Analyst NPD Preview Nintendo Owns December

Analyst NPD Preview Nintendo Owns December

January 11, 2010 – Expect this past Holiday’s sales results to be dominated by Nintendo.

Wedsmall-fry Morgan reviewer Michael Pachter passed furthermore his monthly NPD U.S. preview for December 2009, and surmised Nintendo sold nearly six million pieces of immalleableware between the Wii and DS.

Nintendo spoken eldest this month the Wii sold over three million units over the Holiday, up from 2.15 the previous year.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are expected to be shroud, with he PS3 tresemblingg second place. Going send, Pachter sugarcoatves both panels will receive yet alternative price cut this summer, and we’ll see the introduction of a 250 GB Xbox 360 SKU.

“We think that the PS3 may slightly outsell the Xbox 360 in December, due to signwhenivocabulary agitprop during the holidays,” he wrote. “We expect alternative price cut for both systems some time this year (effectually summer), but note that considering its manufacturing costs are lower, Microsoft has the resource to lower price as early as Msaucy or April.”

“At a minimum, we storm-stay the introduction of a increasingly full-length-packed Xbox 360 in early 2010 (likely with a 250Gb immalleable bulldoze) at the same $299 price point, and think that Microsoft will cut price early in the year only when it brainstorms to lose signwhenivocabulary market share to Sony.”

On the software side for December, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is surmised to sell over two million units. Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks coming in with 700,000 units, and EA’s The Saboteur selling 125,000. Guitar Hero: Van Halen,PSP Games, midpointeven though, is coming in at a lowly 75,000 copies for December.

Below is the impliableware sales projections for December 2009:

Wedsmall-fry Morgan Securities

Wii- 3,200,000
PS3 – 1,400,000
Xbox 360 – 1,350,000
PS2 – 350,000
PSP – 650,000
DS – 2,450,000

Below is Electronic Entertainment Design and Resesaucy’s immalleableware estimates for comparison:


Wii – 3,000,000
PS3 – 1,450,000
Xbox 360 – 1,490,000
PS2 – 350,000
PSP – 350,000
DS – 2,800,000

NPD is expected to release its official on January 14.

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