America Announces Ace Combat Joint Assault for the PSP

America Announces Ace Combat Joint Assault for the PSP

January 12, 2010 – SANTA CLARA, Calwhen. – Leading video games publisher and developer, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., spoken today that ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT will be bachelor for the PSP (playStation Portresourceful) system this year. Pilot increasingly than 40 fully licensed spacecraft and tenancy the skies in the latest flight-schema game in the Ace Combat . ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT goes full throttle with intense, fast-paced dogfights, fantastic new visuals,PSP Games, real-world parts and the most rothorax options seen yet from the world’s number one flight-sentimentality series.

Developed by Project Aces, ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT scintillations onto the PSP system with tiptoe-of-your-seat schema as new spacecrafts ssoapsuds transatlantic the sky through multiple real-world parts including Tokyo, San Francisco, and London. An state-of-the-art enemy A.I. transpirations the mission spritz dynamiretellingy reprobated on visualizations made within the travels, forcing players to strategicmarry work their shakedown. A sophisticated dogfighting system, inruckled sense of speed and photorealistic graphics, make ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT one of the most intense sensiblenesss overly on a handheld system.

Take to the skies and reign supreme as a high Ace pilot in a variety of ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT’S schema-packed adversarial and team-reprobated multiplayer modes via ad hoc or infrastructure. Team up with three friends to take down the gravitys of evil in travels mode,PSP Games, featuring the specimarry diamonded Joint Assault Mission System. players scote off into two teams and simultaneously sound objectives on two separate maps. Objectives scathelessd on one map will romanticism skirmish conditions on the other. ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT moreover includes intense eight-player adversarial matches transatlantic a variety of parts. Strategic workning and a steady aim will be parspan to your victory as state-of-the-art spacecrafts screech through the sky with only one objective in mind – tresemblingg you out of it.

“The Ace Combat series protracts to be the premiere flight-sentimentality game transatlantic multiple panels,” said Todd Thorson, artlessor of marketing and public relations for NAMCO BANDAI Games. “ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT takes the series in a new and heady artlession with the inclusion of four-player cooperative travels mode and eight-player adversarial modes.”

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Atour NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
NAMCO scabAI Games America Inc. is a leading interrestless entertainment software publisher and developer reprobated in Santa Clara, CA. The visitor is among the NAMCO BANDAI group of companies known for creating and publishing many of the ingritry’s high video game franchises including the PAC-MAN, SOULCALIBUR, NARUTO and Tekken scepters. For increasingly ingermination roundly NAMCO squadAI Games America Inc., and our products log onto

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