Android 2.3 ?Gingerbread? Optimized for Gaming

Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ Optimized for Gaming

Today Google appear a massive amend to their belvedere with adaptation 2.3, aka ‘Gingerbread’, which adds improvements to the adaptable OS’ interface, argument input, and adeptness , as able-bodied as new appearance like internet calling, download management, and more. Most importantly, however, Google has optimized the OS for games, convalescent performance, abacus added power, and abutment for gyroscope sensors.

The new OS cuts down on a lot of the accidental processing and abstracts accumulating that occurs while a bold is played, authoritative action smoother, added responsive, and eliminating continued loads. Similarly, Google has opened the doors to elements of the OS antecedent aloof for developers, including ascribe and sensor events, audio, OpenGL ES, and more.

Android 2.3 ?Gingerbread? Optimized for Gaming


For added media, the new OS includes a array of new functions, including abutment for new audio and video formats, like AAC, and audio effects, like reverb, bass boost, and equalizers. The congenital camera app and accomplishments APIs now acquiesce admission for assorted congenital cameras, giving developers and users the adeptness to bandy amid lenses in a individual app of psp games.

One of the acknowledgment new appearance is chip internet calling, which adds abutment for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to the OS’ capital calling features. In added words, users will be able to add and accomplish calls to accompany application web-based calling casework in one circumscribed area, not specific specialized apps.

Smaller achievement tweaks cover UI optimizations, like bigger keyboard spacing, added automatic presentation, and simplified cartoon and menus. The keyboard now incorporates a revamped copy/paste arrangement that, like the iOS 4, allows users to baddest curve of argument application a two sliding brackets.

The new adeptness administration arrangement promises to get bigger array achievement out of Android-enabled accessories by assuming users how apps, functions, and settings are impacting array performance, as able-bodied as acceptance users to abutting apps that are arresting ample amounts of adeptness in the background.

Today’s advertisement coincided with the actualization of the Google Nexus S, the almsman to their aboriginal branded smartphone, the Nexus One. The Nexus S will be the aboriginal accessory to appear pre-installed with Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ and will address on December 16.

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