fact approved a scattering of iPhone abecedarian up-scaled to an iPad, I can acquaint you the after-effects are mixed. Some abecedarian plan just accomplished (Gameloft’s The Oregon Trail remake) while added attack acknowledgment to the change in ergonomics (the iPhone adaptation of N.O.V.A.) psp games.

Though Apple enthusiasts are acceptable to be the bulk aboriginal iPad adopters, there will still be iPad owners that are not iPod Touch or iPhone users. It would be a abashment if the aboriginal time they played some of the iPhone’s greatest abecedarian was on the iPad through double-pixel scaling. So, we accept accumulated a accumulating of eight iPhone abecedarian that should in fact accomplish the bound to the book with iPad-native versions. Fingers crossed, some of these will in fact happen.



Plants vs. Zombies

Publisher: PopCap Games

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Plants vs. Zombies on the iPhone, anytime afterwards it’s been out on PCs for some time, is still such a fun, beginning play. You accept to abound a band of aegis adjoin an admission charge of zombies. Just as there are abounding altered zombies with alone behaviors and speeds, your arresting frondescence is aswell varied, active from basal seed-spitting sunflowers to exploding Doom-shrooms. The iPhone copy of Plants vs. Zombies sacrificed little on its cruise to the handset and, as a result, is every bit as addictive.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: Absolute estate, baby. Absolute estate. Admitting the smaller-screen adaptation of Plants vs. Zombies excised little from the PC game, the ablaze and bright characters just are not as abundant and the affectation feels occasionally cramped. The iPad’s 9.7-inch awning will gives some breath allowance to the battlefield and acquiesce PopCap to restore the original, handsome bulb and zombies sprites.


iBlast Moki

Publisher: Godzilab

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: In his review, Matt Casamassina wrote of iBlast Moki: “It’s august and pretty, but added importantly, it’s a appellation that feels like it was congenital abnormally with iPhone in apperception — a accurateness finer axiomatic in the automatic controls, the amazing touch-interactive akin designs and the anon attainable date editor and administration system.” He’s in fact right. iBlast Moki’s claiming of boring bombs about puzzles to bang the Mokis into exits is one of those only-on-iPhone greats.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: The double-pixel appearance of iPhone abecedarian will accordingly rob some titles of their sparkling visuals. iBlast Moki’s aciculate attending deserves to be maintained on a beyond screen. Plus, just like Plants vs. Zombies, a beyond awning offers way added play acreage to the developer ? and abecedarian akin designers that use the date editor in iBlast Moki ? to actualize added circuitous puzzles that do not feel deeply adapted on to the iPhone’s abate display.

Star Defense

Publisher: ngmoco

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Really, here’s a bold that did solid business ? but boilerplate abreast the numbers is deserved. Belfry aegis abecedarian are a dime a dozen in the App Store (and generally priced just like that, too), but ngmoco’s 3D riff on the blueprint was stunning, balanced, and original. Spinning the planets to administer the battlefield added a accomplished new action wrinkle. You could zoom out absolutely far from the planet to see a beyond acreage view, but that larboard enemies and building searching absolutely tiny. That brings us to?

How it could be even bigger on iPad: The akin of detail on the tower, creatures, and planets in Star Aegis is still impressive. Several months afterwards its release, I still play it and curiosity at the aesthetics and account at play. The iPad’s screen, however, will accomplish it easier to see all on-screen altar in zoomed-out view. But it’s not just that. With beyond planets and towers, you can accomplish with a greater bulk of accuracy, agreement defenses in fact area you wish them. The added awning would let you assignment down to the apparent and absolutely get a acceptable attending at what’s traveling on. My hopes for Star Aegis on the iPad are attenuated by ngmoco’s move adjoin “freemium,” but it would be a abashment to let this abundant bold atrophy on the agenda vine.

Flight Control

Publisher: Firemint

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Firemint’s big bold of 2009 wasn’t its blockbuster disciplinarian Absolute Racing, although that awash well. No, the big blemish was Flight Control, the defining “line drawing” bold that aggressive a host of copycats and clones, but aswell some able evolutions. You basically draw access patterns for airplanes on active airports. But there’s so abundant added to Flight Control and it is such an accepted bold that few were afraid to apprentice it had been downloaded added than two actor times.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: Admitting it may yield a little while to get two actor iPads out there, I don’t agnosticism that an iPad-specific copy of Flight Control would do agreeable numbers. The bigger acreage will accomplish it even easier to play in commendations to cartoon flight paths, but anticipate how active the airports could get with all of that added awning absolute estate. Firemint could absolutely ratchet up the insanity. Plus, brainstorm application Google Maps to ample the awning with bright digital angle of absolute airports. That would attending bang and accord abounding Flight Control junkies acumen to accomplish a added download.

Space Ace

Publisher: Agenda Leisure

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Admitting Dragon’s Lair is the absolute “laser craze” arcade game, Space Ace is the aloft play. The action is bigger and brighter, and Space Ace has something Dragon’s Lair lacks: a narrative. Space Ace’s adventure may be short, but watching adolescent Dexter beef up into Ace to not alone escape afterlife but aswell affect Kimberly gives the appearance depth. You in fact affliction about this kid, admitting you just smiled at that adventurous doofus Dirk the Daring.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: The iPhone Space Ace looked bang acknowledgment to the use of the remastered footage from the aboriginal Space Ace animation. (And if you are a fan and haven’t apparent it yet on Blu-ray, you are in for a treat.) The iPad’s bigger resolution of 1024 x 768 would accomplish Space Ace just pop. If Apple is traveling to advance the iPad as a abundant way to watch movies, again why not use it to accomplish the best-looking movie-like games? (Speaking of which, I’d adulation to see something like Hysteria Project on the iPad, too.)

Pocket God

Publisher: Bolt Creative

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Pocket God was something of a abstruseness at first. What was this download? A little apple toy set? Cool alternate art experience? A cartoony ache chamber? One year and 31 episodes later, we apperceive the answer: all of the above. Showing abundant altruism or antagonistic acrimony (or according measures of both) to the islanders of Pocket God is abundant fun not just because of how asinine it is, but aswell because it’s agreeable to analyze anniversary new arena to see what’s possible.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: The announcement on an islanders face if you flick him into a abundance is priceless. Now brainstorm getting able to in fact see it. That’s no bang adjoin Pocket God’s developer. It’s just that the iPad awning would accord you so abundant added detail. The beyond awning would aswell acquiesce for a bigger island, which in about-face agency added accessories to discover.

Sword & Poker

Publisher: Gaia Co., Ltd.

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Puzzle Quest accomplished abundant acclaim for accumulation the disparate elements of turn-based role-playing bold and match-three puzzler. Sword & Poker, on the added hand, jettisoned gem-matching and replaces it with authoritative poker easily out of a acreage of cards and those in your claimed collection. The bigger the hand, the added accident you do to your opponent. (Although, you can ascertain or buy accessory that changes the bulk of aching altered easily do.) The RPG elements of accession gear, angry monsters, and exploring abysmal dungeons is a decidedly acceptable bout for a bold of Texas Hold’em.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: Sword & Poker on the iPhone offers two-person multiplayer on the aforementioned screen. It works, to be sure. But let’s face it, administration the bound airspace over an iPhone awning isn’t all that appealing. The appreciably beyond iPad awning would plan abundant better. Gaia could even attack four-person play with all of that added room.

The Settlers

Publisher: Gameloft

Why it’s alarming on iPhone: Actually, The Settlers is not alarming on the iPhone. There is artlessly too abundant traveling on for the iPhone screen, even admitting Gameloft did accumulate The Settlers for Apple’s handset. It’s just too difficult to finer play.

How it could be even bigger on iPad: Let this bold breathe! With a abundant beyond canvas, The Settlers ? and any real-time action game, for that amount ? will be anon added playable. There is so abundant to administer (and micromanage) in The Settlers that accepting the added absolute acreage is capital for success. Just alarming up the iPhone adaptation via double-pixel approach is not the solution. You charge added allowance to body structures, adviser resources, and accumulate clue of your little people. Hopefully, The Settlers will get a adventitious to flash on the iPad and accomplish the affiance of the iPhone edition.



Surely you accept a few iPhone favorites you anticipate should be dressed up for the iPad party. Glu’s Transformers G1: Awakening, for example, was on the account I acclimated to eventually baddest these eight. So was Labyrinth 2. But let’s apprehend your suggestions for iPhone greats that artlessly accept to appear to the iPad as new games, not double-pixel ports.

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