Classic Controller Pro Bundled with Monster Hunter

Nintendo’s Classic Controller Pro, the updated peripheral that adds ergonomic grips and a couple of extra buttons to the original Classic Controller released back in 2006, is finally coming to the US this spring PSP games.


It will make its debut with Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri in a special bundled version: the will sell by itself for $49.99, but it will also come with a controller peripheral for $59.99. Considering that the Classic Controller Pro will also be sold separately for $19.99, that’s a pretty good deal. The version bundled with Monster Hunter Tri will be black, but separately it can also be purchased in classic white.


The Classic Controller Pro, just like the Classic Controller, plugs into the Wii remote — it’s fully compatible with the 450+ — mostly Virtual Console titles — that have been released for Wii thus far.


Monster Hunter Tri will be available in the US this April.

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